What is indu4.0?

What are the problems in the manufacturing industry?

Behind the technology

Manufacturing technology has already begun to undergo a revolution with CNC machines, robots, etc. However, the industry, especially the service sector, is still a year behind other industries in digital possibilities, such as data exchange, marketing, social media, networks, and digital product offerings.

Finding specific parts is not easy.

Standard parts can usually be acquired quickly and easily when procured in a standardized manner. On the other hand, more specific parts based on technical drawings can’t be searched for as a product. An individual who wants to purchase such a part has to look for suppliers who have the capability of producing it. Ultimately, the supplier needs machines, expertise, certifications, and the necessary capacity.

Identifying potential suppliers is a problem.

Nowadays, you need specialized personnel with appropriate experience to find the right supplier. There is no way for a purchaser to search for a specific and named item. When you search the internet today, there are too many confusing results, making the purchase process tedious and inefficient. Similarly, company directories lack complete information. Not every company can also attend different trade shows, so they cannot find a potential supplier.

Suppliers lack enough business opportunities.

A detailed overview of the indu4.0 ecosystem

The manufacturing industry uses indu4.0 for a self-explaining and efficient B2B marketplace. This tool makes it possible to quickly locate new offers and suppliers suitable for the industrial sector. The indu4.0 simplifies and explains very complex requirements straightforwardly. Here are some key features of indu4.0’s ecosystem that make it very promising:

A blockchain-based system

Blockchain technology is the foundation of indu4.0, which offers great potential for blockchain applications in manufacturing. With blockchain technology, there is no need for a trusted intermediary, peer-to-peer transactions are supported, and transactions can be automated and settled near-instantaneously. Manufacturing companies can use blockchain technology to gain greater visibility into their production processes. Thus, it improves the company’s decision-making process and capitalizes on all business opportunities on the market. 

NFT Security

Manufacturing industries always face the risk of project drawings and important documents being leaked. The NFT is a great solution for the industry to benefit from document and copyright protection for technical drawings. With NFTs, records and data are stored securely, and they are also transparent. The uniqueness of each document allows users to ensure the accuracy and immutability of data in indu4.0. 


Often called Web 3.0, the Metaverse is a portmanteau term made up of the words meta and universe. In the coming years, users can expect to begin experiencing virtual reality and augmented reality experiences online in 3D or virtually integrated environments. Manufacturing will have its Metaverse in the future. It’s on its way to launch soon, thanks to indu4.0. Through indu4.0, companies can advertise their products and services virtually. 

INDU Token


How does indu4.0 transform the manufacturing industry?

The indu4.0 platform ensures a great ecosystem for transforming the manufacturing industry. The system relies on a sophisticated filter system that standardizes inputs and outputs to produce highly accurate results. The indu4.0 interface is simple and understandable; suppliers and modern purchasers can benefit from it in their daily activities. indu4.0 is transforming manufacturing in the following ways.

Transparency & Safety

Through blockchain, indu4.0 creates a safer and more transparent model for customers, making them more valuable. Industrial organizations can gain value from blockchain solutions in several ways. With the INDU token, users can pay for usage and advertising on the indu4.0 platform.

Provide purchasers with quality information

The purchaser can fully utilize the search functions of the indu4.0 platform without logging in. The user must register for a free account to receive detailed information on the potential suppliers in the search results. The purchaser can save search queries and receive automatic news updates with the platform. The purchaser can also choose his favorite suppliers and receive an overview with a subscription. In light of the user’s behavior, the platform can suggest optimizing the supplier network of the purchaser.

Provide opportunities to work with the best companies

With indu4.0, suppliers can create free accounts and enter up to two competencies within their company profiles. Subscribing will allow the supplier to enter more competencies and thus appear in the search results more often. A modern design allows input masks to be edited directly in view mode. Using its company profile, suppliers can present their services clearly and concisely. Subscribing to inquiries gives suppliers access to purchasers’ offer requests.

Utilization of the Metaverse

Manufacturing will soon have its own Metaverse. Companies can advertise their products and services globally in the Metaverse. As a result, everyone can access world news while, at the same time, significant emissions are reduced. Through a 3D camera, manufacturers can digitize their production hall independently and then link the data to the indu4.0 platform. Everyone can access the entire Metaverse from their browsers without wearing 3D glasses. Suppliers and companies can pay with INDU tokens for trade shows, exhibition spaces, and admissions offered by Indu4.0 AG.

The bonus program

The platform has a bonus program that allows users to earn additional INDU Tokens to increase the number of users on the platform. INDU Tokens are rewarded according to the number of tokens a user holds. In this way, indu4.0 has redefined the classic stake model, and the users earn rewards, thus allowing the platform to expand, given the incentives explained.

Securing data more effectively.


Globally, the manufacturing industry generates 21 trillion USD per year. The industry is currently clinging to outdated and inefficient processes in an interconnected digital world. Despite this, indu4.0 has immense potential. The company is ready to lead innovation and set new standards.

The state-of-the-art platform of indu4.0 supports the efficient linking of supply and demand in the manufacturing industry. The platform standardizes skills offered and sought based on the manufacturing expertise. The indu4.0 and its innovative features based on blockchain technology is really worth taking note and exploring further. Please go through the indu4.0 website for more information.

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