As technology has advanced, a prevailing concept has emerged – the Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact with each other in real-time in a digital environment. This burgeoning trend has garnered the attention of major corporate entities actively adopting the Metaverse as a conduit to connect with their dedicated audiences. Consequently, this facilitates the creation of fresh business opportunities. As such, the importance of the Metaverse across diverse sectors becomes markedly evident.

In light of this trend, the Global Mentor Exchange has ventured into People Development. By harnessing the power of the Metaverse, they are addressing challenges in human resources and performance enhancement. This platform is a revolutionary solution for human resource concerns and a pioneering use of the Metaverse for professional growth and development.

GME employs a dual-token system consisting of $LRN and $WIS tokens. The $LRN token is the main token within the Global Mentor Exchange ecosystem, granting access to the platform and DAO. Through the DAO, members of GME can actively influence the platform’s trajectory and engage in exclusive activities. With a fixed supply of 10 billion tokens, $LRN is designed to be burnable and features a 3% tax on wallet-to-wallet transfers. This tax is strategically implemented to deter malicious bots from operating profitably, safeguarding the integrity of the GME community.

In parallel, the Wisdom ($WIS) token plays a pivotal role as the payment method for services and products on the GME platform. Pegged to US$1, the $WISDOM token is exclusively used within the Metaverse for acquiring memberships, real estate, certifications, personal AI tools, advertising services, and more. A 1% tax is attached to wallet-to-wallet transfers of $WIS, facilitating token creation and removal. This robust token ecosystem underscores GME’s commitment to facilitating seamless transactions and meaningful interactions within its dynamic community.

The presale of $LRN has achieved remarkable success across all its stages. The Private Presale, Private A, and Private B have been fully subscribed, featuring 60,000,000 tokens in each stage. As evidence of this popularity, the combined results from STAGES 1 to 3 of the presale have already amassed $532,000. Stage 4 phase presale has now gone live, attracting enthusiastic participants eager to get involved. It’s worth noting that the value of $LRN tokens could potentially rise over time due to a unique mechanism.

As the Global Mentor Exchange gains new members, each new addition leads to burning 100 tokens. This intentional reduction in the overall supply of tokens can increase the value of $LRN. Moreover, becoming a part of this community aligns with the prospects of value appreciation and brings an exclusive benefit. With every new membership, you’ll receive a FREE membership NFT, underscoring the added value and rewards that await you as an $LRN token holder. By seizing this opportunity, you align yourself with a dynamic project and position yourself to potentially reap the benefits of a growing and thriving ecosystem.

Community Governance Privileges

Individuals holding $LRN tokens worth more than $1000 qualify for a Council of 12 DAO membership. This group earns extra tokens, calculated as a percentage of their current $LRN holdings. These bonus tokens are given through the DAO when they help the Global Mentor Exchange and its token health. The more consistently a DAO Member supports the business, the more FREE Tokens they receive for their contributions. This system encourages active involvement and rewards members who significantly support the project’s growth and success.

Metaverse Promotion

Members can make the most of GME’s metaverse by using personalized strategies. They can start with Special Offers ($1 per click) to showcase their latest book, course, or topic. Additionally, billboard ads ($1 per click) let members use clickable static or video ads that talk about what they offer. For a clever touch, members can check out AI Guide Recommendations ($8 per click) – these ads suggest providers that can smartly solve problems. And if members are looking for solutions themselves, the Preference Portal ($4 per click) is a cool option. It’s like a fun game where members pick from three choices. Plus, the Location Gallery ($0.8 per click) uses special teleportation to help members find nearby options.

Exclusive Rewards

GME DAO members will receive exclusive rewards, from surprise token distributions (airdrops) to advanced AI-driven learning experiences. By participating in profit-generating community activities, members contribute to collective success. Additionally, they gain access to presale discounts on events, real estate offerings, and functional AI NFTs, enhancing investment opportunities and collections. This enables community members to enjoy rewarding engagement, which provides a personal benefit and contributes to the overall progress and prosperity of the GME ecosystem.

Token Locking Rewards

Staking benefits are available to token holders who lock their $LRN and $WIS tokens for a predetermined period. This strategic locking facilitates smoother liquidity exchange between buyers and sellers within the platform. In return for participation, speakers receive compensation through transaction fees collected during this process.

Tailored Perks for Members

Members can access various exciting benefits, including the opportunity to pre-sell upcoming tickets as NFTs. This allows them to create a campaign emphasising their ticket’s exclusivity, demonstrating that holders possess a tradable asset that can be used, retained, or resold for profit. As the event’s date approaches, they can increase the NFT ticket price, gradually enhancing its value. Furthermore, they can design annual event passes that can be traded, enriching their offerings. By thoughtfully incorporating valuable digital assets into events, members boost their brand visibility and establish opportunities for profitability within their community. This strategy provides a mutually beneficial approach that aligns heightened value with improved engagement.

Growing Potential of $LRN Token

$LRN follows a smart token model, allowing tokens to be burned to maintain supply control. Each new member joining the Global Mentor Exchange contributes to this process by burning 100 tokens, effectively reducing the overall token supply. This thoughtful approach helps manage circulation and could increase scarcity and potential price growth over time. Moreover, the project’s unique position within the HR field adds to its promise. A self-contained initiative dedicated to People Development, $LRN holds a distinct advantage. This narrow focus not only makes the project stand out. It also addresses specific HR needs, making it a potentially impactful venture.

The Global Learning & Development industry is projected to reach an impressive USD$1.3 trillion value by 2030. This includes a USD$487.3 billion expansion in the global corporate training market and a USD$848.1 billion surge in the E-Learning market. Several factors fuel this growth:

  • The rise of digital learning adoption
  • The proliferation of E-Learning platforms
  • AI’s integration into training
  • Addressing Generation Z workforce needs
  • Escalating demand for upskilling and reskilling avenues

In this landscape, GME undoubtedly stands out. GME amalgamates all the vital components within a single platform, boosted by the metaverse’s influence and blockchain’s security. GME’s comprehensive strategy provides a cohesive solution to the evolving learning landscape, embodying innovation and future-forward thinking. The GME system’s transformative prowess lies in understanding how people learn and gain confidence and competence for effective implementation. The GME team’s commitment to continuous development and growth also ensures this project’s bright future.

GME aims to revolutionize HR and performance management by adopting an engaging, gamified strategy. Leveraging the power of AI-generated learning simulations, GME empowers HR experts, coaches, trainers, and consultants to elevate their effectiveness, delivering tailored solutions for people-related challenges. As GME continues to pave the way for innovative approaches in professional development, now is the time to take action. PRESALE STAGE 4 is now live! Grab your $LRN tokens and enjoy a 20% discount. Seize this opportunity to secure your stake in the future of GME. Act now and be a part of something extraordinary!

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