As climate change pushes energy sustainability to the forefront, natural gas has emerged as a cleaner transitional fuel compared to oil and coal. Gascoin seeks to accelerate this transition by revolutionising the natural gas industry through asset tokenisation on the blockchain. By allowing investors to purchase tokenised stakes in natural gas reserves, Gascoin aims to bring accessibility, transparency and efficiency to the gas sector.

With an estimated $24 billion in natural gas reserves, Gascoin is leading the charge in reshaping the industry landscape. Through its ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the project is actively working to bring the world’s gas assets onto the blockchain. This innovative approach could allow investors to fund and profit from building the infrastructure powering our low-carbon future.

Powered by IBAX, Gascoin (GCN) is an asset-backed token representing stakes in natural gas reserves. By allowing investors to own and trade stakes in natural gas that were previously accessible only to major corporations, Gascoin opens up opportunities for building critical energy infrastructure. Gascoin’s vision is simple yet revolutionary – revolutionising how we traditionally interact with Natural Gas assets. Gascoin allows shareholders and investors to enjoy 24/7 liquidity through a robust secondary marketplace on the IBAX.

While unlocking investment opportunities, Gascoin also has sustainability at its core. As the world moves urgently to reduce emissions, Gascoin’s LNG offers a cleaner burning stopgap to coal and oil. Gascoin isn’t just a project; it’s a testament to the potential of merging innovation with sustainability. Gascoin provides a path to democratise access and incentivise the continued growth of natural gas infrastructure for a greener future.

The Gascoin ICO is a strategic move to raise capital to propel the project’s development and expansion. This capital infusion is designated for critical areas such as infrastructure development, extensive gas resource exploration, and the augmentation of both LNG production and electricity generation.

ICO Mechanics and Tokenomics

Gascoin has a maximum supply of 125,000,000 GCN tokens strategically distributed as follows:

  • Investors receive 70% of the total supply, equaling 87,500,000 GCN tokens. This prominent allocation underscores Gascoin’s investor-focused approach.
  • 25% is allocated to insiders and management, securing 31,250,000 GCN tokens for those directing Gascoin’s growth.
  • Advisors receive 2.5% of the total supply, or 3,125,000 GCN tokens, aligning their interests with the project’s success.
  • The remaining 2.5% goes to marketing and collaboration initiatives, resulting in 3,125,000 GCN tokens to drive awareness and partnerships.

This balanced breakdown reflects Gascoin’s commitment to transparency and ensures interests are aligned across stakeholders.

Gascoin provides exposure to natural gas infrastructure growth. The ICO offers investors much of the total supply at favourable pre-launch pricing. 22,500,000 GCN Tokens are up for grabs at a Pre-Launch Price of USD 80 per GCN Token. The dynamic combination of a low entry point and the project’s strategic allocation of funds sets the stage for potential growth and promising returns on investment.

Gascoin is spearheading the green energy revolution by leveraging natural gas resources. As the world transitions to renewable sources, natural gas displaces dirtier fossil fuels like coal and oil. When paired with carbon capture technologies, natural gas power generation can provide clean, reliable electricity, enabling broader adoption of intermittent sources like solar and wind.

Gascoin is unlocking substantial natural gas resources to support this sustainable transition. Extensive evaluations have revealed immense potential within Gascoin’s coal bed methane deposits, with gas-in-place volumes surpassing global benchmarks. Achieved flow rates align with top natural gas projects worldwide, validating the world-class scale of this resource.

With the largest known coal bed methane footprint globally, Gascoin has emerged as a pioneer within the Southern African Development Community’s energy landscape. This first-mover advantage positions Gascoin to drive regional advancement of natural gas production. In turn, Gascoin will support improved energy access and economic development in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Gascoin represents a commitment to sustainable energy production. By leveraging natural gas as a bridge to a renewable future, Gascoin unlocks substantial environmental and economic benefits. The company’s innovative leadership is central to the global green energy revolution.

Gascoin is all set to build the infrastructure of tomorrow by responsibly developing substantial natural gas resources. This world-class deposit will shape the regional energy landscape and support an inclusive, sustainable future.

Through its ICO, Gascoin will fund an ambitious infrastructure expansion involving exploration, production wells, and strategic drilling over 24-36 months. The goal is to establish proven reserves exceeding 21 TCF of natural gas – valued at over $110 billion. Achieving these milestones will unlock the project’s immense potential, catalysing growth in GCN value.

