The global finance industry stands on the brink of a revolution with tokenisation. However, it faces a critical challenge: establishing the infrastructure necessary to support this transformative shift. Tokenisation holds immense potential to reshape traditional financial systems by digitising real-world assets. However, unlocking this potential requires scalability, security, regulatory frameworks, and interoperability standards.

Global financial markets will become more liquid, accessible, and efficient if these challenges are overcome. This is where Obligate comes into play. The Obligate platform empowers companies to issue on-chain bonds and commercial paper under fully regulated conditions. As a result, they have access to a wide range of funding sources. In this article, we will explore the depths of the Obligate platform and how it is reshaping the global financial landscape.

What is Obligate?

The Obligate platform is revolutionising bond issuance on-chain by using smart contracts for regulated DeFi. This means that bonds can be created and managed directly on the blockchain. Obligate determines the terms and allocations for these bonds off-chain, and issuers verify their accuracy using on-chain signatures. This triggers the bond deployment and funding window. Thus, investors can securely place their allocated orders into escrow, and once the process is completed, the exchange of funds and bonds happens directly between the issuer and the investor. By leveraging the power of smart contracts and tokenisation, Obligate eliminates the need for intermediaries such as payment and issuer agents. This streamlines the entire process, making it cheaper and more transparent.

Obligate is deployed on the Polygon PoS network, ensuring fast and seamless transactions. It takes pride in being part of the Web3 economy, empowering real-world companies to raise capital without the involvement of banks. This approach significantly reduces costs and time compared to traditional offerings while maintaining the same level of regulatory certainty. As a result, the instruments offered on Obligate’s platform are globally enforceable and classified as regulated debt securities.

Process of Simplified Investing and Borrowing with Obligate

Investing with Obligate

Investing with Obligate is a simple and convenient way to make money. When new investors join Obligate, they begin by creating an account and going through a swift onboarding process. Once your account is set up, you can subscribe to bond issuance programs and earn interest on the principal amount when it matures. The borrowers determine the issuance terms and interest rates are determined by the borrowers by taking into consideration their Creditworthiness Rating. To start investing, you must have a specific asset, like USDC, in your Polygon wallet. You should also have MATIC to cover gas fees. Additionally, you’ll need to register the wallets you plan to use in your Obligate account. This allows Obligate to approve those wallets for use within their platform. By following these steps, you can easily begin your investment journey with Obligate and start earning money based on yield tied to the real economy.

Borrowing with Obligate

To start borrowing on Obligate, you must complete the onboarding process. Once done, you will have some MATIC to cover gas fees. Additionally, you’ll need to register the wallets you plan to use in your Obligate account. This step allows Obligate to approve and whitelist your wallets within their platform. Once you have completed these requirements, you can proceed with the borrowing process. You need to set up an issuance program on Obligate. Afterward, follow the necessary steps for the issuance program, such as from the menu, filling out issuance terms, providing a company description, and adding any supporting documents. Once you sign and publish the program, it undergoes a review process by the Obligate team before being published on the platform.

When investors subscribe to your issuance program and the financing goal is met by the book-building deadline, you must execute the program on-chain. This will enable funding for the investors, and they can pay their investments by the issuance date. On the issuance date, the funds paid by the investors will be released from the escrow account and transferred to your wallet. In return, the eNotes will be issued and transferred to the investors. You must note that you can cancel an issuance program anytime if no investor has subscribed to it yet.

Regarding repayment on Obligate, you can access the issued eNotes from the menu navigation. Select the eNotes that need to be repaid, click “repay”, and approve the transaction using your wallet. The repayment amount will be deducted from the wallet connected to your Obligate account. Once the eNotes are repaid, investors can claim the redemption amount. The eNote status will be changed to “settled” when all investors have reclaimed their redemption.

How can corporate borrowers leverage obligate to raise debt efficiently?

Obligate is exceptionally useful for borrowers, providing numerous benefits and advantages. Here are some additional points highlighting the value it brings to borrowers:

Access to a Broader Investor Base

Joining the Obligate platform gives borrowers access to a diverse global investor base. This expanded reach increases the likelihood of securing funding as borrowers can connect with investors who align with their industry, goals, and risk appetite. The platform is a gateway to connect borrowers with potential investors, expanding their network and funding opportunities.

Bankless Borrowing

Obligate provides borrowers with alternative funding options outside of traditional banking channels. This allows borrowers to diversify their funding sources and explore tailored financing solutions to meet their needs. Borrowers can expand their financial capabilities and seize growth opportunities by accessing capital through Obligate.

