Imagine stepping into the shoes of a team’s General Manager, crafting your dream squad, and leading them to victory on the virtual platform. Well, NFL Rivals isn’t just a fantasy anymore; it’s the reality that Mythical Games and the National Football League, globally acknowledged as the NFL by fans, together serve a sizzling fusion of blockchain technology and football gaming.

Speaking of history-making moments, remember 26th April? That’s the day when the soft launch of NFL Rivals by Mythical Games marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Over the course of just four months, the game spread like wildfire, clocking over 2 million downloads and an astonishing 15 million intense matches played. The numbers don’t lie – it’s clear that fans were craving a taste of this gaming sensation.

Looking back a couple of months ago, Mythical Games pulled off a jaw-dropping financial feat in late June – a triumphant raise of $37 million in Series C1 funding. The grand stage was led by Scytale Digital, and the spotlight was also on worldwide popular brands like ARK Invest, Animoca Brands, MoonPay, Proof, and Stanford Athletics, all joining in on the financial performance of a lifetime.

And that’s not all; the A-list lineup of existing investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, WestCap, Struck Capital, Signum Growth, and Gaingels, were there to make sure the celebration was nothing short of a blast.

Taking a little detour back to 2021, Mythical Games back then made its mark by securing a whopping $225 million in two distinct capital raises. That’s right – a colossal sum that earned them the reputed “unicorn” status, a great testament to their meteoric rise.

You’ve heard of Monday Night Football, but have you experienced Web3 Wednesday? Mythical Games, the pioneers of Web3 integration, have teamed up with none other than the NFL and the NFL Players Association to create NFL Rivals. This isn’t your average sports game; it’s an immersive journey where you’re not just a spectator – you’re the mastermind behind the plays, the picks, and the results.

Starting with the Offseason mode, the creators wanted to shape the game according to your feedback. And as per expectations, the fans did respond! The pre-season showcased the incredible potential of this Web3-powered marvel. With more than 2 million downloads and over 15 million heart-pounding matches, the NFL Rivals community proved that they’re ready to rewrite the playbook of gaming.

Reflecting on the collaboration that sparked this revolution, Ed Kiang, the VP of video gaming at the NFL, shared his thoughts. He emphasized that the partnership between Mythical Games and the NFLPA to birth NFL Rivals wasn’t just innovation – it was a testament to the NFL’s potential in conquering Web3 gaming.

In the words of Bjorn Wagner, the Founder of Polkadot, “Welcome to @Polkadot, @playmythical & @NFL! It’s time to build the most advanced Web3 gaming ecosystem. I’m thrilled Mythical Games was drawn to Polkadot’s unique strengths, such as allowing projects to create their own connected ecosystems, governance & treasury. #OnlyOnPolkadot”

This is the tweet from the official Polkadot account confirming what Wagner had to say, “Mythical Games (@playmythical) — the #1 gaming blockchain — and the @nfl are coming to Polkadot! It’s time to move the chains…”

Mythical Games’ very own Mythical Chain observed tremendous popularity in on-chain gaming transactions. A staggering 3.2 million transactions are what were achieved within the past 30 days, a feat that paints a vivid picture of the game’s immersive and engaging nature.

With parachains tailored to project-specific needs yet seamlessly integrated into the Polkadot ecosystem, the stage is set for Mythical to work their magic. This flexibility is like a strategic playbook, allowing them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of blockchain with finesse.

Björn Wagner, the CEO of Parity Technologies, a driving force behind the Polkadot network, firmly believes in this Mythical NFL game. He emphasizes that the move grants them not just flexibility but also control over gas fees and faster transaction times. These elements are the MVPs in the world of gaming, ensuring a seamless experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

The heart of NFL Rivals beats with the pulse of competition. It’s not just about watching; it’s about owning – owning your dream team, owning your journey, and owning your rivals. The game lets you build your team with legendary, epic, and rare player line-ups.

As you climb the ranks, you’ll challenge other players in arcade-style games that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. And the cherry on top? Teaming up with fellow General Managers to catch those in-game rewards and reach the pinnacle of victory.

So, ever wondered, “What’s all this fuss surrounding Web3?” Well, it’s the secret sauce that takes NFL Rivals to a whole new level. With the Mythical Marketplace, you’re not just collecting player cards – you’re trading and interacting in a blockchain-powered world.

Think of it as the ultimate gaming stock exchange, where you can buy, sell, and collect digital collectibles with the ease of a touchdown pass. You’re in control, using in-game currency called Credits to grab those MVP-worthy player cards. And yes, the MYTH tokens are involved too – the sellers get a slice of the action in MYTH tokens. If you want to have a slice of how the game feels like, check out this YouTube influencer video.

Here’s where it gets even juicier – the tech behind the touchdown! Mythical Games switched its playbook by moving from Ethereum to Polkadot. This switch provides scalability, faster transactions, and the power to handle the massive scale that NFL Rivals demands.

But remember, this isn’t just a tech showcase. The focus is on you, the gamer. You don’t need a degree in blockchain to enjoy NFL Rivals. It’s all about giving you an unforgettable experience, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just looking for some casual fun.

So, whether you’re a football fanatic or a blockchain beginner, NFL Rivals welcomes you with open arms (or should we say, open goalposts?). It’s time to lace up, dive in, and experience the game that’s rewriting the rules of sports and technology, which will soon be recognized and appreciated by football fanatics across the corners.

Get ready because NFL Rivals isn’t just a game – it’s a revolution in the blockchain era that is truly on the verge of seeing a massive boom in the eyes of people and global appreciation worldwide.

Check out the NFL Rivals official trailer right here

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