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Ballman Project is excited to announce its 3-year collaboration with The French Tennis Federation (FFT). Co-Founded by tennis star Stan Wawrinka and backed by a dozen of professional players, including Grégoire Barrère and Lucas Pouille, the Ballman Project is the #1 NFT tennis tournament platform on web3. The agreement will see the FFT collaborating with Ballman Project to bring virtual tennis to fans around the world.

The Ballman project was launched in 2022 as a collection of 6,200 exclusive and evolving NFTs that provide their holders the opportunity to play virtual tennis tournaments and earn real prize money. Each NFT represents a virtual tennis player, also known as the Ballman player, each with unique characteristics that evolve based on experience. After the big success with the 1st collection, a larger second NFT collection is planned to be released for the web3 tennis community, the freemint starting on March 14 and the public sales on March 17 (

The first Roland-Garros virtual tennis tournament on Ballman Project with a 25.000$ guaranteed prize amount is set to start on April 15, 2023 and run in parallel to the real-world tournament till the winner announcement on June 11, more details to be announced soon. Tennis fans and NFT collectors alike can stay up to date with the latest news by following Ballman Project and Roland- Garros on their respective twitter and discord channels.

“We are delighted to partner with Ballman Project and bring virtual tennis to our fans,” said Caroline Flaissier, CEO of the FFT. “This collaboration represents a unique opportunity to engage with a new audience and showcase the sport of tennis in an innovative way. We look forward to working with the Ballman Project and building a thriving web3 tennis community together.”

This venture with Ballman Project is part of the FFT’s ongoing efforts to expand its reach and connect with fans around the world. By embracing new technologies and platforms, the FFT is able to offer fans more ways to engage with the sport of tennis and support the development of the next generation of tennis players.

Through this collaboration, holders of Roland-Garros Game, Seat & Match NFTs will be able to get a Ballman Player NFT and have privileged access to the Roland-Garros virtual tournament on Ballman platform.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the FFT and bring virtual tennis to a wider audience,” said Stan Wawrinka, the co-founder of Ballman Project. “Our platform offers a unique and exciting way for fans to experience the sport, and we believe this partnership will help us achieve our goal of becoming the largest web3 tennis tournament and community. We look forward to working with the FFT to make this a reality and aim to eventually establish partnerships with all tennis Grand Slam”.

About Ballman Project

Ballman project was launched in 2022 as a collection of 6200 unique and upgradable tennis NFTs that give to their holders the opportunity to play virtual tennis tournaments and earn real prize money. The project was founded by Stan Wawrinka (3-time Grand Slam winner, Davis Cup winner, Olympic champion) along with Prosper Masquelier and his team of co-founders having over 10 years of experience together as the founders and managers of famous free gaming applications (Bravoloto, Super Buzzer) overall with about 30 million
active players. Ballman has achieved significant success in a short time, with the first Mint selling out at an average price of $500. The project has collaborated with top NFT projects and brands in the market and has signed partnerships with web3 communities such as Swissborg. Ballman has also signed a collaboration with over 10 professional tennis players, with ambitions to sign overall 50 players and offer over 500.000€ yearly prize pool to their users. The Ballman Tour, the new version of virtual tennis tournaments, will be launched in
mid-March 2023, along with the mint of the second collection.
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About the French Tennis Federation (FFT)
The French Tennis Federation is an association governed by the law of 1901 and party to a ministerial delegation. It is dedicated to the promotion, development and success of tennis, para-tennis, padel, beach tennis and courte paume in France. The FFT brings together, supports and coordinates its affiliated clubs. With 4 million players and one million members in nearly 7,500 clubs, tennis is France’s leading individual sport. The FFT also ensures France is represented internationally, by entering teams into international competitions including the Davis Cup, Fed Cup and the Olympic Games, as well as organising some of the world’s biggest sporting events: Roland-Garros and the Rolex Paris Masters. Since its creation in 1920, the FFT’s identity has been founded on combining the development of amateur tennis across the country for people from all walks of life with the organisation of major international events.

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