What is Giving To Services doing?

The Giving To Services platform is a decentralised ecosystem of mutually beneficial services for both public sector professionals and investors. GTS offers rewards for holders of SVS tokens. As a part of the rewards generated for holders, a portion of the money generated is donated to the National Health Service, the Police Service, the Fire Service, and the Military Service. This project uses crypto for good in the following manner:

Helping Public Service Workers. Around the world, public service workers are actively considering quitting and changing careers due to undervaluation and under-compensation. Giving To Services is an innovative method of compensating public servants. As a result, they will enjoy a passive income in addition to their existing remuneration.

Passive Income for Investors. SVS is the digital currency that powers GTS and ensures smooth transactions on the platform. The GTS platform allows SVS holders to use their crypto as part of the blockchain validation process and rewards them for doing so. When investors lock in their SVS tokens on the GTS platform, they receive an additional income source. 

Using Carbon Neutral Blockchain. The GTS platform is undergoing a switch over to XRPL from ERC-20. With the XRP Ledger (XRPL), transactions are confirmed using a unique consensus mechanism that consumes very little energy. As part of the XRPL protocol, a super-majority agreement, or consensus is established around a given transaction. As a result, there is no need for energy-intensive Proof-of-Work mining to solve the “double-spend” problem. As a result of this change, transaction times will be faster, costs will be lower, and the environment will be more protected.

Why Giving To Services is built on DeFi

giving to sevices - defi

Giving To Services is a decentralised financial service (DeFi) that utilises blockchain technology to empower public sector employees in the medical, education, emergency services, government, and council sectors. Giving To Services is decentralised, which means it does not rely on any central government or other institution. The DeFi nature of GTS offers several advantages, which are listed below:

Building Trust with Investors

Transparency is a key feature of GTS through decentralisation, allowing participants to see and verify data. The blockchain enables easy tracking of each transaction because each transaction is unique. As a result of a higher degree of transparency and public accountability, investors might be more likely to donate, and the charity’s reputation for integrity may also be bolstered.

Ease of International Transactions

International transfers are expensive because of bank fees and exchange rates, and can take several days or weeks. Considering the high fees charged by banks and the lengthy processing times, it is not surprising that charities and institutions are seeking alternative solutions. The GTS platform facilitates the movement of money across borders by accepting and donating SVS tokens. As a result, donations can be transferred directly from donors to charities, institutions, and other users.

Improving Efficiency

Because GTS is decentralised, transactions can be carried out directly between individuals without requiring the assistance of a third party. As a result, financial efficiency is dramatically improved, and people no longer depend on banks or other financial institutions. It also saves individuals a great deal of money in terms of bank fees and other costs associated with bank usage. 

Security and Hacking

What are the benefits of buying the SVS token?

GTS utilises a cryptocurrency called SVS to recognise and reward public servants under-compensated and undervalued throughout society. The token facilitates the exchange of transparent financial information between individuals, charities, institutions, and other organisations providing public services.

The Future of Giving To Services

Crypto and DeFi are being used in creative ways by organisations and individuals to develop a variety of new models to support good causes. Accordingly, the Giving To Services ecosystem has been designed to benefit a wide range of public service workers who are in need. Through the platform, cutting-edge, tailor-made, decentralised financial tools will be available to public service workers worldwide who face ever greater financial uncertainty.


Every individual’s giving goals are unique. The team at Giving To Services is committed to ensuring that your giving goals are met in ways that are most meaningful to you. They use blockchain technology to simplify charity management, automating parts of the process and reducing overall costs. This platform helps you maximise your investment’s value and experience the joy of giving. As a result of the company’s mission and cutting-edge technology, it has the potential to be a leader in crypto philanthropy efforts and to benefit from the growth of the global crypto market.


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