Cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications are gaining in popularity in society across the globe. However, there are many more possibilities to explore and leverage the power of blockchain in the long-term. Therefore, it is important to bring all the different aspects of blockchain under one roof to facilitate real world identities and assets securely into the digital market. A key feature that is making crypto and blockchain attractive for users is its anonymity. However, many are seeking to identify a means of connecting personal information to individual digitally-owned assets. In an effort to address this concern, ONINO has come into play. 

ONINO, a layer-1 blockchain, cross-chain metadata registry that provides an information storage solution, seeks to allow users to connect to any wallet. Powered by state-of-the-art technologies, ONINO enhances the aspect of scalability and security. In addition, it provides for a friendly and easy to use interface. ONINO features one core product, an interconnectable wallet on a layer-1 network that can be connected to other networks, allowing you to display your stored data. Making it simple to use, it needs a one-time verification that will allow the verified data to be applied to other dApps. This said, it is the simplest solution for web 3.0 identity. 

Problems & Opportunities in Today’s Blockchain World

The blockchain world has come a long way but it is still facing some challenges in the market. However, this ecosystem is attracting various fields, thus providing for various opportunities. Even at this, the number of opportunities will increase as the challenges and problems are addressed. Currently, the major concern in the market is that digital assets are disconnected from real-world identities.

Over time, the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain has gained favour in various industries. As such, many companies and institutions are adopting these concepts as they venture into the crypto sphere. As much as these large institutions are borrowing this concept, they are also seeking to bring in new value to all blockchain-based technologies. The incorporation of blockchain tech in the different industries is also seeing the rise of new challenges.

Solution – The ONINO Platform

To help address the problem of disconnected digital assets from real-world identities, the platform is incorporating new and state-of-the-art tech as well as ideal products. The cross-chain metadata registry tech allows users from the different networks to link metainformation to their respective wallets in any ecosystem. This solution of linking assets and personal information on different chains promotes extended functionality on dApps over all the available networks.

The main product of the ONINO network is its interconnected wallet. This wallet connects to all other wallets while retaining the aspect of privacy and security. Users will be able to write information and link it between a number of wallets to the ONINO decentralised registry blockchain, thus allowing the users to connect to an unlimited number of chains and wallets.

Features of ONINO

Features of ONINO

The functionality of ONINO is made possible thanks to its outstanding features, as a layer-1 information storage solution that allows for connection to any network features metadata registry, dual-chain architecture, as well as a scalable ecosystem. A better understanding of these features is as explained below.

Metadata registry

As a layer-1 blockchain, cross-chain metadata registry, the platform is designed to provide a simplified arena whereby the individuals do not misinterpret or have a difficult time operating within the platform. The metadata registry promotes a simple interface that will connect the verified data to an individual’s desired wallet. 

Dual-Chain Architecture

Scalable Ecosystem

Developers and users enjoy a user-friendly platform, thanks to ONINO’s layer. As a result of the scalable ecosystem, it allows for the seamless integration of various web 3.0 dApps into a secure network. In addition, the platform works with both native on-chain dApps and other chains.

Use Cases of ONINO

The ONINO ecosystem provides value to various use cases in the market by serving as an enabler to various applications. In addition, the platform promotes flawless applications, while at the same time linking your digital assets into one wallet. The following use cases are applicable thanks to the ONINO ecosystem.

  • Identity verification 

Institutions, companies, and individuals can easily verify their identity in the digital space. As such, institutions that includes schools, insurance companies, as well as financial institutions, can choose to use their own blockchain developers or the platform’s services to develop limitless level-2 projects. Such projects may include streamlining business processes, introducing and implementing new business models, as well as providing better protection and security for their data. 

  • Asset identification and verification 

The fields of art and/or innovation can benefit from asset verification by preventing cases of counterfeit or theft of art pieces. 

  • Document digitalisation 

Other than protecting assets as seen above, tangible documents can also be digitised by validating and storing them in ONINO wallets. As such, documents such as contracts can be concluded, while ensuring that they are documented in a decentralised and fraud-proof manner. Individuals can also store their education documents, thus boosting transparency between individuals and employees. 

  • Insurance 

The aspect of full anonymity in blockchain tech has locked out practical use of the insurance field. ONINO wallets represent verified identities that play a key role in creating decentralised and secure insurance systems as layer-2 applications. To meet this objective, the ONINO blockchain comes with the ability to map smart contracts, allowing for the verification on the decentralised network, which comes with the added advantage of preventing fraud. 

  • Digital twin solution 

ONI Token

The ONI token, the native utility token of the ONINO blockchain and ecosystem, is used to fuel transactions necessary to write and read data from the blockchain. As a utility token, it enables for the use of upcoming layer-2 applications; the need to purchase ONI tokens and become a part of the overall ecosystem in existence. In addition, ONINO is seeking to provide a platform that stimulates the token distribution across the globe to not only ensure a strong foundation as well as boost its growth in the community. The initial stages will see ONI on the Binance Smart Chain. The token will then be migrated to the platform’s layer-1 architecture with the help of ChainBridge soon after the development is completed.

Token holders can generate passive profits by staking their ONI token in the ONINO farm. In an effort to provide this staking rewards for validators, the platform will have an ONINO Staking Reward Fund that will hold 15% of the initial token supply. 

The ONI token value seeks to remain stable and prove to be a good investment. To meet this objective, the network will retain low transaction fees to help ensure that the day-to-day applications remain affordable to users. Long-term preservation of the ONI token value as well as the effort to reward token holders in the long-term has been made possible through the Buy Back Mechanism. There will be an increasing number of activities in the ONINO ecosystem to give participants the ability to earn a little bit extra. The Buy Back Mechanism ensures that 5% of the transaction fees are sent to a burn wallet, which in turn adjusts the token’s availability and value.

According to the official medium platform page, $ONI will launch on PancakeSwap, stating: 

“Today, we are happy to announce that our first DEX launch will be conducted on the popular platform PancakeSwap! With 2.8 million monthly users, PancakeSwap is the largest decentralized platform and currently holds a total locked value of $12 billion.

The above launch is bound to be a success, considering that the initial pre-sale early in January 2022 was sold out in about 3 minutes, raising 1400 BNB.


Crypto enthusiasts now have a reason to smile as they can connect all their wallets without compromising on security and anonymity. Considering the increasing cases of fraud, the ONINO ecosystem seeks to prevent such cases by allowing individuals to keep track of who and what information was released to the specific individual or institution. As a blockchain, cross-chain metadata registry, it provides an information storage solution, allowing users to connect to any wallet. The system promotes simplified scalability, thanks to its user-friendly platform, without compromising on security.

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