Efficient and Streamlined Process

Borrowers on Obligate experience a streamlined borrowing process that is efficient and time-saving. Smart contract technology and blockchain enable the automation of key processes, reducing paperwork and accelerating transaction times. Borrowers can secure funds quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Lower Costs and Fees

Compared to traditional financial institutions, Obligate offers borrowers a cost-effective solution. The platform charges minimal fees based on the volume of securities issued. This ensures that borrowers can access capital at competitive rates while keeping costs manageable, enabling them to optimise their borrowing expenses.

Improved Transparency

Obligate leverages blockchain technology to enhance transparency in the borrowing process. The immutable nature of blockchain data ensures that all transactions and records are verifiable and tamper-proof. Borrowers and investors can have confidence in the integrity and accuracy of the information shared on the platform, fostering trust and transparency in their interactions.

Trust and Reliability

Obligate’s partnership with Credora enhances trust and reliability for borrowers. Credora’s credit evaluation methodology and risk assessment expertise contribute to establishing the credibility of borrowers. This, in turn, enhances investor confidence in the borrowing propositions, making Obligate a trusted platform for borrowers to raise debt efficiently and effectively.

    Why investing in obligate is a smart move

There are numerous reasons why investors should make a wise decision when investing in Obligate. Here are key points that underscore the advantages of investing in Obligate:

Easy and Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Obligate provides investors with an easy and profitable way to earn money. Investors can earn interest on the principal amount at maturity by subscribing to bond issuance programs. The terms of issuance and interest rates are set by borrowers, offering attractive investment opportunities.

Globally Enforceable and Regulated Debt Securities

Obligate offers investors access to globally enforceable and regulated debt securities. This ensures that investors can have confidence in the legitimacy and compliance of the investment instruments. The platform prioritises security and adheres to regulatory standards, providing investors with peace of mind.

Diversification and Asset Variety

Obligate enables investors to access various regulated and secured digital debt assets. This allows for portfolio diversification and the opportunity to explore different investment options based on individual preferences and risk tolerance.

Competitive Returns

Obligate aims to provide investors with attractive returns on their investments. The average APY target range is set at 8-10% USDC for 3 months, offering a potentially lucrative income stream for investors seeking solid returns on their capital.

Trustworthy Platform

Obligate is backed by leading venture capital firms and built by industry innovators. This ensures that investors can trust the platform’s credibility and reliability. The strong support from reputable investors such as Circle, Blockchange, Earlybird, Fintech Ventures, etc. makes it a trusted platform for investment opportunities.

Minds Behind Obligate: The dedicated team driving its success

Obligate’s talented and dynamic team of professionals is dedicated to revolutionising the world of finance. They deliver unparalleled service and drive remarkable financial success for their clients, thanks to their combined finance, law, and technology expertise. The Chairman of the Board, James Courtenay, provides strategic guidance and extensive industry knowledge. David Blumer, a seasoned industry expert, contributes valuable insights and wisdom as a board member. Co-founder and CEO Benedikt Schuppli leads the organisation with a passion for transforming the finance industry.

Within the core team, each member plays a crucial role in shaping Obligate’s innovative solutions. Hsin Chang, the UX/UI Designer, ensures a seamless user experience on the platform, while Samuel Emde, the Lead Developer, spearheads the development of groundbreaking solutions. James Freis, the Regulatory Technology Officer, skillfully navigates the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring clients’ compliance and peace of mind. Kasparas Gudžius, the Marketing Executive, drives efforts to reach a wider audience, and Linda Pho, the Operations Manager, ensures smooth operations. Viktor Lebedev leads the Product team, overseeing cutting-edge offerings development and enhancement. As CTO, Daniel Killenberger brings invaluable technical expertise and guides the platform’s technological direction. Bonart Mati, the Chief Growth Officer, drives growth and expansion initiatives. Dr. Stephan Meyer, co-founder and Chief Legal Officer, and Dr. Philipp von Randow, co-founder and Chief Legal & Strategic Affairs Officer, provide strong legal expertise that forms the foundation of operations. Eugenio Reggianini expertly handles strategic partnerships, forging collaborations that bring immense value to clients. Jonas Rudin plays a pivotal role as a Developer, contributing to building and maintaining the state-of-the-art platform. Lastly, Chief Business Development Officer Benjamin Treves drives business growth and spearheads strategic initiatives.

The Obligate team also includes renowned advisors, including Michael Dietz, Whitman Knapp, Lucas Pelloni, and John Taylor. The team relies on their finance, law, and related fields of expertise for valuable advisory support. Obligate aims to redefine finance and empower clients to achieve their goals by bringing together this exceptional team.


Obligate is at the forefront of revolutionising traditional finance by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the trusted legal framework of bond markets. With their innovative on-chain bond issuance platform, they are addressing the trade finance gap and transforming the landscape of corporate financing. The platform offers compelling advantages to both borrowers and investors. Whether you are seeking financing or looking to invest, Obligate provides a trusted and efficient solution that supports the financial goals of both parties.

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