Stablecoins have emerged as a common medium of exchange, frequently utilized by traders seeking seamless fund transfers. These unique digital assets possess a value that is pegged against traditional or fiat currency. In fact, stablecoins aim to address the high volatility prevalent in most cryptocurrencies, making them relatively more reliable for day-to-day transactions. In recent times, there has been a surge in the popularity of stablecoins backed by gold, which serve as newer variants of these stable digital assets. 

Gold-backed crypto tokens are a more accessible alternative to physically purchasing gold. The value of gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens is derived from the gold reserves they represent. The growing demand for such tokens has spawned many projects in this area, each attempting to provide the best product. Among the various gold-backed token projects, one name stands out as exceptional: IPMB. IPMB is a gold-backed token that has revolutionized cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This article will delve into the IPMB ecosystem and explore the advantages of IPMB GeM tokens.

IPMB is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that allows you to invest in the stability of physical gold without the hassle of owning the bars. With IPMB, investors have direct access to physical gold through the blockchain. Each IPMB token represents a specific amount of physical gold, which is allocated and can be redeemed or rolled over time to increase in value. This innovative approach combines the stability of gold with the convenience and accessibility of cryptocurrency, opening up new possibilities for investors worldwide. IPMB has solid financial backing and is the world’s first underwritten utility token that can be used globally in all situations and by all demographics.

IPMB tokens can be easily stored on any crypto wallet, providing investors a secure and convenient way to manage their holdings. Furthermore, these tokens will be tradable on different platforms, allowing investors to buy, sell, or exchange them as needed. IPMB’s mission goes beyond providing a cryptocurrency tied to physical gold. The company aims to produce gold bars, controlling the entire process from sourcing gold doré from mines to the final storage of refined bars. And for IPMB token holders, investors become eligible for a share of the profits through airdrops. This means that token holders will directly benefit from these earnings as the company generates profits from gold production and other activities.

Gold Backed Token – GeM

IPMB has introduced a groundbreaking NFT called GeM, specifically designed for institutional investors seeking a seamless way to purchase, hold, and trade digital assets. The GeM tokens are intrinsically linked to physically stored gold bars that are individually identified, securely segregated, and fully traceable. Each GeM token represents a specific quantity of actual gold IPM Ltd holds in top-tier international vaults. GeM token holders can request physical delivery of the underlying gold after 12 months of sourcing and production. The tangible metal can be owned directly by investors, providing an added layer of security and flexibility.

Simultaneously, IPM Ltd issues another token called IPMB, which indirectly represents one gram of gold. IPMB tokens are promptly backed by unallocated physical gold and grant holders access to the GeM tokenized gold. The conversion process, managed exclusively by IPM Ltd, allows IPMB holders to request physical delivery of their gold at any moment.

Secure Wallet

The IPMB Wallet secure wallet provides the convenience of web wallet functionality directly to your mobile device. You can conveniently access your balance and transaction history with your mobile device. While on the go, you can easily view and track your wallet transactions. Furthermore, you can send or transfer funds seamlessly using the scanning wallet feature, which ensures a quick and secure process. Most importantly, knowing your digital assets and personal information are safe, you can enjoy peace of mind. IPMB Wallet gives you secure and efficient management at your fingertips.

User-Friendly Interface

IPMB prioritizes user convenience and has developed a user-friendly website that provides easy access to all relevant sections. In addition, they have launched the IPMB wallet app, which puts everything at users’ fingertips. With this app, managing your IPMB holdings and accessing necessary information becomes a seamless experience. Whether you prefer the website or the mobile app, IPMB ensures a user-friendly interface for efficient and hassle-free interaction with their services.

Value Store

GeM is a timeless and secure investment, especially crucial in today’s geopolitical tensions and uncertain fiscal and monetary policies. It is universally recognized as a medium of exchange and a reliable store of value. As a gold-backed GeM, you can expect stability and protect yourself from inflation and currency depreciation. By holding GeM, investors can have confidence in preserving their wealth.

Easy Trading

GeM provides a simple and liquid tool for trading physical gold without intermediaries. This accessibility opens up opportunities for a broader range of investors who may not have the resources or desire to manage physical gold. Blockchain technology ensures confidentiality, encryption, and peer-to-peer transferability, allowing investors to transact easily.

Full Traceability

GeM stands out in the industry by offering ESG-conscious gold investors complete traceability of their assets. Investors can track the journey of their gold from the mine to the vault, with detailed information on environmental and social impacts at each step of the value chain. This transparency empowers investors to make responsible investment decisions aligned with their values.

No Fees

With IPMB overseeing the entire production process and gathering traceability data, GeM holders can enjoy the benefits without additional costs. The expenses for storage, security, and gold audit will be covered by the proceeds from IPMB’s industrial activities. This means GeM holders won’t face any charges related to GeM Tokens:

  • No delivery, logistics, or insurance costs.
  • No storage or management fees.
  • No cost for transferring GeM.

