As the metaverse grows, it ascends to ever greater heights. In the digital world, it will be the next big thing and mainstream technology. Despite metaverses being open to everyone, the gaming industry adopted metaverse first to enjoy its full benefits. In recent years, token-based startups have emerged. WeedoVerse is one of the most promising startups in this field. So what is WeedoVerse and what is it all about? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about WeedoVerse.

What is WeedoVerse?

Taking Farming to a Whole New Level

WeedoVerse allows each player to truly own his farm, where they can plant and harvest their weeds, improve their land, and diversify their cultures. Throughout the WeedoVerse game, you explore the WeedoVerse Estate, which is the heart of the rural metaverse. In WeedoVerse, farmers can sell their products directly, transform them into different states, or make superior quality goods that can be sold at higher prices.

But WeedoVerse is not only a farming game. You can smoke weed or its products instead of selling them directly to gain a temporary boost in the game while you are high. Your visual and audio have stunning effects after smoking your mary jane, burning that NFT, literally. Due to the rarity of the weed, its effects are unique. Also, you can visit people and friends to purchase, exchange, or offer Weed NFTs directly. As you get high, you’ll have access to many crazy mini-games. There will be rewards of all sorts for all mini-games, from $IDOL to unique Utility NFTs.

Cross Metaverse, Cross Blockchain      

WeedoVerse provides a cross-chain solution so new members can easily join the platform by purchasing WeedoVerse’s tokens with any of the major blockchain tokens. There are several DEXs connected to the Solana blockchain where the token can be sold, such as Raydium, Serum, and Orca.

Take P2E to the Next Level

The WeedoVerse aims to merge the digital and physical worlds and dissolve boundaries between them. Play-to-earn mixed with metaverse and VR and more derivatives are allowing gamers to immerse themselves into a virtual world where they can earn while playing. NFTs and blockchains are at the core of WeedoVerse’s concept and are currently the pioneers of the metaverse. The WeedoVerse P2E game is projected to have hundreds of thousands of players at once, making it necessary to process many transactions per second. They have, therefore, chosen the fastest blockchain, Solana. 

High-Dol ($IDOL) Utility Token

The High Dol – $IDOL is an SPL Token on the Solana Blockchain and is the gouvernance token of the WeedoVerse DAO, there are 500 000 Tokens in total, they are available and obtainable now through the WeedoPeeps IGO NFTs. A 4 round IDO starts on the 19th of September. Apart from being the most valuable currency in WeedoVerse, it allows you to vote in game dev direction, purchase IRL products in WeedoShops, and stack to earn a part of the whole game’s revenue.

Weedough ($WDV) Utility Token

The Weedough – $WDV is a SPL Token on the Solana Blockchain also and is the utility token of the game. Furthermore, it regulates all production activities, like selling your weed, buying seeds, and improving one’s assets. Whether it’s in buds or transformed items, selling weed can earn you $WDV. In addition, you can earn money by staking, participating in daily and weekly challenges, or playing mini-games. Furthermore, $WDV can also be earned through participation in project development.

A detailed look at WeedoPeeps and the IGO  

The WeedoPeeps have four rarity levels allowing members to join with varying options. There are: 40 Legendary WeedoPeeps, 250 Epic WeedoPeeps, 300 Rare WeedoPeeps, and 410 Alpha WeedoPeeps. These two characters, the LEGENDARY and EPIC WeedoPeeps, have been designed to integrate the first supporters who intend to be part of the game decisions and share the profits. There are four avatar options to choose from: the Punk Crew, the Hip Hop Crew, the Hippie Crew, and the Rasta Crew. The clothing, accessories, and physical details of each crew will be different, as well as the rarity levels that differ according to their background.

As a collector of WeedoPeeps collectibles, you will receive an Alpha Player Role, giving you access to the Early Access Version of the game and many benefits for your farm. As a result, early birds will have access to special NFTs that will grant them extra boosts, special access, purchase price reductions, and plenty more benefits throughout the game’s development. There are many benefits to owning WeedoPeeps NFTs, but one great benefit is access to the exclusive WeedoClub, which grants various privileges based on your character’s rarity level. The first 1,000 Alpha WeedoPeeps NFT holders will receive special digital rewards and real-life access to events. $WDV and $IDOL will be available at the earlier run, along with free tokens and an opportunity to give suggestions.

What do WeedoVerse’s Marketplaces do?

In-Game Marketplace. which allows players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. You can purchase all the necessary tools and buildings to develop your farm in the marketplace and utility objects to breed, modify, or sell your weed. You will be able to set your price. There will be no price manipulation in the marketplace since it will be fully decentralised. With a decentralised marketplace, transacting funds is quicker, and there are fewer gas fees because there is no need for a central authority’s permission. As a result of this NFT gaming marketplace, user transaction details will be transparent to gain their trust.

WeedoShops. In contrast, WeedoShops will be the second one. This marketplace will connect real-life companies in cannabis and different products with $IDOL, where they will sell their real-life products. Depending on your country and the laws that apply there, users can buy cannabis buds, bongs, and other great IRL products.

What WeedoVerse DAO is all about?

The WeedoVerse project is developed and managed by Game3 Studios Ltd, which holds the Game Funds, Tokens, and NFTs. The co-founders of GAME3 Studios Ltd each own an equal percentage of the company. GAME3 Studios will allocate funds and tokens once the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is fully released.


WeedoVerse’s Mission is to revolutionize the Play 2 Earn scene, and start Play Chill Earn, WeedoVerse is a game and a project for everyone to be a part of, from crypto enthusiasts interested in earning a living through their investments and trading, to stoner gamers who just want to have fun and get baked while playing a fun video game. WeedoVerse tries to simplify the P2E complications as much as possible, avoiding the complex interface and system of P2E today.

WeedoVerse is now at its IGO, growing its community and gaining investors who take advantage of the amazing potential of the IGO NFTs, aka the WeedoPeeps. so that they can get their hands on the $IDOL Gouvernance Token and $WDV Utility Token before the IDO starts in September. Motivated by WeedoVerse’s innovative plans like the Demo Game which is going public at the end of August. not to mention all the IRL events and rewards for the community. The earlier you join, the higher you’ll go!

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