Exploration to date has confirmed a minimum of 6 TCF resources with an upside above 21 TCF – a truly world-class natural gas endowment. Rigorous analysis and testing by independent experts validate this deposit’s exceptional scale and quality.

By leveraging these vast resources, Gascoin will facilitate broad access to cleaner energy across Southern Africa. Natural gas produces less than half the carbon emissions of coal for power generation. Displacing coal with gas will drastically reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution – bringing sustainable development benefits.

Gascoin represents a future where responsible resource development enables shared prosperity. The company’s infrastructure expansion unlocks generational economic opportunities while safeguarding the natural environment. Ultimately, Gascoin is delivering the infrastructure of tomorrow – pipelines, plants and wells engineered for the new energy economy. Built to the highest standards, this infrastructure will facilitate cleaner, more affordable energy access to empower inclusive growth.

While Gascoin has tremendous potential, the road ahead still presents challenges. As a pioneering project, Gascoin must prove the viability of coal bed methane production in the region. Executing infrastructure expansion on schedule and budget will also test the team. However, the size and quality of the resource provide a firm foundation.

Gascoin has assembled an experienced team and partners to navigate these challenges. A dynamic team leads Gascoin in pursuing a sustainable energy future, each contributing unique skills and expertise. Joel Chifunyise, the Founder and CEO, brings visionary leadership to the helm, steering Gascoin towards its mission. The CTO, Ankit, provides technical prowess, ensuring the project’s innovation is top-notch. The journey is guided by the strategic insights of Antier Solutions Pvt. Ltd., contributing to advisory, management, branding, and marketing. A critical aspect of legal counsel is entrusted to Wintertons Legal Practitioners’ expertise.

The road ahead is not without obstacles, but the generational scale of the opportunity fuels Gascoin’s drive. With thorough planning and commitment from its team, Gascoin is positioned to overcome challenges and fulfil its mission of delivering sustainable, affordable energy. If milestones are achieved as planned, Gascoin will commence LNG production shortly. This phase shift will establish Gascoin as a global LNG player, contributing to worldwide energy markets.

Gascoin stands poised to revolutionise the natural gas industry, addressing longstanding challenges such as the lack of liquidity and high fees associated with intermediaries in asset investment. Traditional assets often have illiquidity, impeding their easy buy or sell processes.

Gascoin leverages the power of smart contracts, streamlining processes and minimising the inefficiencies inherent in traditional asset transactions. This technological advancement brings efficiency to the forefront, offering solutions to investors’ hindrances.

The implementation of blockchain technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes positively to the environment. According to the World Economic Forum, tokenisation within the oil and gas sector promises to unlock substantial opportunities. This innovative approach can potentially enhance market liquidity by an impressive $1.6 trillion while expanding the overall market size by a staggering $2.5 trillion.

Transitioning operations to the blockchain holds environmental benefits. Tokenisation can cut CO2 emissions by 13,000 million tons and prevent 230,000 barrels of oil spills, showcasing a substantial positive impact.

Acknowledging Gas tokenisation’s great potential, Gascoin CEO Joel Chifunyise said, “We are thrilled to introduce the IBAX Crypto platform, a game-changer enabling real-world assets like natural gas to be tokenised. This unlocks liquidity and accessibility for individuals and businesses in entirely new ways.”

Gascoin stands out as a secure and stable choice in a world of investment opportunities. Your investment is backed by tangible, valuable assets, ensuring security and stability. Natural gas, a global essential, adds a layer of stability to your portfolio. More than just a secure investment, Gascoin promises growth potential, allowing you to ride the wave of increasing energy demand.

The Gascoin ICO is live, offering you the chance to be part of the green energy revolution. Act now and participate in the Gascoin (GCN) ICO, accepting USDT, BNB, and ETH. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity – become a pioneer in the Gascoin revolution today!

Gascoin (GCN) has recently secured a listing on the Latoken exchange, marking a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency. With a current price of $80, this listing opens up new avenues for users to engage in trading activities involving the GCN token on the Latoken platform. Seize this chance to acquire valuable crypto assets and join the movement towards a sustainable future with Gascoin. You can also follow them on social media telegramdiscord and twitter for the latest updates.

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