The global population has just reached a major milestone: over 8 billion people. This information comes from Worldometer, which uses data from a United Nations Report in 2022. The world of cryptocurrencies is experiencing an exciting new phase with a rapidly increasing number of people getting involved. As of 2023, around 420 million people worldwide own cryptocurrencies, making up an average of 4.2% of the global population. With such a significant number of individuals embracing cryptocurrencies, it is evident that this digital form of money is capturing people’s interest from all walks of life. 

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as an investment option indicates people’s confidence in their potential for future growth. However, when investing in cryptocurrencies, choosing projects that demonstrate strength and resilience is crucial. This is where World Pop Coin comes into play! World Pop Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that tracks the global population and allows owners to claim cities on an interactive map. Owning claimed cities comes with various advantages for the holders. In this article, we will explore World Pop Coin in detail. Read on!

An Overview of World Population Coin – The Populations Cryptocurrency

World Population Coin, known as “The Populations Cryptocurrency,” is an innovative and unique digital currency that aims to empower individuals worldwide. The platform allows users to claim cities, counties, states, and even entire countries within a digital realm. The process of claiming a city requires users to possess a sufficient number of coins equivalent to the population of that particular region. This unique feature promotes active engagement and fosters knowledge about the world population and geography.

Built on revolutionary blockchain technology, World Population Coin assigns a digital coin to each of the approximately 8 billion people on Earth, ensuring equal participation for all. It allows individuals to own one or more coins without any restrictions on the number of coins they can hold. With World Population Coin, users can engage in cryptocurrencies, gaining a deeper understanding while earning redistribution rewards and perks. World Population Coin is driven by a mission to simplify the cryptocurrency market and accelerate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. The platform aims to create a more accessible economy, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate.

Why World Population Coins Opted for Blockchain and Decentralization?

Transparent Distribution and Accountability

World Population Coins recognized the inherent transparency of blockchain technology. By leveraging blockchain, World Population Coin establishes high transparency within its digital currency system. The decentralized nature of blockchain allows for a transparent record of transactions, enabling users to track the distribution of coins and ensuring fair and equitable allocation. This transparency fosters trust among participants, as the transaction history is immutable and auditable by anyone on the blockchain network. Furthermore, it also enhances accountability and minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities.

Enhanced Financial Inclusion

World Population Coin leverages blockchain and decentralization to promote financial inclusion on a global scale. By providing every individual on Earth with a digital coin, regardless of their socioeconomic background, the project aims to empower individuals with limited access to traditional financial services. Through blockchain technology, World Population Coin enables secure and direct peer-to-peer transactions, reducing reliance on intermediaries and fostering greater financial inclusion for all.

Educational Opportunities

World Population Coin provides unique educational opportunities to users. Individuals can learn about world geography, population dynamics, and the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies by integrating the concept of claiming cities, counties, and countries based on population. Through interactive experiences, users can gain practical knowledge about the digital economy while earning rewards and perks, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

Secure and Tamper-Resistant Transactions

World Population Coin prioritizes the security of its users’ digital assets. The decentralized nature of blockchain, coupled with cryptographic algorithms, makes it highly resistant to hacking and fraud. By leveraging blockchain, World Population Coin creates a robust and secure environment for users to transact and store their digital coins, safeguarding their financial assets.

Global Scalability and Accessibility

With the decentralized architecture of the World Population Coin, the platform can scale globally while maintaining accessibility for users. The decentralized nature allows the system to handle increased transaction volumes as the user base expands, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Additionally, decentralization eliminates geographic barriers, enabling individuals from any corner of the world to participate and benefit from the World Population Coin ecosystem.

Exploring the Tokenomics of World Population Coin

World Population Coin (World Population Coin) is a BEP-20 native token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). By utilizing the native smart contract of the BSC platform, World Population Coin ensures speedy and secure transactions. Additionally, it provides great solutions to the existing problems within the financial system. It allows users to transact relatively freely without relying heavily on centralized institutions, offering a borderless and law-independent connection for individuals worldwide.

World Population Coin has carefully designed its tokenomics to ensure fairness, sustainability, and the broadest possible participation. The told supply of $WORLD is 8,003,013,370 tokens (updated each quarter). This unique distribution strategy highlights World Population Coin’s dedication to allowing everyone to participate in the digital currency ecosystem. By assigning one coin per person, World Population Coin aims to create a fair and accessible platform that promotes financial empowerment for individuals worldwide.

Breakdown of the $WORLD Coin Distribution

Public Distribution: 50%

Half the tokens are dedicated to public distribution, allowing a significant portion of the global population to participate in the World Population Coin ecosystem. This allocation ensures widespread ownership and involvement in the project.

Marketing: 20%

Recognizing the importance of promoting and raising awareness about the World Population Coin platform, 20% of the tokens are allocated to marketing efforts. These funds will support strategic campaigns, partnerships, and initiatives to drive user adoption and global recognition.

