Solidray: A Safe Space for the Blockchain Community

Introduction to Crypto Social Media Platforms

Is it incorrect to say that social media is the new epicenter of the modern Internet? Possibly not! We live in a time of Internet-driven socialization, with digital networks being the most popular and widely used online activity. In terms of market capitalization, social media is predicted to increase gradually as the years go by.

Cryptocurrency social media platforms are decentralized and are built using blockchain protocols. Blockchain protocols incorporate the development of protocols and smart contracts. Ethereum, Steem, and Stellar are some of the blockchain protocols that support the development of social media DApps.

Because blockchain social media networks are decentralized, there is no central corporate agency in charge of all data. Instead, the data is distributed across servers at each network node in a homogeneous and decentralized manner.

Social networking, sharing of content, and even blogging are all supported by blockchain-based social media platforms. Still, they offer end-to-end privacy for every contact because they are decentralized. Furthermore, the majority of them support the following blockchain ecosystem features:

As a result, blockchain social media gives users and content creators revenue-generating potential.

What is the Solidray Platform?

Solidray is a platform that intends to become the leading space for all utilities such as Web 3.0 social media, the NFT marketplace. multichain wallet with DApp, Launchpad, and DEX exchange. The platform is designed to become the safest space to use cryptocurrency and communicate freely.

What is the SolidSocial Web 3.0 Platform?

SolidSocial is a Solidray Web 3.0 social media platform that aims to provide a safe environment for blockchain users to explore, network, establish, and grow communities. News, research, education, community building, and networking are just a few of the features we’ve carefully chosen to meet all of your blockchain needs. To boost cooperation and collaboration among our users, we advocate the integration of other professional areas.

SolidSocial messaging platform allows users to fully explore and engage with friends and family, bridging the gap between blockchain technology and mainstream social media.

How Solidray Can Contribute to the ICO

Solidray tangible assets enable more efficient buying, selling, and reselling of such assets, while reducing the danger of fraud.

They will not store users’ cash and data on Solidray’s DEX. It’s practically impossible to hack the exchange because there isn’t a central repository for all funds. This reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your valuables.

Our users can trade cryptocurrencies that were previously difficult to swap elsewhere on a DEX or an established one combined with Solidray’s DEX.

Solidray DEX, CEX, and NFT explained

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) are blockchain-based applications that allow many users to trade vast amounts of bitcoin. This is accomplished through automatic restrictions rather than serving as a financial intermediary between buyers and sellers. Staking and swapping will be available on Solidray’s DEX and fast transactions and multi-wallet connections, allowing all users to trade safely, privately, and seamlessly.

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are online trading platforms that use an order book to connect buyers and sellers. They work similarly to online brokerage accounts, so they’re so popular with investors.

Solidray will have its centralized exchange that will allow users to purchase, sell, stake, and trade tokens without the manipulations in the centralized world.

Solidray CEX will allow its users to smoothly trade their assets at any time and move relatively substantial quantities of money in and out in minutes. Solidray CEX will offer various services in addition to asset exchange, including margin trading, crypto derivatives trading, exchange staking, and margin lending.

Solidray CEXs have their own set of benefits. They typically provide better liquidity and regulatory safeguards – particularly crucial for institutional clients. Solidray intends to list on the first CEX exchange, Hotbit.

A digital asset that depicts real-world elements like art, music, in-game items, and films is known as an NFT. They’re bought and traded online, often using cryptocurrency, and they’re usually encoded with the same software as many other cryptos. It’s worth noting that for listing and creating NFTs, most NFT marketplace platforms charge a blockchain network fee. Depending on which blockchain-based solution you choose, the cost varies.

How Does the Solidray Platform Give Users Endless Opportunities?

The Solidray platform offers SRT tokens. Besides this, it provides an array of opportunities to users. It simplifies the complexity of blockchain. The platform provides the following:


It will not store users’ assets and data on Solidray’s DEX. It’s practically impossible to hack the exchange because there isn’t a central repository for all funds. This reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your valuables.

No KYC/AML or ID Verification

Because a central body does not oversee decentralized exchanges, they usually do not require users to register to utilize them. Users of Solidray’s decentralized exchange can securely access a DEX without having to register an on-exchange account, provide personal information, or go through identity verification.

Zero Regulatory Involvement 

Because of distributed ledger technology, which allows each node in the blockchain to operate independently of the others, regulators will find it nearly impossible to shut down Solidray’s DEX.

One Can Trade all Tokens

Customers can trade cryptocurrencies that were not easy to swap elsewhere on a DEX or a DApp established in tandem with Solidray’s DEX.

An overview of the Solidray Roadmap

Solidray’s roadmap has four phases. Each phase is characterised by critical events that are treated as milestones.

Phase One

Phase one is the introductory bit of Solidray. It incorporates the launch of SolidSocial Lite. It also has the element of creating communities on the website and social media. Also, the initial coin offering sales applications take shape here. Another essential aspect of this phase is the creation of a marketing strategy. The strategy entails the identification of influencers that can push the brand. Besides this, there shall be the use of Facebook Ads and Insta Ads.

Phase Two

The second phase has solid plans to raise the bar for Solidray a bit higher. This phase will see the SolidSocial Lite mobile app launch on iOS and Android. The SRT token will also launch on PancakeSwap and apply for listing on CoinGecko. Apply for the Trust Wallet/Metamask Logo and List on the first CEX exchange, Hotbit.

Phase Three

In the third phase, the plan is to achieve the following:

  • Development of Raywallet
  • Advertisement banners on paid media
  • More centralized exchange listing
  • Boost trading volume quickly with a public relations campaign on our utilities
  • Web 3.0 design by SolidSocial
  • Create a SolidSocial competition with significant awards.

Phase Four

The fourth phase will aim to realize the following:


Creating a safe space for crypto enthusiasts is long overdue. Several cases of scamming are reported almost daily on the blockchain. The complexity of blockchain called for something simpler. Solidray provides the best alternative for blockchain. SolidSocial gives an avenue for users to interact.

Also, as the blockchain applications continue to expand, there is a need to enhance the security measures to match the needs of different applications. For example, the private blockchains currently being built for businesses rely far more on access control for security than on the game theory techniques (or crypto-economics) required for most public blockchain safety. This is factored in Solidray’s plans.

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