Introducing Nova Dox, aplatform designed specifically to revolutionise the world of NFTs. In the modern world, NFT has been a unique representation of ownership and authenticity of digital creation. However, its exchange and trading have proved to be complex and inefficient.

Nova Dox aims to offer an intuitive and seamless trading experience to its clients through cutting-edge software. Advanced trading software and an outstanding reward system are all set to redefine the way artists, collectors, and enthusiasts engage with digital assets.

Nova Dox is the brainchild of engineers who mastered mathematical modelling and statistics. Using their expertise in mathematics modelling, they have developed software for Ethereum Dollar trading, whose USP is to reduce the downside risk and maximise upside potential.

This software aims to help traders who do not have a huge amount of money to access most trading algorithm platforms, are not able to earn profits through trading by themselves, and do not have time or technical skills to open their trading accounts and trade ETH with complex instruments.

The icing on the cake is Nova Dox’s partnership with Deribit, the world’s number one crypto options exchange. This partnership strengthens the Nova Dox NFT program by leveraging the security, liquidity, and instruments of Deribit to provide value to its users.

The basic foundation of Nova Dox is laid by its NFT collection. Unlike other NFT sales where you get to trade, buy or exchange digital assets, Nova Dox is not limited to it. It has a lot more to offer to its users through its advanced trading software.

The funds you invest to buy NFTs go directly to your trading account. Now, you not only get ownership of an NFT but can also do Ethereum Dollar trading using one of the most advanced pieces of software.

The software developed by Nova Dox has a proven track record of outstanding performance even in a bear market. In 2022, when the price of Ethereum dropped by 80%, even then, the software managed to give whopping returns of 30%.

Over time, the software has proven that it can handle market conditions and offer outstanding rewards to its users. If investing in a bear market has been a nerve-wracking experience for you, then it’s time to invest with Nova Dox’s powerful software and then sit back and relax as your funds are in safe hands.

Our software is completely safe to use on the trading accounts of the users. API of the software is such that we do not have any access to the funds in the accounts of the users and users also do not have any access to the source code of the account. We have improved the software by a factor of 3 by adding crypto options to our future model.

The first collection of NFTs, called “Jimmies”, was an inspiration from stray dogs. It has been sold out completely. The second and final collection for early investors is still not sold out. It is a great opportunity for investors to invest in NFTs of high potential.

Funds collected through NFT investment are used in the marketing of normal collection and the profit generated is used to pay back the early investors. Then our software activates a trading pool where early investors get a 90% share in profit for a lifetime. 10% profit goes into building a home, also called a paradise for street dogs, who have been the inspiration for the entire project.

Nova Dox will not earn anything from early investors who will help them to kick-start the project.

Deribit is the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivative platform. It is a professional platform connecting traders of different backgrounds and trading styles.

It aims at creating a fair and efficient marketplace with its USP of high matching engine capacity, low latency, advanced risk management, and high liquidity.

Deribit is a cryptocurrency futures and options exchange that started as a fully BTC trading platform. However, with time, ETH contracts have also been added. More currency contracts are expected to be added in the future as Deribit aims to become the world’s first cryptocurrency options exchange.

Nova Dox has collaborated with Deribit to leverage its security, liquidity, and instruments to provide value to its users. This partnership will strengthen Nova Dox to become a leading NFT project across the globe.

The Nova Dox NFT project is the world’s leading NFT project in the true sense of the word. It is a high-potential NFT offering outstanding rewards to its early investors. In our unique NFT project, funds are traded at the largest crypto option platform called Deribit.

  1. Our new launch staking collection aims at simplifying our product and offeringgreat rewards to our early investors. In staking a collection, clients can choose a fixed profit for a fixed staking period. At the end of the staking period, the client will receive their entire investment along with the reward and the compensation of the gas fees up to 20 USD in the wallet that owns the NFT. At the end of the staking period, the NFT holder continues to be the owner of the NFT and can sell it at a much higher price in the open market.
  2. Our second NFT collection is still not sold out. We will use the funds for marketing our normal collection and the profit will be paid back to our early investors. Now, the funds will be transferred to Deribit where the trading pool will be activated using the software. After the timeout or earn-back period, investors will get a 90% lifetime share in the profit and 10% will go into building shelters for the street dogs.
  3. After NFT, Nova Dox plans to venture into developing crypto tokens whose functionality will be similar to NFT. Funds collected on the sale of tokens will move to the trading pool at Deribit and profit will be distributed amongst the investors. Though there will be an unlimited supply of the tokens, only sold tokens will affect their price. We expect a phenomenal increase of 50% yearly in the price of the token. It is completely based on the performance of the software through which we expect to get the most interest in value, even in a bear market.

George Vester: Co-Founder and CEO

George is a civil engineer from Amsterdam with expertise in advanced statistical models in climate change and food defence. His vision is to develop new knowledge and new innovative techniques in the world of engineering.

Nelle Jan Van Veen: Co-Founder and CTO

Nelle has a Master’s degree in civil engineering and applied mathematics from the University of Twente. The main focus of his entire career has been risk analysis, especially for water safety in the Netherlands, where the major portion of the land is below the sea level.

Asad Zeeshan: CMO

Asad is a startup specialist and has huge working experience of 19 years. He has 9 years of experience of being CMO for blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, IDO, IEO, and NFT-based firm launches from the groundup.

With its commitment to innovation and user-centric design, Nova Dox has revolutionised the NFT landscape. After our recent press release, we garnered a lot of interest in our token development project. Two exchanges have already contacted us for the same. However, we would like to keep things in our own hands and plan to launch an investor collection for token development. Funds collected will be used in token development and NFT holders will be rewarded through airdrops. The better we perform, the higher the returns will be for our early investors. In the future, we also plan to list our tokens to bigger exchanges and market them actively.

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