Globiance offers a variety of payment options and services to both retail and corporate customers. The Globiance debit-card is a convenient way to access crypto, shop, transact, or pay for things directly — using GBEX tokens, cryptocurrency, or fiat currencies. Globiance is ISO20022 interoperable and also offers forensic tools.


The Globiance Referral System is a bonus program available for Globiance users who like to network and refer new people to Globiance. The referral system currently offers a one-time bonus of 5 million GBEX and 3 different ‘reward’ levels.

New updated App

Globiance has updated its mobile app for Android and Apple iOS platforms making it available to users around the world.  Globiance is one of the few platforms with a global approach. It also features integrated individual bank accounts for each client, while focussing on the user experience of buying and selling crypto — combined with the ability to instantly withdraw fiat to the users integrated account. 

Benefits of long-term holding

Holding digital assets such as GBEX tokens has its own benefits. Holders of GBEX tokens also earn token rewards. A two percent reward goes to them from GBEX wallet transfers, and another two percent is burned from supply. Holders can opt to Stake their GBEX token for one year and earn @ 10% APY.

Globiance likes to reward its community members for having a long-term mindset and locking up digital assets such as GBEX. The ultimate goal is to attract platform users, traders, and even metaverse players —looking to earn rewards, and to give ownership and participation to the most active members. 

Staking is a popular way to earn passive GBEX rewards from holding, as it offers crypto holders a way to put their digital assets to work without selling them. Similar to putting money in high-yield savings accounts, staking involves locking the crypto coins to earn rewards calculated in percentage yields. 

The reward/returns in staking are typically much higher than any interest offered by banks. Many long-term holders of cryptocurrencies view staking as a way of making their digital assets work for them by generating rewards instead of keeping them idle in their crypto wallets. It is a nice option for GBEX holders to generate more rewards and are not bothered by short-term fluctuations in the market.. 

Globiance Pay

The Globiance Payment Gateway is a payments platform providing clients with multi-currency payment options through a single interface. It is built for scalability, high transaction volumes and instant settlements. With the crypto processing gateway, clients can pay with multiple crypto currencies instead of their credit cards, this is especially useful to businesses and high-risk industries.  

Globiance Business

The Globiance ecosystem is designed to cater to retail as well as corporate clients. Some of the platform’s benefits and features include: 

Globiance DEX – Globiance DEX is an eXchange InFinite (XinFin) network-based decentralized exchange, whose hybrid architecture is developer friendly. This interoperable blockchain network for global trade and finance enables digitization, tokenization and instant settlement of trade transactions.  This aspect can increase efficiency and reduce reliance on complex FX infrastructure, thus allowing for increased flexibility in liquidity management for financial institutions. It is designed to integrate with the traditional legacy financial operating systems (traditional banking features).

Globiance CEX – The Globiance Global Exchange Platforms are currently being established worldwide. Offering services for all kinds of financial needs on a single platform, that can also be customized to adhere to local market requirements and regulations. The platform now offers multi-language and multi-currency wallet accounts and provides a wide variety of fiat and crypto currencies. 

Apart from buying and selling crypto currencies, users can also manage their payments within the platform (*available in regions where Globiance has obtained a payments license) to execute third-party payments. Each of the Regions has an individual entity behind it who obtains the necessary local license and permits, ensuring local laws are followed and they only offer legally compliant services.  

As for the key aspect of liquidity, Globiance has established strong professional relationships with liquidity providers, and is able to provide nearly unlimited liquidity on a daily basis. This results in a business model that offers low transaction fees of 0.1% for the buyer or seller. There are NO crypto or fiat deposit fees. 

Coin Offering – The coins offered can vary by country or region. Since all additions of crypto assets need to be checked for regulatory compliance, the current platform offers only utility tokens and no security tokens.

Wallets – Clients can hold their fiat or crypto assets in their own personal Globiance wallet on the platform, in optional integrated bank accounts, external bank accounts, or send them to external wallets. Globiance stores the majority of the assets using cold wallets – which are kept offline and are virtually un-hackable. Globiance holds a minimal amount of crypto assets online in a ‘hot’ (online) wallet.

Meme tokens versus Utility tokens

The most popular type of crypto among investors are meme coins and utility coins. Meme coins start off as Internet memes but can soar to high market capitalizations. Utility coins – on the other hand, begin by issuing tokens to fund the start-up and can later be used to purchase the issuer’s products and services. 

Choosing which one to purchase from among the two types, is an art that many purchasers do not master easily. Decisions lacking careful consideration can result in significant losses, while the well-informed crypto purschaser can enjoy substantial gains.

The power of the Internet makes meme coins a valid form of cryptocurrency and, therefore, deserving of attention. If specific meme coins for example, are mentioned by celebrities or influencers, usually via social media, then they can show a spike in activity – either positive or negative, often instantly causing  a sudden explosion in growth, or worse — a swift decline.

The extreme volatility of meme coins often means that holders can only gain if they withdraw during a narrow timeframe. If any holder experiences an issue such as not being able to get online at the right time, they risk losing…  bigtime.

Role of Globiance in facilitating cryptocurrency payments

Notwithstanding the rising adoption and market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies, surprisingly there is a lack of venues for where this ‘newly-established’ money can be utilized or spent. The developers of the Globiance platform have come up with a solution which allows merchants to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, that are instantly converted to fiat currency and transferred to the corresponding bank account of the e-commerce platform.

GBEX – The Utility Token

The GBEX is a revolutionary token.  It is an exchange token combined with features that up until recently, were only available in meme tokens.

The GBEX token is a deflationary token, which means that its total supply is shrinking daily with every transaction. Making trades on the CEX or transferring between wallets, keeps the supply in a constant state of ‘burning’.

The GBEX is a utility token that will be used across the GBEX ecosystem for paying fees and rewards when using GBEX for transactions. The higher the usage on the various platforms, the greater the amount of GBEX tokens that will be utilized on a daily basis. These are expected to help grow the GBEX trading volume organically. 


The Globiance platform is packed full of utility, its list of options seems endless.  There is something appealing for almost everyone from crypto enthusiasts to anyone who regularly engages in trade and finance. Globiance can easily accommodate those looking to integrate crypto currency usage with the conveniences online banking can offer. The Globiance Staking program has recently introduced XDC staking @ 6% APY enables participants to earn rewards from staking not just GBEX, but other cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Daily transactions such as participating in DeFi offerings, trading between crypto and fiat currencies and sending global money-transfers at minimal cost, can all be done while holding savings in the preferred local currency. 

All this utility under one platform, using the same login, and most importantly — employing a safe, secure and a regulated financial environment. With all these benefits and features seamlessly integrated with traditional banking channels, it is certain to encourage more institutions to venture into the world of crypto and  pave the way for crypto to become a larger part of mainstream finance.

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