What are MetaFrames?

MetaFrames is a blockchain-based media company that serves the arts and creative industries. The MetaFrames platform offers a secure environment for creators. The platform offers brands creative solutions for entering the metaverse through a team of professional artists, game designers, and blockchain developers. The company aims to simplify the NFT landscape, allowing creators to create and fans to consume digital content.

What are the most common problems faced by creators?

Big players control the market.

Historically, the media and entertainment industries have been controlled mostly by a few major companies, with thousands of smaller independents representing a minority share. All creators had to be employed by or signed to one of these companies for entry into the industry. It is estimated that the Creator Economy has grown to over $100 billion in the last decade. YouTube revenues account for 30% of that, some of which are distributed to creators. With other platforms, such as Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, etc., the platform does not share revenue with the creators, forcing them to monetize their attention through influencer marketing deals.

Inadequate copyright protection

NFTs are a great option for artists who wish to create digital art, own it fully, and earn income from it. However, images and other tokens can easily be duplicated and spread throughout the internet without permission, contributing to the problem. Furthermore, the NFT space lacks a legal framework and precedent to verify or reinforce ownership of NFT art and the following copyright evidence. In addition, too many laws relating to exceptions and limitations have led to a lot of time being wasted fighting over fair use.

A limitation on creators

The purpose of NFT marketplaces is to allow artists to sell their works online and express themselves in the digital realm. Most of them, however, restrict artists’ creativity and freedom with censorship and moderation features. Consequently, these NFT marketplaces may ruin most creators’ experience.

Unsatisfactory user experience

Because the industry is still relatively new, NFT users may have to look for crypto platforms and launchpads, register, and verify their identity. Moreover, there are no tutorials for new users on most NFT marketplaces. As a result, many users have difficulty creating an account, verifying, or going through everything else. It creates an unsatisfactory user experience and forces people to seek better solutions.

Poor Customer Support

How do MetaFrames solve creators’ problems?

What are the benefits of MetaFrames for content creators?

Rightful credit to the owner. The content you create, the engagement you generate, and the data you collect are yours. MetaFrames’ priority is to ensure that the credit and funds are directed to the right places. Artists are rewarded for their work, helping to improve equality in the creative industries. Millions of people have creative potential, which the company wants to help maximize.

Anyone Can Art. There is an embedded notion that anyone can cook great food given the right equipment, support, and guidance. MetaFreames agree with Gusteau that any individual can not only cook but also create. Taking the lead in this new creative economy is their mission. There is no monopoly on creativity, and media companies want to open doors for artists to create new things and share them. As a result, you should not be intimidated or unable to break into the creative industries any longer.

Leveraging and Respecting IP. The MetaFrames platform is unique because they have exclusive access to worldwide IPs. The company’s senior management team and advisory board orchestrated the deals, combining their extensive relationships, experience, and expertise in the creative and media fields. The company aims to break down media, creative, and tech barriers.

Community is at the core. MetaFrames is all about community. MetaFrames has learned from the mistakes of previous tech companies, where profit has been the primary driving force. The platform’s goal is to create long-term value through the decentralization of the creative industries and nurturing environments for creators to collaborate. Their goal is to involve the community in a way that goes above and beyond what has been done before. This is why they will reward early platform users via a golden ticket airdrop. This era is centered on the community as the main focus.

Well Designed Ecosystem. The MetaFrames ecosystem is a well-designed, intuitive, and fully decentralized NFT ecosystem that allows creators to use blockchain digital exchanges. Additionally, MetaFrames will be a marketplace where creatives can show off their authentic, high-quality designs. Users will have the option of transacting in both cryptocurrency and traditional FIAT currencies via the website and virtual environments.

Creators Tools. MetaFrames fosters an environment of creativity, innovation, and experimentation. Using Metaframe’s extensive suite of creator tools, artists will be able to create their own NFTs and develop NFT collections using art and technology. Those who are active creators can collect creator credits and use them to unlock bespoke tools that are normally unavailable to the average creator.

Introducing the $FRAMES token

$FRAMES is the native token of the MetaFrames Platform and Marketplace. The $FRAMES token will be available on many established reputable exchanges. This token will be a native token that is fully integrated and rewards all stakeholders. Tokenomics is designed with the community in mind. The company is ready to offer general staking, longevity staking, trading, and rewards creation. 



There has been tremendous growth in the NFT space. Most companies have started several projects to leverage the NFT trend potential and provide creators with the best tools and community to grow. The one that stands out is MetaFrames. The MetaFrames community is built on blockchain technology to reshape the creative industry. The platform equips creatives with the tools and IP (Intellectual Property) solutions they need to enter the industry and curate their collections. With MetaFrames’ four core principles: Create, Collect, Curate, and Connect, the company is all set to redefine the creator industry.

MetaFrames marketplace will be the launch pad for new NFT collections, whether they were created internally or externally. Their goal is to create a hub for traders, collectors, and creators. MetaFrames team has the experience and foresight to make MetaFrames not just the next NFT craze but the next generation of media companies. As a disruptor in the industry, the company is here to empower innovation, champion individualism, and reward innovators.

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