Crypto Family is a project backed by a strong leadership team, with NebojsaKatic, a veteran of the blockchain industry, leading a team of 20 specialists from the blockchain and marketing industries. This team developed a unique wealth-generating system since its launch way back in April of 2022. With the experienced professionals leading the project, investors can have confidence in the company’s future business plans.

Investor confidence boostthrough legitimate collaborations

Crypto Family’s project is beneficial to investors as it offers a strong leadership team, established partnerships and registrations, a sense of inclusivity and belonging, and a commitment to a noble purpose. These factors can provide investors with confidence in the company’s ability to generate value and achieve its goals.It is the onebacked by The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah emirates. The UAE is one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions with an advanced financial ecosystem, making it an ideal location for Crypto Family to operate from. This partnership registration provides a level of legitimacy and security for investors.

Joint ventures of Crypto Family Project withmining farms

Crypto Family has signed joint venture development agreements with a Canadian mining group to develop blockchain-based gold mining projects. This partnership with a reputable mining group provides an additional layer of security for investors as it shows the company’s ability to develop practical solutions and partnerships generating tangible value.

Community focused approach allows investors connect 24*7

The project helps investors focused on creating a supportive and loving community where everyone is welcome and feels at home. This approach creates a sense of inclusivity and belonging, which can encourage investors to support the company’s mission and vision.

Life long financial freedom for families and generations

Crypto Family aims to be a leader in the rapidly evolving decentralized finance (DeFi) system through the application of blockchain technologies and a commitment to a noble purpose. The company strives to assist everyone in achieving financial freedom, regardless of their level of expertise in the blockchain industry. This approach aligns with the growing interest in DeFi, which has the potential to disrupt traditional financial systems and create new opportunities for investors.

Earning potential for individuals in an uncertain turn of events

The project is beneficial for investors as it offers a potential solution to the financial burden caused by out-of-work and irregular employment, fluctuating incomes, and lack of definitive work schedules. The project utilizes DeFiblockchain technologies to create additional passive income through cryptocurrencies, particularly NFT trading, and offers an opportunity for individuals to become part of a community and take advantage of the opportunities created through DeFiblockchain systems with an adequate understanding of its potential.

It is more than a quick rich scheme with a token and NFTs to offer

The platform is designed for long-term wealth generation for the benefit of its member communities and is not a get-rich-quick scheme, as is often the perception associated with most crypto projects. The Crypto Family Group has developed a potential solution to generate wealth through a secured model built and tested to reach out to the world population through communities utilizing the Family Token (FT), not a regular token trading system. The platform allows its member community to generate wealth through controlled, well-regulated smart contracts, anduniquely managed by individuals with total self-control.

Minted on a much cheaper WAXP Blockchainthan Ethereum and others

Crypto Family project provides a unique opportunity for its members to participate in the growing crypto industry through a rental and gaming platform offerinf unparalleled benefits. By leveraging the platform’s comprehensive operations, including Cloud Mining, Gold Mining, various types of NFT production, crypto transaction validation, and expert market analysis, members can generate income and spread wealth through Reward Cubes. The Mining Hubs operate on the WAXP blockchain, which is widely regarded as the best blockchain for NFT transactions.

Gaming rewards benefit investors big time in the metaverse arena

In addition to rental and gaming rewards, the platform also provides members with opportunities to earn rewards by becoming part of the validation team. Qualified members are trained to participate in validation projects and gain valuable knowledge and experience to succeed in the industry. Overall, it offers comprehensively innovative approaches to crypto investing to benefit members and their families.

Daily rewards keep investors motivated throughout their investments

Crypto Family project offers its members the opportunity to rent Family NFTs for 90 days, generating daily rewards of $0.50 per token, with total potential earnings of $2 within the 4 Cubes, starting on the 10th day and accumulating until the 90th day. The project offers complete flexibility, allowing members to rent as many NFTs as they wish, with no restrictions. Members can also reactivate their expired rental for just $12, initiating another 90-day cycle with rewards generated in the same manner. Additionally, members can use their Rewards Balance to rent additional Family NFTs once the balance surpasses $24 in value. Payouts/withdrawals can be made on the first and fifteenth of each month in Family Token.

Passive income with constant renewal of NFT renting after an interval

From an investor perspective, the project is beneficial as it offers an opportunity to earn passive income through renting Family NFTs. With the daily rewards generated from the NFTs, members can generate significant returns on their transactions. Additionally, the project offers complete flexibility, allowing members to participate without any limitations based on their financial capacity. Members can rent as many NFTs as they wish, with no restrictions, and reactivate their expired rentals for just $12, initiating another 90-day cycle with rewards generated in the same manner.

Multiple earnings avenues offering multiple streams of income

The project offers four Cubes distributed as daily rewards evenly across them. The Rewards Cube offers members the ability to withdraw the balance for free on the 1st and 15th of every month, while the Voucher Cube allows members to refer others and receive $1 in their Rewards Cube for every Family NFT rented by the referral in the future. The Staking Cube offers members the opportunity to lock-in funds for 12 months, accruing interest into the Rewards Cube at an annual interest rate of 4%. Finally, the NFT Cube allows members to utilize balance to purchase income-generating crypto assets, the proceeds of which will be deposited directly into their Rewards Cube.

DeFi Crypto Debit Cards helping investors with real world expenses

Crypto Family has partnered with Infinity Masters to offer a DeFi Privacy Crypto Debit Card. This will allow Binance and Ethereum chain users to use their cryptocurrency as a debit card without the hassle of sending cryptocurrency through major exchanges. This debit card can be used anywhere supported by Visa or Union Pay, and it can be loaded using a supported cryptocurrency that will be converted into fiat.

Tons of Business Partnerships raising theInvestor ROI Potential

Crypto Family has formed a strategic joint venture with Crust Canada and Infinity Brazil Group to enter the shallow gold mining sector. This sector contributes 15% to 20% of world gold production and is currently using primitive, labor-intensive, and environmentally damaging methods. The technology applied by Crust Group not only increases efficiency but also mitigates the dangers of traditional mining methods and usage of dangerous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide. Crypto Family is planning to commence operations on two major projects, one in Brazil and one in India. In consideration for raising $25 million for the Brazil mining projects and $30 million for the India E-scrap refinery, CF will retain 40% of the gold, while 60% will be made available to its members through Cube 4 at an agreed discount over London Bullion Metal Association (LBMA) market prices. Member-owned gold will be stored in the UAE for six months with a certificate of ownership, subject to regulatory authorities’ approval.

Gold-Backed Tokens enabling investors to benefit as a token holder

Crypto Family’s objective is to support with gold in the form of coins against Family Token, subject to both projects being expanded in production. After the six-month storage period in the UAE, Crypto Family will provide its members with an opportunity to hold gold against tokens. The company is also exploring a gold-supported debit card system, which will be released when available.

NFTs for Asset Building across multiple future project collaborations

As projects are developed under asset building, Crypto Family’s community will have an opportunity to acquire partial ownership through the purchase of NFTs from Cube 4.

Crypto Family project is beneficial from an investor perspective as it offers earning opportunities through the four Cubes. Additionally, the project offers an affordable rental price, allowing members to participate without any limitations based on their financial capacity. The project offers a range of benefits to investors, including the DeFi Privacy Crypto Debit Card, the shallow gold mining and investment potential, gold-backed tokens, and NFTs for asset building.

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