Globiance has just released its brand new ‘user-interface’ complete with upgraded features and options. Crypto exchanges are becoming more popular and enthusiasts are choosing to move their crypto to exchanges that can offer more services in one location. In the crypto world, there are many platforms, and Globiance has caught the attention of many crypto and fiat traders. Globiance is a revolutionary platform that brings together traditional banking and modern crypto services and combines them onto a single platform – their new UI offers something for everyone.

Globiance is a unique cryptocurrency exchange based on the XDC Network and  powered by the XinFin blockchain. In addition, the platform provides payment gateways, centralized and decentralized marketplaces, trading, staking, online wallets, and more. With its range of offerings, Globiance has positioned itself as the ultimate platform for crypto trading and exchanging fiat and digital assets. The platform is continually expanding to offer the best overall user experience possible. Throughout this article, we will explore their key offerings in more detail.

Built on Highly Promising Blockchain

Globiance operates on the XDC Network – XinFin blockchain. XinFin blockchain technology is highly efficient and scalable, enabling users to conduct transactions much faster and with lower costs. Compared to other blockchain networks XinFin also has minimal energy consumption, making it attractive as an environmentally-friendly option for users seeking a cost-effective solution. Operating on the XinFin blockchain enables Globiance to offer its users an innovative and sustainable solution for conducting transactions.

ISO20022 Compliance

Globiance is ISO 20022 compliant, which provides the framework for standardizing messaging protocols used in cryptocurrency transactions, thereby improving interoperability between various financial and banking systems. Although ISO 20022 does not refer specifically to cryptocurrencies, the messaging protocols are being integrated into them to be used in the wider financial system. Globiance’s compatibility with ISO 20022 provides a safe and sustainable environment for its users to conduct transactions.

Exciting Developments

Globiance has continued to evolve and improve, providing its users with the best possible experience. The latest release of their new ‘user-interface’ is a combination of the state-of-the-art technology with streamlined aesthetics. The platform continues to launch new features and updates making it even more user-friendly and efficient.

Multi-Currency Deposits:  Globiance now offers an even wider variety of multi-currency, deposit options for many different currencies, making it easy for users to deposit both fiat and crypto. With this feature, users can deposit funds in their preferred currency while avoiding the conversion hassle.

Deposit Widget: The recently introduced the Globiance Deposit Widget, offers easy, worldwide, fiat-to-crypto trading. This widget enables users to trade fiat currency for cryptocurrencies in a few simple steps – without navigating complex trading interfaces.

Engaged Community

The Globiance community plays a crucial role in the project’s long-term success, making it an integral component of the platform. Globiance has a highly active community made up of thousands of members from all over the world. A thriving community is a testament to the platform’s success and provides a supportive environment for users to discuss and exchange ideas. 

Stablecoins for Easy Payments

USDG, SGDG and EURG are Globiance stablecoins pegged to the United States Dollar, Singapore Dollar and Euro at 1:1 on the XinFin Blockchain. These stablecoins provide a secure and efficient payment solution for clients across the globe. With their fast transaction times and near-zero gas fees, USDG, SGDG, and EURG are excellent options for trade finance and cross-border remittances. One of the biggest benefits of using Globiance stablecoin is that they are fully compliant with KYC/AML and CFT, making Globiance an ideal exchange for those seeking the security of a regulated platform.

In the near future Globiance plans to add even more stablecoins like HKDG, CNYG, JPYG, and KRWG. By offering a range of stablecoins, Globiance provides native currency payment and trading options to clients across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. In a world where cryptocurrencies can be incredibly volatile, Globiance stablecoins are a stable alternative,  providing peace of mind to clients looking for a secure and reliable payment solution.

Send and Receive Payments Effortlessly

Globiance has revolutionized the payments industry with their easy-to-use solutions that allow users to send and receive payments. The POS/QR Pay feature enables contactless payments using your smartphone or tablet camera. To make a payment, users simply scan the generated QR code, which enables them to pay using cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets. 

What sets Globiance apart is its focus on user-friendliness as well as its security. All transactions are fast and secure, ensuring a seamless payment experience for users. The Globiance Crypto Payment Gateway also enables users to accept crypto on their website and settle and credit the funds to their exchange wallets. Furthermore, Globiance Merchant APIs allow users to access all the functionality included with Globiance’s crypto processing services. If you’re looking to accept payments or process transactions, they offer smart products designed to fit your needs.

Globiance Exchange for Trading

Globiance is a trusted and reliable crypto exchange platform that enables users to easily trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The exchange is designed to provide a smooth trading experience with an intuitive interface with novice (QuickSwap), to advanced trading features – (Market/Limit) trading. Users will enjoy the low fees, automated orders, 24/7 service, as well as the web and app-based trading options.

Globiance’s exchange platform is future-proof and focused on delivering the latest features and functionalities to its users. The platform provides web and app-based trading options, enabling users to trade on the go and from any device. Globiance’s exchange platform allows users to explore new digital asset opportunities by trading a variety of cryptocurrencies. The exchange is an excellent choice for traders seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform. 

Deflationary Exchange Token

GBEX is a utility token used across the Globiance ecosystem for paying trading fees, rewards, voting, and governance. GBEX is not an ordinary token – it’s a revolutionary one! By combining exchange token features with those previously only available in meme tokens, GBEX is breaking new ground. Users can benefit from discounts on fees and gain rewards while using GBEX for transactions. With its unique combination of features and benefits, it’s no wonder that GBEX is becoming increasingly popular among traders. Attributed to GBEX inherent deflationary design, the total supply virtually melts away daily – with every transaction made.

XDC and GBEX Staking – Earn While You Hold

Globiance offers an attractive staking program for its native GBEX token and XDC, allowing users to earn generous staking APY returns. Through staking, users can lock their GBEX and XDC tokens for different durations and earn rewards in the form of daily payouts, enabling them to easily grow their assets. The GBEX token can be staked for a period of 12 months with an impressive APY of up to 10%, which is significantly higher than many other staking programs in the market. 

Moreover, the XDC token can also be staked on Globiance’s platform at an attractive APY of up to 7% makes it an ideal option for those looking to participate in the crypto market while minimising risk and maximising returns. Globiance offers referral bonuses and other incentives, providing users with additional opportunities to earn rewards while holding their assets. 

Crypto Debit Card for Easy Spending

Globiance will soon debut a cutting-edge debit card to enable users to make purchases using their crypto holdings at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard. This innovative offering will provide a hassle-free and convenient way to spend crypto without converting it to fiat currency. The debit card is designed with a strong emphasis on security, ensuring that all personal and transactional data is kept secure and protected at all times. They intend to deliver crypto debit cards to supported countries. The platform also has plans to integrate more features into its debit card offering in the future, providing users with even more value and convenience.

iOS & Android App

The Globiance app for Android and iOS offers a range of features, including trading, exchange, multi-currencies, deposits, staking, wallet, referrals, quick swap, live tickers, market tracking, payments, banking, daily $GBEX rewards, and more. Using the app, users can manage their crypto assets and access various services in one place.

Globiance is an innovative platform that provides its users with a range of banking and crypto services. It is establishing itself as one of the upcoming major players of the crypto, fiat, exchange platforms available. GBEX through its immense utility and deflationary design makes it a standout player in the crypto space. If you’re looking for an affordable utility token with potential, and a reliable and user-friendly platform to trade digital assets, Globiance is well worth checking out.

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