Although Fintech is at its nascent stage and there is a long way to go before Fintech overtakes traditional banking (which it eventually will) but offering solutions to issues faced by customers of traditional banking could eventually pave the way for the meteoric rise of the Fintech industry.

The several issues that customers of traditional banking have been facing led to the rise of the Fintech revolution. Some of the issues are higher charges, inadequate customer support, slow transactions, complex interface, low levels of transparency and absence of collaboration with various business sectors, to name a few.

Traditional banks are now welcoming the new technology with open arms in order to survive in the highly competitive market and some of the major banking applications were born with the advent of Fintech. The increasing popularity of Fintech and its adaptability among users have led to many describing it as ‘the banking of the new century’. 

Fintech companies are financial institutions that provide sector-specific services and products to ease financial management for consumers as well as providers. Earlier, the term Fintech was used to describe technologies used in back-end activities at financial institutions but, with time, it has become a mainstream method of finance management.

Backed by substantial amount of fund infusion, Fintech companies, meanwhile, are establishing themselves by offering beneficial deals to customers. They use innovative approaches to provide products and services to the tech-savvy generation.

Besides, Fintech firms develop partnerships with various business sectors so that all the needs of a user can be fulfilled with a single application through multiple gateways in a jiffy. With time, people will get used to the ‘one-stop solutions’ and their customer base will undoubtedly increase.

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology offers new avenues for incorporation of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance and potentially disrupts how payments can be made for goods and services. 

Although many people see cryptocurrencies as a speculative investment, the primary purpose of cryptocurrencies should be their use cases as a medium of exchange. While some people love the idea of capital gain that comes with the appreciation of a crypto token, the real use case lies in the ability to do everyday transactions using cryptocurrencies.

What is Manilla Finance?

Manilla Finance is an innovative and highly scalable CeDeFi project bridging traditional Fintech solutions from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and enabling bills settlements and transactions in cryptocurrencies. It also offers an intuitive peer-to-peer exchange.

For the uninitiated, CeDeFi or Centralized-Decentralized Finance is a hybrid financial system that enables Fintech organizations to leverage decentralized technology – resulting in efficient, fast, secure and interoperable solutions. 

Manilla Finance provides safe and trustworthy peer-to-peer mechanism having financial features such as spot lending, staking, ticketing, utility bills payment and airtime or data purchase using cryptocurrency. It is powered by Manilla Technologies along with other global development partners. 

Manilla Technologies provide a safe, reliable and stable environment for crypto transactions via web and mobile applications. It adopts a server load balancing and distributed clusters protocol.

Goal of Manilla Finance

Manilla Finance adopts blockchain technology to build the next-generation financial ecosystem and will strive to eliminate financial barriers, ultimately paving the way for freedom and flexibility of transactions and make cryptocurrency-laden transactions available for everyone. 

How is Manilla Finance different from traditional payment systems?

Manilla Finance is committed to giving cryptocurrencies a use-case and, to that effect, it will continue to partner with service providers and add those services to the Manilla application, so that consumers can start to pay for them using their digital assets.

Besides, Manilla Finance was created with every single hindrance of traditional finance in mind and aims to address them all. 

Security – As Manilla Finance is equipped to house hundreds of thousands of users in one go, it is natural for it to become a target of unscrupulous actors on the internet. In order to mitigate the risks associated with such bad actors on the internet, Manilla Finance protects the assets with sophisticated shields at all times and conducts constant security audits to rule out any loophole in their system. All these are done to ensure that Manilla is always safe for buyers and sellers.

Ease of Use – The multi-device compatibility of the Manilla application ensures the satisfaction and fulfilment of a user’s trading needs and its intuitive interface makes trading on the Manilla platform a good experience even for newbies in the ecosystem.

Referral system – Manilla Finance has prepared a reward mechanism that ensures users can make money even when they are not trading. Users can earn passively by onboarding other people onto the Manilla platform. The mechanism generates a single-level transaction bonus for the user and 25 per cent of the referrals’ trading value when the user has referred up to five people. The referred people only need to transact and the users are constantly rewarded with the commission. 

DAO Protocol – Manilla Finance is based on a system that is an upgrade to the ones that have been in existence. Hence, this leaves a lot of room for improvements if the reviews and contributions of the users are considered. 

What is Manilla Service Suite?

The Manilla Service Suite is a set of financial solutions housed within Manilla Finance with the goal of easing day-to-day financial transactions for the average person. It will allow for these services to be paid for with cryptocurrencies. 

The services available on the Manilla Service Suite are;

Staking Vaults– Traders can engage their idle crypto assets by staking them in return for high-yield rewards throughout the year. Staked assets can accrue up to 15 per cent APR per annum. The Manilla staking vault only accepts stable coins for locking at the moment. MNLA holders who want to be part of the DAO can lock their MNLA tokens in the same vault and be eligible for the Manilla profit sharing program.

Utility Payment Gateway– Users can pay for electricity, water and more across five continents using cryptocurrencies directly from their Manilla wallet without recourse to fiat. 

Spot Lending – Users can take a loan to resolve emergencies and use their assets, tradeable on Manilla Finance, as collateral. The collateralized assets are staked and amass commissions for the users and they need not worry about high interest rates.. 

Airtime and Data – The Manilla data and airtime top-up solutions are fast and simple to use. It is borderless and connects over 800 telecom operators in 180 countries to end users. The initial launch of the service, however, will be in 44 countries.

Gift Cards – The Manilla Gift Card service is designed to serve 180 countries worldwide but the initial deployment will be in 44 countries. Users will be able to buy, trade and gift these cards, which are acceptable by both local as well as global companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Nintendo and Xbox. 

A P2P Exchange – Built on a state-of-the-art Escrow protocol backed by blockchain technology, users will be able to trade their crypto assets with confidence and at competitive rates across different supported devices. 

The Manilla Finance team

The Manilla Finance team comprises a group of technically creative and highly experienced individuals in their respective fields of profession. They include adept blockchain developers, technical content developers, human relations experts, programmers, digital business analysts and security experts.

The Manilla leadership team and backers have close to a decade of experience in the blockchain industry and have been part of successful legacy projects. The nine-member core team is headed by Rutherford Atayobo as the CEO and Mudashir Tunde as the Chief Technology Officer. 


The global cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially within a very short period of time and the data from the top cryptocurrency trading countries point to the enormous potential that still remain untapped. 

The cryptocurrency community has become so large that it would be a waste of time to convert their funds into fiat currencies before paying bills. Manilla Finance is tapping into that opportunity and gives cryptocurrency users a combined marketplace where they can utilize their digital assets to pay for their everyday needs. 

The Manilla Finance team is committed to partnering with more service providers and add those services to the Manilla application, so that consumers can begin to pay for them using their digital assets.

Besides, there are other perks of using the Manilla application over conventional payment solutions. One of such perks is the profit-sharing program that rewards MNLA token holders with 40 per cent of all profit generated by Manilla Finance every fiscal year. 

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