MELD, where lending and borrowing of both crypto and fiat currencies are made easier, is bringing more to the table with their latest launch.

MELD,  as we know it, stands out as the first DeFi non-custodial banking protocol that also allows users to stake their MELD tokens for APY. Built on Cardano, a next generation blockchain, the platform guarantees outstanding speed and performance without compromising on safety. Its cost effective infrastructure makes it ideal for a new generation of DeFi. Its conception into the crypto sphere also saw the introduction of stable yield returns from staking, a model that supports MELDs business model.  

What is expected of the MELD launch?

Looking at the current state of dApp support and development progress, it has been expected that the recommended updates will be in place and that we will see the next launch in the early stages of the month of February, 2022. This launch is bound to include airdrop, vesting, token genesis, staking, as well as the first version of ADAmantic. According to an official statement, “We will have regular release updates once the protocol is live and the next major release is being scheduled for Q2 2022.” This highlights the possible success of Q1 of the MELD roadmap.

The ISPO Airdrop was done on the 30th of January, 2022 which was  1 day ahead of schedule. The MELD team focused more on delivering the forecasted activities as provided on their whitepaper, which goes a long way into proving that they will always deliver, despite a few hiccups. 


Launch on SundaeSwap

MELD provided 100,000 $ADA and 500,000 $MELD as liquidity onto the SundaeSwap decentralized exchange. MELD will be integrating the SundaeSwap token into their lending markets once it goes live sometime later this year. Participants will experience quick, safe, and affordable peer-to-peer token swaps. SundaeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) – that allows its users to swap Cardano-based cryptocurrencies.

Availability on several exchanges; FMFW, Bitrue, Bequant 3.2

Despite being available on different decentralized exchanges, you will be seeing more of the MELD tokens on more centralized exchanges by the 3rd of February, 2022. This gesture will not only remain beneficial to investors looking to expand their financial portfolio but it also promotes liquidity.

That said, MELD tokens will be available on several more exchanges, which will also ease token accessibility for individuals with different preferences. This upcoming launch will see MELD tokens trade on FMFW, Bitrue, and Bequant.

Staking just got better:

Participants on the MELD platform have a better opportunity to earn from staking. Individuals can stake their MELD tokens for Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Participants can choose to stake their MELD and receive between 12% and 15% APY. One of the key determinants that decide the percentage of annual yield is the duration of staking. Participants can earn up to 12% APY for staking over a period of 6 months and a 15% APY over a 12-month duration.

The mentioned rates are very competitive in the market, thus giving MELD participants reason to venture into staking. Many investors may consider staking as a less profitable option to mining, but this is no longer the case for investors looking for a steady and lucrative source of income in the crypto sphere. Considering that MELD introduced the concept of Initial Stakepool Offering (ISPO), the concept is proving to stabilise earnings.

MELD is now considered one of the top projects on Cardano

It is no doubt that MELD’s growth and development cannot go unnoticed, with the completion of several achievements on the MELD protocol. Some of the major tasks on the MELD roadmap that are worth mentioning are its launch and start of the MELD ISPO, completion of the MELD partnership and ambassador programs, as well as the completion of the first PoC for lending and borrowing. Also, a major milestone achieved is the partnership with Polygon and the development of ADAmatic which will bridge the Cardano ecosystem with the Polygon blockchain. Creating a channel for liquidity for either chain  to flow value in or out of. Thus, allowing users that want to hold Polygon, or ETH-based assets but want to use Cardano-based protocols an option to do so. And vice versa.


MELD is stepping up to meet its overall objectives in the crypto and blockchain market. The suspense of its protocol and token release has long been awaited, but we are running the last lap to participate in the launch. The launch will incorporate token genesis, vesting, staking for APY, as well as MELD ISPO Airdrop. The opportunity to earn will also be made possible through staking with competitive and lucrative rates.

MELD is taking the market by storm and it is making headlines in the crypto sphere. Having been mentioned in several press highlights, it is important that crypto enthusiasts remain educated from all updates. Even with the upcoming launch, there is much more to look forward to in the future as well. Let us keep track of the ongoing roadmap as MELD focuses on dominating the crypto sphere.

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