What are Gauss Tokens?

Which types of tokens are available in the Gauss Ecosystem, and what are their uses?

The Gauss ecosystem knows your brand deserves specific features tailored to your audience, goals, and voice. As a result, they customise each brand token they create. This gives your brand more control over what it offers its community and enables it to stand out from its competitors. There will be many ways in which partners can use their own branded token, including:

Basic Token. You can trade the basic token for GANG or in the online marketplace.

Membership or Subscription Token. The tokens will be created for brands where people take memberships and subscriptions. Members who hold a certain number of your membership tokens can receive rewards or exclusive access based on their level.

Loyalty or Reward Tokens. These tokens are created specifically for your brand to reward loyal customers. Tokens can be used as incentives to encourage users to purchase your products or to thank long-term customers for their loyalty.

Tokenised Digital Ticketing. You can access premium events and festivals using tokenised digital tickets.

Voting or Governance Tokens. Governance tokens are tied to a brand and give holders the power to decide how the project should be run. Token holders vote on whether and which changes will be made to the project.

A detailed look at Gauss Tokenomics!

The term tokenomics refers to the economics of a token. The term describes factors that affect a token’s use and value, such as its creation, distribution, supply, and demand. In a crypto ecosystem, tokenomics plays an integral role in preventing spam, building trust, and building a strong ecosystem in the long term. Well-designed tokenomics are essential for crypto projects, and Gauss Gang knows it very well.

Gauss is committed to communicating openly and transparently. The company’s total supply of tokens, wallets and any other aspect of finances will be shown online, with full disclosure. They will adhere to these values in all aspects of their business. The administration of Gauss tokens will be transparently managed, along with the publication of public reports. There will be a team of experts who will answer questions thoroughly, ensuring there are no ambiguities. Additionally, they will promptly correct any discrepancies discovered, since trust is critical to our community’s engagement.

What is the revenue stream of Gauss?

Gauss will primarily generate revenue from transaction fees. The company has divided Gauss fees into four categories to ensure its sustainability. A 12% transaction fee is charged to support the project. The Gauss network has chosen this method instead of a ‘mint and burn’ or inflationary method, which is more common among crypto projects. As a result, the 12% transaction fee will help maintain the Gauss ecosystem. The goal is to build toward long-term objectives: reflections, liquidity, charitable giving, and company funds. It will help the company succeed and provide validation rewards as time progresses. The following is a detailed explanation of why 12% is charged toward long-term goals:


Redistribution is often used by tokenomics projects to attract new adopters. In the same way, some projects burn their tokens or use other deflationary measures. However, Gauss doesn’t work like that. They will reward holders and mitigate volatility with their system. Through redistribution methods, GANG will give more weight to the wallets of smaller holders, incentivising more people to participate, regardless of the amount.


Liquidity pools with larger sizes contribute to more stable ecosystems and enable more expansion (into new pairings and exchanges). The company will allocate a quarter of our transaction fees to building liquidity pools and paying staking rewards.

Company Funds

Gauss GANG will use a portion of the transaction fees to fund its operations, development, and marketing. Individual pools will be allocated for each area, which transaction fees will replenish.

Charitable Fund


The abundance of distractions in our society makes it easy for people to lose sight of their favourite brands. Bringing partners back into the spotlight is the goal of the Gauss GANG ecosystem. The Gauss ecosystem aims to build long-term relationships with partners and the Gauss community. Their team regularly focuses on improving the use cases of new and existing tokens for compatibility and general acceptance. 

The Gauss blockchain will enable brands, creators, and audiences to tokenise their digital presence and interact with them in new ways. Your unique token will empower your brand, and consumer engagement will rise. So, if your brand needs a customised token and a novel way to interact with your fans, Gauss GANG might be the ideal choice! 


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