Paid-for voice calling remains a compelling sector of the telecommunication market, generating revenues of over $251billion per annum. Within this, the wholesale voice terminations play an essential role  within the global voice industry.

Despite the growth of OTT solutions like Whatsapp, Viber etc, the wholesale market is responsible for terminating over 270 billion minutes of international voice traffic every year, and according to the recent Skyquest Report, the wholesale voice industry is expected to deliver a 15% CAGR through to 2030.

This said, the impact of OTT solutions has reduced the profitability of core voice services for carriers and governments and this is where Minutes Network steps in. They’ve developed the world’s first blockchain-based wholesale voice termination service.

Minutes Network’s breakthrough technologies and protocols provides creates a global, borderless, licence-free carrier, providing the lowest termination rates on all their routes and the promise of reinvigorating vice call profitability for carrier partners – Utilizing its proprietary MinTech technologies, Minutes Network delivers international call terminations with near-zero termination charges, creating a structural cost advantage that can’t be matched soon. Minutes Network passes on the benefits to carriers in the form of unmatched termination rates.

With its groundbreaking solutions, Minutes Network is ready to disrupt the wholesale voice termination market. The company has already established connections with numerous top international carriers to gain market share quickly.

Focusing initially on the international terminations sector,  Minutes Network will expand their services into domestic calling markets in due course.

Josh Watkins, CEO of Minutes Network, underscores their strategic vision: “Our first foray is to attack the $13.25 billion international voice market, providing us with a point of entry into domestic calling and SMS. Our 2030 objective is to be competing aggressively across a $250 billion+ market. Watch out for more information coming out regarding Minutes Network’s growing list termination partnership agreements with global tier1 operators as we forge a new, profitable, pathway in PSTN-originated, paid-for voice calls.”

Largest Voice Carrier by User base

With the intention of having over two-billion network users by 2030, Minutes Network already has over 40k users today and has announced that it has already signed an exclusivity partnership that will bring 1.2billion users to the network by January 2027. This will provide Minutes Network with the largest carrier user-base in the world-

Tokenising bandwidth

The Minutes Network Token (MNT) uses blockchain to decentralize the multi-billion dollar global telecommunications minutes commodity market. MNT tokenizes bandwidth and creates a new telecommunications sharing economy.

The net revenues generated from Minutes Network’s termination a community reward pool for distribution to participants who help strengthen the network.

Infrastructure Ownership

The key beneficiaries are the people who own and operate Minutes Network’s Node Infrastructure, consisting of 500 Switch Nodes and 2,500 Validation Nodes.

The Switch Nodes provide sufficient initial capacity to terminate 72 million minutes of voice traffic every day, close to 10% of global wholesale voice traffic. Whilst the Validation Nodes ensure the availability and functionality of both Switch Nodes and end users to keep the network healthy and operating 24/7/365.

All 3000 Nodes are available for staking using MNT tokens. The  minimum stakes being 50,000 MNTs per Switch Node and 10,000 MNTs per Validation Node.

Rewarding Network Users

Uniquely amongst network operators, Minutes Network rewards every user whether they make or receive a call. Twenty-five percent of the token reward pool is shared amongst users every period. Users can access their rewards via the MNT Portal and they can be redeemed to make lowest-cost international calls via the proprietary dialler.


Minutes Network is a standout project in terms of both the minutes termination and blockchain industries.

Within the voice termination industry, Minutes Network’s hybrid model represents a real breakthrough. It is the first major technological innovation in a decade or more that helps carriers make more money from core voice calling activity.

Within blockchain, the MNT token is fuelled by real-world revenues from a well-established commodity industry. It brings with it the prospect of mass blockchain adoption on a global scale and the opportunity for the crypto community to become telecommunications entrepreneurs.

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