Introduction to Asset Tokenisation

Asset tokenisation is the process of creating digital tokens on a blockchain network or distributed ledger, which represent some underlying physical or digital assets. Blockchain networks ensure that once the tokens representing particular assets are bought, no single authority can erase or change its ownership. In other words, the ownership of that asset remains completely immutable. 

In the realms of crypto, there are two types of asset tokenisation that currently exist – fungible asset tokenisation and non-fungible asset tokenisation. Fungible assets or tokens typically have two main characteristics. They are interchangeable and divisible. Non-fungible tokens are non-interchangeable, non-divisible and are unique. 

Risks and challenges of tokenisation

Asset tokenisation has revolutionised the approach to raising funds and investment and is now spreading its influence to other areas of business such as marketing and advertising. Despite the various advantages of tokenisation, there is an ongoing debate in many financial jurisdictions about whether regulators need more power and tools as well as clarity to regulate crypto tokens. 

After all, there are many vulnerable people who put their financial futures in jeopardy, based on misinformation and the fear of missing out. The decentralised way in which these tokens are created, call for an effective system of regulation. An effective system of regulation of digital tokens should allow more promising use cases for the technology that underlines the tokens to flourish. 

The decentralised nature of blockchain makes every transaction secure and immutable but the distributed ledger technology does not protect investors from risky bad investments. There are also junk assets tokenised on the blockchain, which investors need to be aware of before putting in their money. Investors should not be blinded by the technical advantages of blockchain, which may not have any effect on the actual or underlying project.

Then, there are the issues with hackers, who have managed to penetrate the security protocols successfully. However, because of the constant security updates, the people working behind this technology are making sincere efforts to safeguard the community.  

Benefits of Asset Tokenisation with Gauss


In general, asset tokenisation has multiple benefits. They include greater accessibility and liquidity of assets, transparency, immutability, cost savings and fractional ownership. In this crowded marketplace, it is easy for people to lose sight of their favourite brands. 

The goal of Gauss Gang is to bring partners back into the spotlight. Gauss will empower brands by expanding consumer engagement with the use of their own exclusive tokens. Gauss will help brands take charge of its voice by drafting customised tokenomics, write smart contracts and develop exclusively branded tokens that fit the needs of the brands. 

The Gauss ecosystem is set to change the global perspective of blockchain technology by addressing three major issues within the crypto space – fraud, authentic engagement and a lack of widespread token adoption. Besides, it also provides new and innovative features. 

Token customization – The creation of individualized tokenomics will be done through a collaborative effort. Gauss will work with their partners to design branded tokens that are tailored to fit their needs, while encouraging them to think creatively about best utilization of their tokens.

While certain fundamentals will be upheld across all partners’ tokens to ensure the health of the overall ecosystem, the ultimate ownership will be in the hands of the partners, thereby allowing for a greater degree of freedom. Partners will be able to use their own branded tokens for contests, reward programs, e-commerce, fund-raising and many other use cases.

Once a token has been minted, Gauss will continuously work alongside its partners, building upon, promoting and growing their status after their token has been launched. The partnerships will not be limited to short-term interactions that take place only at their inception. 

Instead, the expertise of Gauss will be routinely paired alongside the partners’ latest goals and strategies. Moreover, Gauss will regularly improve the use cases of new and existing tokens, both in terms compatibility and general acceptance by global consumers and specifically researched audiences. 

Safe and reliable – As crypto currency becomes an intrinsic part of the global economy, people are beginning to realise that the system can be better. Even if laws are passed by respective governments of several countries, widespread regulations on blockchains will be almost impossible to enforce on a global level. 

Tokenisation as a game-changer for brands

Many brands are restricted by limited budgets, which makes it even more difficult for them to engage with their most loyal fans. These brands put in a lot of money, time and efforts into pushing traditional marketing campaigns.

Although such marketing campaigns are vital in creating awareness about the brand in the market, these marketing channels do not allow for two-way communication between the brand and the consumer. 

In an era of increasing engagement and highly immersive marketing, brands should strive to actively stand out by embracing fresh marketing and customer engagement techniques. This is especially when the attention spans of people are decreasing very fast.

Therefore, having a tangible asset as a way to engage with consumers, and that an audience wants to ‘buy into’, will help brands stand out from the crowd. Tokens are a type of crypto currency and utility that can be acquired by or gifted to users.

What makes Gauss a curated ecosystem

Gauss is building a curated Layer 1 blockchain that will help brands and creators tokenise their digital presence and interact with their audiences and fans in a whole new way. The Layer 1 blockchain is based on a permissioned blockchain This essentially means that projects coming on Gauss need to vetted in order to launch on Gauss.

Unlike Gauss, most blockchains are permission-less, which means anyone can launch their smart contracts and assets on those blockchains. The public consensus model used in permission-less blockchains are Proof of Work or Proof of Stake while permissioned blockchain such as Gauss uses Proof of Authority as its public consensus model.

The Gauss ecosystem will be a frontrunner regarding token design for brands. End users of these tokens will be able to connect with the brand on a much deeper level. The core service of the Gauss Gang is token design for brands of a variety of sizes, as these brands do not have the in-house expertise or processes to be able to efficiently and effectively develop tokens.


As explained above in detail, asset tokenisation is a way of digitizing tangible as well as intangible assets and converting them into tokens, which are then stored on the blockchain. Once the assets are tokenised, it becomes possible to store and trade them fractionally or completely, as well as transfer them to other owners.

Gauss is creating a safe haven for crypto currencies or tokens to flourish and evolve by launching a permissioned Layer 1 ecosystem. Its curated Layer 1 blockchain aims to deliver a sense of surety for both token creators and their users, while also evolving the way brands and their audience interact. 

The Gauss ecosystem is being created to address a common rift in traditional community outreach methods, which is authenticity. It is creating a unified experience for users to engage with brands, and for brands to engage with their audience.

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