UBQFIT is the world’s first web3 move-And-earn (M&E) mobile gaming platform. Company is ready to beta launch shortly after NFTs mint date. 

UBQFIT, a revolutionary tech platform combines NFT gaming, fitness, and wellness to create truly unique and engaging experiences for its members. This progressive platform brings web 2.0 and web 3.0 together through integrating blockchain gaming tools such as crypto token collecting potential for engaging in wellness and fitness related activities in-app. UBQFIT is committed to represent the future of gaming in fitness, and wellness.

Distinguished from the M2E  model (more on this category here ) , UBQFIT is in the M&E category, which in plain simple words means you get value even without collecting tokens or buying anything. UBQFIT provides massive value to the members. As soon as the members create a free account on the platform, they get rewarded with a free metaverse avatar which they get to customize and dress-up with free digital clothing (not NFTs). Members can also hangout in the app, socialize, do the fitness and wellness activities AND get rewards and collect tokens without having to pay a penny for anything. But to save and compile the tokens and rewards in their wallets, members will need to purchase the base NFT. One of these NFTs is in the form of an avatar shirt.

There are multiple gameplay opportunities during early days of UBQFIT launch where members can get rewards and tokens. The company states that its commitment is to ongoing innovation in creating new and exciting gameplay features so that the experience and the process of maintaining one’s health never becomes stale or boring.

UBQFIT has already built the tech platform and the entire infrastructure and it’s a very short period away from beta launch, which will provide bonuses and rewards to the first groups of joiners. The company will be providing the opportunity for early supporters to participate in an exclusive and utility rich NFT series pre the platform’s beta launch. Look out for timelines on things from UBQFIT’s social channels.

While speaking about the launch, Ellie Sarmadi, the Founder of UBQFIT said: “We are excited to offer an NFT series mint opportunity pre the launch of our beta phase. We truly believe this is an amazing value proposition for our early community and supporters since we spent a great deal of financial and time resources to build and test out our cutting edge web2 and web3 technologies and so we have taken out the risks of the build phase from our early supporters investing decision analysis. Most other projects go into an NFT mint process just to start day one of tech build.” Ellie also pointed out that UBQFIT is designed to solve the flaws in the move-to-earn category, by offering a sustainable model with significant scalability and ongoing growth potential.

The native in-game currency is UBQOIN, which is built on Polygon. UBQOIN has a limited supply of 2,000,000,000 (2Bn) tokens. UBQFIT plans to list the token on decentralized exchanges in the near future when good momentum in member activity and demand in the token is built up in-app to support the successful launch and growth of the token economy.


UBQFIT is a move-AND-earn marketplace that uses hyper-gamified and hyper-social Web 3.0 tools to build an everlasting, sustainable model that works for everyone. UBQFIT aims at innovating new ways to keep the members excited about achieving and maintaining their respective levels of overall health. UBQFIT strives to create products and services that improve people’s lives and the world.

Contact information:

501 East Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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