Financial investment involves a set of beliefs and principles that guide an individual or an investor’s decision-making process. It is not necessarily a narrow set of rules or laws but more of a set of strategies and guidelines that factor in the investor’s goals, risk tolerance, expectations and time horizon, although not necessarily in the same order.

An investment philosophy is of paramount importance when markets test one’s resolve. It also provides measured and critical context for how to respond to the inevitable volatility of the markets.

Meanwhile, investing in crypto currency can take many forms and that range from buying crypto currency directly to investing in crypto funds and companies. For most individuals and investors, crypto investment is still a complicated exercise and many of them lack the necessary knowledge to make a sound investment in crypto currency.

This is where and why the concept of Maven Token is timely and lucrative. Maven token is a crypto currency that is created to bring communities together and help change the fortunes of its project followers.

Maven wants to work with artists to help them enter the digital or crypto world by utilizing its platform to promote their work. It would also help artists who do not know about NFT by sharing knowledge and expertise.

The mission of Maven token is to bring integrity and fulfillment to all holders of the community-based project. They will share knowledge and offer opportunities of investment in projects that people can trust.

Maven looks after the interest of the community by distributing funds, contributing resources and supporting other organizations to encourage investment and development in crypto currency.

In fact, Maven means a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word Maven is Yiddish in origin and means “one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge.

One of the key endeavors of Maven is to bring crypto communities together. The token offers benefits that are more alluring to and meant to benefit long term holders instead of short term holders.

This is done by inviting its followers to take part in open discussions, discuss ideas, share information with each other, and even offer advice. In fact, Maven welcomes discussions about other projects instead of being opposed to it. The Maven project leverages the power of social media and its website to bring the communities together.

To that extent, it actively encourages other projects to join its social media platforms and discuss their projects. Such kind of acceptance is hitherto uncommon, especially in the world of crypto and Maven seeks to break the norms. It is pertinent to note here that Maven will ensure only constructive discussions on its moderated forums and will not allow aggressive shilling or spam promos.

Maven wants to act as a beacon for new investors that can potentially come to them and wants the community to seek guidance and to learn of good new projects. It will be just an “accumulation of knowledge” minus any judgment from Maven or even from the community.

It would help promote projects through its website and social media platforms, thereby helping them grow as well as establish Maven as a trusted source of information with no bias. It is about sharing knowledge and opportunities for investment that one can trust.

Maven Community Growth NFT Promotional Lottery

Maven Token has also announced that it will be providing rewards to its community members and holders upon achieving significant milestones in community growth. For example, when the company reaches 10,000 Twitter or Telegram followers, it will conduct a lottery-style reward system as a way of showing appreciation. The rewards will include money, NFTs, or tokens, and will be randomly selected by the Maven Token team. It is important to note that the rewards will not be based on competition, but rather as a way of expressing gratitude to the followers and community members. To qualify for the rewards, individuals need to follow Maven Token on one of its social media platforms. Following the company on multiple platforms increases the chances of winning.

Exploring Maven utilities – A comprehensive overview

The utilities that power the Maven token come in various forms, including the following:

Maven token burn – The Maven team will hold a quarterly buy and burn event, where it will use the profits generated by the promotional services to buy 1 per cent of Maven tokens that is not held or available to buy and instantly send them to the burn address.

This will be done to increase the liquidity of the project. The liquidity pool will also stand to benefit from it because the tokens will be bought before being sent to the burn wallet. As these tokens will never be sold, the liquidity can only be withdrawn by other holders selling their tokens.

This strategy is expected to encourage people to hold and allow the liquidity pool to increase, thereby commensurately increasing the value of the tokens. As mentioned earlier, the funding of these purchases will be collected from the buy and sell taxes as well as from other utilities.

Community growth – Achievements of key milestones in the community growth will result in community growth rewards and the reward system will be in a lottery form. The winners will receive rewards in the form of either money or NFT or tokens.

These will not be based on any competition but randomly selected by the team as a gesture of gratitude to its followers and community members. All you need to do is just follow the project on any of the social media platforms and the chances of winning are directly proportionate to the number of social media platforms where you follow the project.

