Why do Public Services Need Help?

Millions of public sector workers earn less than the real living wage. Many public service workers in the workplace suffer from poverty, whether directly employed or via outsourcing. The most common reasons cited by respondents in many countries include insufficient career advancement, inadequate pay, and uncaring bosses. Almost all public servants have to cope with overwork and overworked cases. There are millions of public service workers around the world who are considering quitting or switching professions because they feel undervalued and underpaid. As a result of all these factors, public service workers require assistance. This is where the GTS project comes into play! 

What is an SVS token?

SVS is a utility token currently switching onto the XRP Ledger (from ERC-20), which is decentralised, so it cannot be controlled by a single party, making it community-based. The power of XRPL is enabling many organisations to elevate their operations. XRP Ledger enables GTS to leverage the scalability and speed of XRP to enhance operations. Globally, it facilitates transparent financial interaction between individuals, charities, and institutions. Regarding market cap, SVS is the most valuable charity token and the only cryptocurrency designed specifically to support public service employees. 

How to earn through SVS tokens

  • The first step involves purchasing SVS tokens on an exchange that supports them, like Consbit, P2B, Uniswap, etc.
  • Secondly, lock-in your SVS tokens using the Giving To Services platform.
  • Lastly, withdraw your SVS rewards, and public sector workers will receive 4%.

How will SVS change charitable donations?

Giving To Services continues to grow and strives to become a global leader in the crypto industry. SVS fuels a platform that enables seamless donations and supports public sector workers. Below are some of the amazing benefits of SVS and how it will transform charitable giving.

Contributes 4% to Public Services

There is no doubt that public sector workers play a vital role in communities worldwide, yet they remain under-compensated. To support public sector workers, SVS provides 4% of realised rewards to eligible members of the armed forces, police forces, fire departments, health care providers, etc.


The GTS maintains activity within one ecosystem and has its own proprietary platform. Currently, SVS is the world’s largest charitable token by market capitalisation and the only cryptocurrency supporting public service workers. Investing in SVS allows investors to earn rewards by locking their tokens on the GTS platform. 

Environment Friendly


The concept of crypto philanthropy differs considerably from traditional methods of giving. In recent years, crypto philanthropy channels have experienced rapid growth. Giving To Services is a blockchain-based charitable platform with a crypto token and rewards platform designed to support public sector workers.

Evidently, GTS is working hard to provide a platform for service personnel to obtain additional financial support beyond the low governmental remuneration. GTS facilitates direct donations and cause-based impact investing to help donors in innovative ways. Implementing these changes could provide charitable crypto investors with a new world of opportunities and disrupt the traditional method of giving.


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