Hey there, crypto fam! Ever heard of MEV Bots? No, they’re not the latest NFT collectible on the Ethereum block(chain). They’re a whole lot more interesting and potentially profitable, but they come with their own set of challenges. Let’s dive into the rabbit hole and explore these cyber creatures together.

MEV bots, short for “Maximal Extractable Value” bots, are automated software programs designed to maximize profits from blockchain networks like Ethereum. Now, you might be thinking, “Profit? From a bot? Sign me up!” But hold your horses, it’s not as simple as it seems.

These bots work by manipulating the order or content of transactions on the blockchain, allowing them to take advantage of profitable scenarios. Their primary strategies include front-running, where they submit transactions with higher gas fees to get ahead in the queue, and sandwich attacks, where they insert their own transactions between targeted ones to profit from price discrepancies.

MEV bots are always on the lookout for potential profits. They monitor pending transactions on the blockchain to identify opportunities for arbitrage or other profitable activities. They’re particularly interested in decentralized exchange trades and liquidations.

When an MEV bot spots a profitable transaction, it can front-run it by submitting a transaction with a higher gas price, essentially jumping the queue and capturing the profit that would have gone to the original transaction. In some cases, the bot may even replace pending transactions with its own higher gas price transaction, effectively replacing the original one in the next block.

Sandwich attacks, another strategy, allow MEV bots to profit from large trades that impact price. The bot submits a “target transaction” large enough to impact the pricing of the large trade and captures the price discrepancy caused by the target transaction. Because this strategy affects the execution price of other market activities, it’s considered an “attack” and is not allowed in traditional markets.

High Profit MEV Bot Exploit

In September 2022, a highly successful MEV bot named 0xbad demonstrated the enormous financial potential but also the risks associated with MEV strategies. Over 75 days of MEV exploits, the bot managed to carry out an arbitrage transaction that yielded an 800 ETH (equivalent to $1.02 million at the time) profit. However, the bot was tricked into a transaction that exploited a vulnerability in its own code, leading to the loss of all of the 1,101 ETH in the bot’s account.


Tools for Monitoring MEV Bots

As a response to the rise of MEV bots, tools have been developed to monitor and respond to their activities. One such tool is the Mempool Explorer by Blocknative. This tool allows users to create a data stream to monitor and act on transactions in real-time, providing an opportunity to detect and respond to MEV activities as they happen. Blocknative also offers a Simulation Platform, which simulates Ethereum transaction activity, revealing how protocols are about to be used in real-world scenarios.


The $25M Front-running Case

In another major case, an exploiter managed to front-run MEV bots on Ethereum for a total of $25 million. The exploiter used a validator client that allowed them to create blocks, essentially letting them decide the order of transactions. By exploiting this ability, the exploiter was able to front-run MEV bots and gain a significant advantage.


The Case of the Mysterious MEV Bot

In a more recent case, a mysterious MEV bot managed to make over $40 million by attacking crypto traders. The bot, nicknamed “Sandwiched”, used sandwich attacks to manipulate the market prices of tokens and profit from the discrepancies. This case underscored the potential profitability of MEV bots but also highlighted the risks they pose to the integrity of the crypto market.

Now onto the million-dollar question, or should we say, the million ETH question: Can you make money with MEV bots? Well, as the case studies show, there’s money to be made. But remember, with great rewards come great risks. MEV bots operate in a grey ethical area, and their activities can interfere with normal market activity. They’re not for the faint-hearted and require a deep understanding of blockchain networks and transaction protocols.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for the next part of our series where we’ll discuss the ethical considerations of MEV bots. Until then, keep HODLing, and remember – not your keys, not your coins!

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