What is HoneyWood?

HoneyWood offers captivating gameplay. HoneyWood is an amazing Play&Earn Game, built on a dedicated blockchain and open to everyone. The game allows players to build farms, breed bees for honey, and battle against other players. On top of that, players can earn cryptocurrency actively. With HoneyWood, you’ll enjoy the best gaming experience, with low fees and high capacity on a separate blockchain. With HoneyWood, you can play PvP and PvE modes, learn farming mechanics, stake, and play highly original NFTs. The HoneyWood game is becoming more popular as a game and a means of earning money. The game’s retention and attraction mechanics are strong, ensuring steady growth.

As the game’s blockchain is separate from the cosmos ecosystem, all transaction fees are kept within the game, making the economy more stable. Furthermore, since the game is part of the cosmos ecosystem, it can be connected to all blockchains, allowing for faster growth. For instance, HoneyWood is the first gaming project to integrate OKC blockchain with OKx.

A detailed look at HoneyWood Gameplay & NFTs

HoneyWood is similar to a farming game that has players competing for resources. The gameplay revolves around match-3 puzzles, one of the most popular game types. The game allows players to practice PvE and compete against other players. There are no commissions or rewards in the practice mode type. Those who are unfamiliar with the match-3 mechanics should try this mode.

As part of the game, there is also passive farming with a limited air resource, limiting the amount of HoneyCoin each farm can generate. To win, you must solve four rounds of match-3 with a higher score than your opponent. Players who win the game gain more HoneyCoin, which is the game’s primary currency. For a match to take place, both players must deposit HoneyCoin, creating a small reward pool. As a result, no tokens will be generated more than necessary for any type of gameplay. There will be many upcoming tournaments in HoneyWood that will award players with a large amount of HoneyCoin. There will be more regular tournaments added to HoneyWood in the future.

A Bee is a base form for a future unique NFT that can serve multiple purposes in the HoneyWood platform. There will be unique features pre-programmed into each bee, which will be randomly generated. Similarly, Bears aren’t just game characters but also digital assets. The system generates a name for each Bear during its creation. There is no lock on the names, so they can be edited anytime. The Bear’s identity card will be unique throughout the entire system. Additionally, NFTs can be used or traded in multiple forms in the game. The first sale of HoneyWood’s NFTs on Bitmart was well received. There is a sale on the OpenSea platform now, so you should grab the best NFTs pieces while they last.

How does Farming & Staking Work in HoneyWood?

Farming. The purpose of farming is to generate/produce HoneyCoin for the game. The Bear must have a free cell of land on the field before he can start farming. The game store allows Bears to purchase apiaries, trees, decorations, and more for their fields. Apiaries in a game are DIGITAL REAL ESTATE containers containing bees. Throughout farming in HoneyWood, the bees will perform a variety of tasks. The player can purchase an apiary and choose exactly where to place bees in the apiary. Upon filling all slots in an apiary, the hive becomes fully occupied and new bees cannot be added. As a result, farming begins.

An Overview of HoneyCoin & CONE

The HoneyWood game has two native coins, HoneyCoin and CONE. The two coins do not function as smart contracts, and each has its own advantages and different applications in different gaming genres.

To participate in HoneyWood, every player must have HoneyCoin. With HoneyCoin, you can trade items, expand your farm assets, and fight other Bears in the match-3 arena. HoneyCoin is required for PvP in the game, even though the game is free. The first release of HoneyCoin costs $0.02 and includes approximately 287,966,667. Bears will, however, generate coins when they farm during gameplay. In the game economy, the internal mechanics will be stabilised and preset, ensuring a balanced supply of HoneyCoin. Taking part in free giveaways and following their social media accounts will give you free HoneyCoin.

What is the governance model of HoneyWood?

Why Should you be Interested in HoneyWood?

The cryptocurrency space has benefited greatly from online gaming innovation. Crypto gaming developers are creating new projects to leverage crypto’s potential. Among the other projects, HoneyWood is a unique one. Currently, Honeywood is prepping to scale the gameplay, and they’ve been rebuilding the entire game from the ground up. This will result in a much more stable gameplay experience. Additionally, they will be able to implement new gameplay plans much faster.


Funding is pouring into the GameFi industry right now, as several companies shovel millions of dollars into cryptocurrency gaming. However, the game must offer a good user experience with a strong ecosystem to attract funding. That’s where HoneyWood takes the lead! The gaming experience and platform offered by HoneyWood are second-to-none. Therefore, HoneyWood’s NFT sale on Bitmart was the best sale on their platform in terms of funds raised, showing the huge potential of the game. HoneyWood NFT Sale is now Live on the OpenSea platform, so you should grab the best NFT pieces before it’s too late. 

In the next few weeks, HoneyWood’s team will launch its mobile version on the App Store and Google Play Store, making it easily accessible to everyone. Additionally, this will increase the number of game users. Powered by a blockchain with low fees and high capacity, HoneyWood offers the best gameplay experience. Interested players can earn money just by playing for five minutes a day.

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