Token burn competition – Using community members from social media platforms that wish to promote other projects, third-party tokens can enter the competition by paying an entry fee. People from all communities can then go ahead and vote on their favorite token and the results will be announced after the end of the voting.

Subsequently, Maven will buy the tokens of the winning project and send those tokens to the burn wallet. Around three-fifth of the funds raised will be used to buy the winning tokens and another 30 per cent will be added to the development and promotional wallet.

Charity competition – Maven will hold theme-based charity competitions on its website and social media platforms, where the community can nominate charities and then vote on the winners.

Essentially, this means that every competition will have its own theme – be it healthcare, environment, children, food, etc. Voting will be done for three charities to win a donation and each charity will get a donation based on their placement.

Incidentally, Maven has an upcoming NFT collection and all the profits generated from it will be given to a charity called 4mycity.

Maven airdrop lottery – Maven will hold milestone lotteries to send Maven-themed NFT to holders and run shilling competitions where Maven-themed NFT will be sent. There will be a holder-themed NFT for people who hold their wallets without selling. There will be NFT for sale, where the sale proceeds will be used to increase liquidity and also further promotions.

Website utility – The Maven website will have dedicated promotional space for projects that it would like to promote and for projects that would like to use the Maven platform to advertise or promote projects nominated by the community members. The fees for this will be used to boost the liquidity pool as well as for promotions.

Besides, there will also be an area for novices to read helpful guides on the world of crypto, understand technical charts and patterns as well as an area where community members can find all relevant information and links of their favorite tokens and pricing information.

There are multiple reasons that make Maven a sound investment. The project has integrity as its core value, with its KYC and audit completed. It has had open discussions with some of the biggest profiles in crypto and has answered their queries and doubts. Besides, it has educational pages on the website and a 4-phase roadmap.

The Maven project has bespoke NFT collections from independent artists and collaborative NFT with some of the biggest teams in crypto. It encourages collaboration between projects and has multiple revenue streams to top up the liquidity pool and is not just reliant on taxes.

Meanwhile, Maven token’s first NFT art project is a hand-drawn Ripperdoc. Jamie Todd, an independent comic book artist, has hand-drawn pieces to make NFT. Jamie has a diverse portfolio of work and has also attended various comic conventions throughout the UK, displaying his work.

As each NFT is minted, an algorithm will pull traits from the pool of available outcomes to create the Ripperdoc. A rarity scale is also applied to the collection to make your NFT even more unique.

The presale for Maven token is now live on PinkSale and investors have an opportunity to buy Maven token at a reduced price of US $0.002 during the presale. The price will increase to US $0.0025 after the presale.

Please note that there will be a presale liquidity lock that will be applicable and half of the raised presale funds will be locked for 90 days. The initial market cap of the Maven tokens during the presale is estimated to be US $108,625.

During the presale event, the Maven team will be running various competitions such as NFT giveaways to random wallet holders that have bought through PinkSale. Besides, for others, there will also be a special limited edition NFT given to the wallet with the biggest purchase.

Meanwhile, in order to purchase a Maven token, you need to copy the address, which depends on the wallet you use. Incidentally, this step is applicable once the presale ends.In the next step, you will need to manually add the contract to your wallet. Again, this process will vary from wallet to wallet. Maven will be listed on the Uniswap DEX,

Communities are quintessential elements of the crypto world and they have the power to influence the success or failure of crypto or NFT projects. Besides, communities are also essential in sharing knowledge.

Maven token aims to bring the crypto communities together in novel ways and the communities can seek guidance and can learn about new projects though the Maven platform. The best part is it will all be done without any bias, as Maven aims to be a neutral platform for all.

Moreover, in order to further ensure its fairness and sanctity, Maven will have moderated forums and will not allow shilling or spam promotions on its platforms. Instead, it will only encourage constructive discussion on its forums. It wants to be the beacon for new investors as well as for the communities to seek guidance on the world of crypto investments.

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