Gold at Discounted Price

To facilitate IPMB’s gold production process, GeM investors must forgo physical delivery for the first year after the GeM is minted. In return, they receive an upfront discount on the gold spot price, based on holding the GeM for 12 months. If GeMs are converted back into IPMB within the first year, the proportional upfront discount is repaid to IPMB Ltd. This arrangement enables investors to acquire gold at a discounted price while supporting IPMB’s operations.

When it comes to investing in gold, IPMB offers distinct advantages that set it apart from other gold coins. GeM holders benefit from a reliable yield, while IPMB holders can receive airdrops on their holdings. These rewards are derived from IPM Ltd.’s physical trading, mining, and refining activities, ensuring consistent income for both GeM and IPMB token holders. Additionally, IPMB token holders can generate income through select blockchain-based trading transactions, further enhancing the potential returns on their investments.

What truly makes GeM stand out is its unique approach to fees. Unlike other gold-backed tokens, GeM does not impose any extra charges for storing and insuring the physical gold owned by cryptocurrency holders. IPMB’s industrial operations cover storage and insurance costs. Hence, investing in gold with GeM is free, providing a significant advantage for those seeking exposure to gold without paying additional fees. By eliminating storage and insurance fees, GeM becomes a highly accessible and cost-effective option for individuals looking to include gold in their investment portfolios.

With GeM, investors can securely and conveniently own physical gold while enjoying the potential rewards tied to IPMB’s industrial activities and blockchain transactions. A reliable yield, potential airdrops, and fee-free gold storage make IPMB an attractive choice for gold investors.

The future holds immense potential for gold-backed tokens, and the IPMB token is at the forefront of this exciting development. As the world becomes increasingly digital, gold-backed IPMB will bridge traditional and digital economies. The demand for reliable and stable investments is set to grow in an era marked by economic uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and volatile markets. With IPMB, investors will have full ownership and control over their gold-backed NFT (Non-Fungible Token), enabling them to easily track and manage their assets. The traceability feature offered by IPMB allows investors to monitor every step of the mining, processing, auditing, and storage of the gold, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

IPMB has the potential to revolutionize cross-border transactions. By harnessing the speed and efficiency of blockchain, IPMB tokens can facilitate instant and cost-effective transfers of value across borders. The IPMB token also holds promise for enhancing financial inclusion. By granting individuals in underserved regions access to a globally recognized store of value, IPMB empowers them to protect their wealth and participate in the global economy.

IPM Ltd has a team of experts comprising metallurgists, chemists, engineers, miners, process designers, and traders worldwide. With over 250 years of combined experience in the precious metals industry, the dedicated team at IPM Ltd is committed to extracting and delivering precious metals from the earth’s ores to the surface. They are also passionate about bringing these valuable metals into the digital realm by introducing the IPMB digital coin. 

John Vakis, the CEO and Founder of IPM Ltd has a remarkable 25-year career trading gold for multinational banks. His expertise encompasses mines, mining processes, logistics, and bullion dealing. Mihai Albu, Director and Co-Founder, has over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has established a strong network of high-net-worth individuals, governments, and multinational corporations across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Scott Pagel, Head of Investment Strategy and Co-Founder, specializes in equity and global tactical asset allocation strategies. Mark Lineham, Head of Commercial, brings a wealth of experience in civil engineering, construction, property development, and networking in trade and commerce. Chrissie Kendall-Jones, Head of Compliance, is an expert in regulatory approvals, compliance advice, and risk framework control. H.H. Mohammed bin Faisal bin Saud Al Saud, Head of Strategy for the MENA region, possesses extensive business, investment, and political experience globally. MickalTjituka, a mining operations owner and manager, brings her strong network and passion for the mining and precious metals industry to IPM Ltd. 

The senior technical team at IPM Ltd. includes Damian Walton, a renowned transaction engine designer and builder with expertise in software development for financial markets. Leon Wynne brings over 20 years of experience in online gaming, specializing in operational and project management. The advisory board comprises distinguished individuals, each bringing expertise and knowledge. Jocelyn Newberry is an esteemed innovation and consumer integration specialist, providing valuable insights into market trends. Alex S. Rader is an American business consultant and entrepreneur who brings a wealth of business experience to the board. Roland Schatz provides a valuable perspective on societal impact and sustainability. 

Marcus Grubb, a successful director with a deep understanding of the investment sector, provides valuable financial advice. Rory Jenkins, a founding partner, brings extensive experience in technological advancement and market dynamics to the company. Dominic D’Souza, a technology and security specialist, offers his safeguarding and optimizing operations expertise. Lastly, Rupert Baring, an industry expert specializing in compliance, ensures the highest ethical standards are met. 

IPMB presents a future-proof investment opportunity that combines the convenience of effortless investment in physical gold. The IPMB will allow investors to invest in gold with the assurance of full cost coverage, exchangeability, and secure blockchain contracts. In short, IPMB investors can participate, taking advantage of physical gold’s security and stability.

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