What is ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a Crypto Copy Trading platform that enables users, from beginners to blockchain experts, to securely manage their portfolio of digital assets. ICONOMI offers users an array of unique and intuitive features, such as investing, managing, and copy trading, all managed by an experienced team of traders. The mission of ICONOMI is to simplify cryptocurrency trading, making it accessible and reliable for everyone. Early adopters and sophisticated traders still need more access to the crypto market today. They envision a simple, supportive platform that allows newcomers to the digital economy to buy their first cryptocurrency instantly. And professional traders will have access to a fast, secure, and flexible environment that is easy to access while on the go. In addition, ICONOMI makes copy trading accessible to a broad audience.

How ICONOMI’s Copy Trading Works

ICONOMI copy trading simplifies auto trading, as previously discussed. Below are the steps you need to follow to start ICONOMI copy trading:

Pick the Strategy: To begin with, you must decide which strategy is best for your investment. There are plenty of options available, so make sure you head to the strategies page and find one that appeals to you. By reading posts under each strategy that interest you, you can filter out the one that is right for you. It is possible to compare the long-term performance of a Strategy with that of Bitcoin and to compare fees from different Strategies. Moreover, review the current structure of the Strategy and filter out the best trades using DoB (Days outperforming Bitcoin).

Copy perfect Strategy: Once you’ve done that, select the Strategy you like. Simply press the “Copy Strategy” button and follow the instructions provided. If you are still unsure about the Strategy, you can discover the one that works best for you. Holding assets on ICONOMI is free, so you can take your time. The Strategies are varied and have different philosophies; you can copy any that appeal to you.

Why should investors choose ICONOMI?

All Crypto Traders Are Welcome

ICONOMI caters to a wide range of audiences in the cryptocurrency market. The first category includes users interested in investing in crypto but have no time to learn about the technology. Others are proficient in crypto trading and desire to make their trades and strategies public to earn money. Lastly, it is perfect for new traders unfamiliar with digital assets, allowing them to enter the market immediately while still learning the basics.

An Extremely Secure Platform

Asset protection is a priority for everyone. ICONOMI is committed to security. You can protect your account with a strong password combination. In addition, there is two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to your accounts. ICONOMI’s platform secures and stores assets in a multi-level, specially designed hot and cold wallet system. Furthermore, to withdraw fiat funds, your IBAN account must first be whitelisted. Therefore, whenever you withdraw money, it will be deposited to a bank account in your name, not someone else’s. As a whole, the ICONOMI platform is very secure.

Improve Trading Knowledge & Convenient Option

When you copy trades, you become familiar with cryptocurrency trading quickly. The more you observe and practice other people’s investment strategies, the more readily you can comprehend them. Furthermore, it can be exhausting to follow price charts all day long. The ICONOMI copy trading system eliminates this struggle by automating your process. Moreover, entire investment strategies don’t need to be developed independently.

Charge Very Low Fees

ICONOMI accounts are always free to open. Buying or selling a cryptocurrency is free (0%), and conversions are charged at 0.75%. Copiers pay the copy fee over a year, and the algorithm calculates the percentage each day based on the amount they are copying. Furthermore, there is a performance fee based on the profit of the Strategy, so you only need to pay it when you’re profitable. Their exit cost for all crypto strategies is fixed at 0.5%. These are extremely low fees compared to what you earn.

AutoCopy Trades

The ICONOMI AutoCopy feature allows you to copy a Strategy whenever you deposit fiat to the platform, whether using a SEPA transaction or a credit card deposit. You can use it for transactions between 20 and 1,000 euros. Automating everything is as easy as setting up a recurring payment with your bank or credit card provider. You may use this method to build up your cryptocurrency portfolio by setting aside a few euros daily, weekly, or monthly. As a result, it is easier to invest at an average market price for a specific period of time in uncertain markets.

Refer & Earn

ICONOMI rewards you for bringing friends to the platform every time they pay fees. They feature a referral program that allows you to earn up to 80% of the commission rate by inviting friends to join. ICONOMI creates a long-term relationship where you earn each month from your referrals rather than getting paid once for each referral.

Diversify Your Portfolio

The ICONOMI platform offers investors the chance to follow multiple traders who use different mechanisms and invest in various assets. This is particularly helpful when your preferred trading assets are experiencing periods of very low volatility, which may limit the trading opportunities you have. Investing in it allows you to achieve better returns.

Advance Tools

The ICONOMI platform offers a range of tools to assist beginners and advanced users in managing their crypto portfolios effortlessly. This website does not feature trading charts or other complex “exchange trading views” that are primarily understood by traders. Instead, you will find a selection of very useful and easy-to-use tools.

Social Trading


There is no doubt that digital currency will play an increasingly significant role in personal and business finance in the future. Therefore, managing large arrays of digital assets will play a significant role. The ICONOMI platform provides asset management and distribution channels that traditional financial services will seek. They provide a user-friendly platform with single-click diversification – a great alternative to exchange trading. The team at ICONOMI is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to cryptocurrency and can invest in appropriate assets. They possess years of experience in the blockchain space, coupled with a diverse range of professional backgrounds, making ICONOMI very attractive to novices and experienced investors.

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