Funding: 10%

To support the development and growth of the World Population Coin ecosystem, 10% of the tokens are allocated for funding purposes. These funds will be utilized for research, technological advancements, and community-driven projects contributing to the platform’s long-term sustainability.

Team: 10%

The team behind World Population Coin plays a crucial role in its success. Therefore, 10% of the tokens are allocated to the team members working tirelessly to drive innovation, maintain the platform’s functionality, and deliver ongoing improvements and support.

Advisors: 6%

World Population Coin recognizes the value of expert guidance and industry insights. Therefore, 6% of the tokens are allocated to advisors who provide valuable counsel and contribute to the project’s strategic direction.

Listing: 4%

To ensure wider accessibility and availability of the World Population Coin, 4% of the tokens are allocated for listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This allocation enables users to trade and exchange World Population Coin on multiple platforms, enhancing liquidity and market accessibility.

Breakdown of the $WORLD Coin’s Transaction Tax Distribution

In addition to the distribution, World Population Coin implements a transaction tax of 5%, which is utilized for various purposes:

City Claimers: 3%

3% is allocated to City Claimers, individuals claiming cities within the platform. This incentivizes participation and active involvement in the ecosystem.

Liquidity Pool: 1%

1% is directed to the Liquidity Pool, ensuring a stable and liquid market for World Population Coin. This allocation supports the seamless execution of transactions and enhances the overall trading experience.

Marketing & Developer Wallet: 3%

1% is dedicated to the Marketing & Developer Wallet, providing ongoing resources for marketing initiatives and supporting the continuous development and improvement of the World Population Coin platform.

Benefits of Owning More $WORLD Coins

Streamlined Transactions

World Coin addresses the slow transaction processing of traditional banking systems by leveraging blockchain technology. Users can enjoy fast, secure, and transparent transaction processing. Additionally, there will be instant verification and refunds while upholding economic values. This streamlined approach simplifies moving from fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Unique NFT Collection

World Coin is set to launch a one-of-a-kind NFT collection, with each city claimed to represent a unique 1 of 1 NFT. These NFTs will provide holders with the opportunity to earn rewards and benefits. Each NFT is stylized by a local artist from the respective region and distinctively represents the city. Owning these NFTs will also increase the chances of winning upcoming sweepstakes and giveaways, creating exciting opportunities for investors. Furthermore, World Population Coin plans to introduce NFTs for ticket purchases and other verifiable transactions. These utility NFTs will create additional avenues for investors to benefit from their holdings.

Lucrative Rewards

Owning a city in World Coin presents an excellent opportunity for investors to generate daily rewards. With 60% of the 5% transaction fee distributed among city owners, this translates into a substantial source of passive income. The more city tokens you hold, the higher your potential rewards become. This approach fosters a dynamic ecosystem that benefits individual investors and the community.

Free Exclusive Airdrops

World Coin offers exclusive airdrops reserved solely for NFT holders and city owners. These airdrops are additional incentives to encourage NFT and city ownership to grow your investments. Participating in these airdrops allows you to accumulate additional coins, expanding your holdings and potential returns.

DAO Voting

World Population Coin operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This empowers token holders to actively govern the platform through Executive Voting and Governance Polling. This democratic and inclusive decision-making process ensures that all community members have a voice in shaping the platform’s direction. By participating in DAO voting, investors contribute to the platform’s development and directly influence its future.

Real-World Augmented AR

World Coin’s augmented reality (AR) world will add utility to the platform. This integration of AR technology expands the versatility and engagement of World Coin, enhancing the investment potential for users.

Why Participate in the $WORLD Coin Presale?

The $WORLD Coin Presale is now live. This is an exclusive opportunity to join the world’s fastest-growing community. Participating in their Presale gives you access to various enticing benefits and secures your tokens at a preferential price. Joining the Presale allows you to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking project, positioning yourself as an early investor in an innovative and promising cryptocurrency. 

By acquiring $WORLD tokens during the Presale phase, you position yourself for potential growth and the chance to maximize your returns in the future. Additionally, as a Presale participant, you gain exclusive early access perks within the $WORLD Coin ecosystem. This includes low pricing of $WORLD and priority access to upcoming features, events, and updates. Thus you will always stay one step ahead and fully capitalize on the potential of the $WORLD Coin. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to secure your tokens at a preferential price and enjoy the exclusive benefits available to their esteemed Presale participants. Act now and position yourself for a potentially lucrative investment journey with $WORLD Coin.


The rise of cryptocurrencies is reshaping the financial landscape, and it is an exciting time to be part of this transformative movement. With the increasing adoption rates and the promise of future advancements, investing in cryptocurrencies such as World Population Coin is a wise move with the potential for significant returns. With its one-coin-per-person distribution model, World Population Coin aims to empower individuals worldwide and foster equal participation. With innovative features, $World Coin presents a promising opportunity for growth and participation in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Checkout in World Population Coin today!

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