The Crypto Family project is a unique initiative aimed at addressing the end consumerissues in the current global economic climate by providing access to powerful financial tools and assets enabling them to thrive and transform their economies. This is achieved through the application of blockchain technologies and a commitment to a noble purpose of assisting everyone in achieving financial freedom.

Allowing individuals to be entrepreneurs and work right fromthe comforts of home

One of the main benefits offered by the Crypto Family project is access to a decentralized finance (DeFi) system, which allows for open transaction execution without relying on traditional financial systems or third-party gateways. This makes it possible for families to interact with businesses on a global scale, even those in remote areas with internet access. The DeFi system is open to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise in the blockchain industry, and offers creative, cutting-edge solutions built on secure infrastructure developed by prominent industry professionals and partners. This ensures families have access to a reliable and trustworthy platform to earn extra income without risking their hard-earned money.

Bringing families together and collaborate as a single common entitybeing one

Another benefit offered by the Crypto Family project is its commitment to a noble purpose of securing and protecting families through technology by creating a supportive and loving community where everyone is welcome and feels at home. This sense of community is crucial in the crypto industry, which has been known to be highly speculative and sentiment-driven. The Crypto Family project creates a safe and welcoming space for families to come together and learn about blockchain technologies, share experiences, and support one another.

Linked with the Royal Family and The Highness of Dubai making the project for real

Furthermore, the Crypto Family project has a global reach, having evolved from its Central European roots and established itself in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Crypto Family FZC, a registered entity. The company was formed through a joint venture partnership with The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah emirates. This partnership provides the Crypto Family project with access to a highly crypto-friendly jurisdiction with an advanced financial ecosystem to operate from.

Joint ventures across the globe bringing in extensive funding for the project

The company has also signed joint venture development agreements with a Canadian mining group to develop blockchain-based gold mining projects, headed by Pratap Reddy Udumala. This partnership ensures the Crypto Family project have an access to the latest developments in the blockchain industry and remains at the forefront of technological advancements benefitting all the end consumers at the end of day.

Solving the financial burden to help people deal with unemployment problems

Crypto Family is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project seeking to address the underlying problem of the financial burden caused by out-of-work and irregular employment, fluctuating incomes, and lack of definitive work schedules. The project offers a unique opportunity for individuals to become part of a community and take advantage of the opportunities created through DeFi blockchain systems with adequate knowledge of its potential. Crypto Family aims to create a financial ecosystem accessible to all and provides financial freedom and wealth-generation opportunities for all.

Leaving a global impact to earn without actually mining and disrupting environment

Crypto Family operates on the WAXP blockchain, widely regarded as the best blockchain for NFT transactions, using Proof of Stake consensus and since it is 100% carbon-free, it makes upfor an environment friendly solution.

Userscan be rightful owners of NFTs and token with earnings generated passively

Members can rent Family NFTs through a rental package. This allows members to access a range of reward-generating avenues, including cloud mining, NFT production, crypto transaction validation, and expert market analysis, all while enjoying being part of a community. The minimum rental package is $24 for a 90-day cycle, with potential daily reward income of $2. These rewards are divided into equal Cubes, with each Cube of $0.50.

Wallet facility for all to store their assets and use it when needed in uncertain times

We require all users to create an encrypted and stored account. Our platform also features a highly secured digital wallet where members can store their rewards. The platform’s network security, network capacity, speed, scalability, and market penetration are monitored by technical teams, ensuring secure and transparent transactions, providing members with peace of mind when conducting transactions on the platform.

Crypto Family is accessible to all irrespective of the background and location

Crypto Family is accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, cultural background, or language proficiency. The platform’s user-friendly interface and support for multiple languages ensuring all members can fully participate and engage with the community. Moreover, the platform’s DeFi nature empowers individuals to participate in an open ecosystem where anyone with an internet connection can take full control and generate income through rewards distribution, while maintaining freedom.

Full authority over one’s ownindividual investments, assets, and properties

Crypto Family empowers its members with the freedom to exercise their property rights using smart contracts and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to purchase properties without any third-party interference. This feature gives members complete control over their investments, providing them with the necessary empowerment to make informed decisions.

DeFi Privacy Crypto Debit Cards for the ease of payments at any given time

The Crypto Family project has partnered with Infinity Masters to provide the Crypto Family Community with the first-ever DeFi Privacy Crypto Debit Cards. This card allows Binance and Ethereum chain users to use their cryptocurrency without the hassle of sending cryptocurrency through major exchanges. The Crypto Family crypto debit card is universal and like any other debit card, and bills, food, gas, and online shopping are not a problem.

Shallow gold mining partnershipsmaking gold available to all consumers

Crypto Family (FZC) is a project that aims to unlock the potential of shallow gold mining and investment. The project is a joint venture between Crypto Family, Crust Canada, and Infinity Brazil Group. The venture is headed by geologist Pratap Reddy Udumala, who has over 30 years of experience in the shallow gold mining sector. The project utilizes innovative technologies through a cluster mining model of developing shallow gold resources. The shallow gold sector involves small-scale mining and artisanal operations that produce approximately 600 to 650 metric tons of gold annually, contributing 15% to 20% of world gold production.The technology currently utilized in the sector is primitive, labor-intensive, and has poor recoveries of gold. However, the technology applied by Crust Group not only increases efficiency but also mitigates the dangers of traditional mining methods and usage of dangerous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide, which causes significant environmental damage to nature and communitiesextensively.

E-Waste disposal leading to a greener environment reducing carbon footprint

In India, Crypto Family plans to construct a refinery for processing Electronic Waste (E-Scrap) containing printed circuit Boards for the recovery of gold utilizing modern chemical-free technologies developed from Canada. India produces approximately 1.9 to 2 million metric tons of E-scrap from major cities in the country. Potential gold recovery from E-Scrap per annum ranges from 70 to 80 metric tons. Once recoveries are established, the company would capture some of that potential through the expansion of regional refineries.Crypto Family is investing towards establishing processing of electronic E-scrap in India.

Metaverse games for gamers soon going to be launched by Crypto Family in future

Crypto Family aims to build a diverse range of commodity-based assets to help safeguard the value of the Family Token. The company is also creating various games that will allow members to earn rewards from gaming NFTs in the real world. These games will be tailored specifically for the Crypto Family community.

Crypto Family project offer several advantages of investing in gold and commodity-based assets. Gold is a time-tested investment that has been used as a store of value for centuries. It is a scarce resource that is cannot be produced easily, which means that its value is likely to appreciate over time. This makes gold an excellent hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations making Crypto Family a great move for end consumers to get into.

Investing in commodity-based assets can also provide a hedge against inflation and other economic risks. Commodities such as oil, agricultural products, and precious metals are essential resources that are always in demand. As the global population continues to grow, the demand for these resources is likely to increase, which means that their value is likely to appreciate over time.

Overall, the Crypto Family (FZC) project offers a unique opportunity to invest in the growing gold mining and e-scrap recycling industries. By investing in these industries, members of the Crypto Family community can benefit from the potential appreciation in the value of gold and other commoditieswith a money-back guarantee offered.

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