Welcome to our weekly NFT market summary, where we delve into the most exciting happenings in the NFT space. This week, we’re exploring Nike’s metaverse move, Doodles’ unique partnership, and Blend’s success in the NFT lending market. We’ll also take a look at how these developments compare to last week’s market trends. So, buckle up and let’s dive right in!

Nike’s Metaverse Maneuverer

Nike, the global sportswear giant, has been making waves in the NFT space. They’ve partnered with EA Sports to create virtual shoes for the metaverse. This move is a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of NFTs and showcases the potential of digital assets in the gaming industry. However, not everyone is thrilled about this development. Some critics argue that it’s a vague and nonsensical move, while others see it as a promising step towards the future of gaming.(We should link to the full article)

Doodles’ Real-World Adventure

Doodles, a popular NFT collection, has partnered with CAMP, a family experience company, to create an interactive retail and entertainment experience. This partnership aims to bring NFTs to the physical world, providing unique experiences for Doodles holders. It’s an exciting development that shows the potential of NFTs beyond the digital realm.(link to full article)

Blend’s Market Dominance

Blend, an NFT lending platform, has been making headlines with its control of 82% of the NFT lending activity in the market. This dominance showcases the growing interest in NFT lending and the potential of NFTs as collateral for loans. However, it also raises questions about market concentration and the need for more competition in the NFT lending space. (Link to blends article we have published)

Metaverse Market Analysis

The metaverse continues to be a hot topic in the NFT space. According to a recent analysis, the total sales volume of virtual land, estates, and parcels in the metaverse reached $85 million in May. This trend shows the growing interest in virtual real estate and the potential of the metaverse as a new frontier for investment.

Comparing to Previous Week’s Market Trends

Comparing these developments to last week’s market trends, we see some interesting shifts. Last week, the NFT market was grappling with legal challenges, falling floor prices, and high-profile auctions. This week, we’re seeing more innovative applications of NFTs, such as Nike’s metaverse move and Doodles’ real-world adventure. These developments show the evolving nature of the NFT market and the endless possibilities it holds.

The Future of NFTs: What’s Next?

As we look ahead, it’s clear that the NFT market is still in its early stages, and there’s a lot of potential for growth and innovation. However, it’s also clear that there are significant challenges and risks ahead, and it’s crucial for investors and traders to stay informed and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, this week has been a rollercoaster ride for the NFT market, with exciting developments, major challenges, and a lot of uncertainty. As we move forward, it’s important to keep an eye on the market, stay informed, and always be prepared for the unexpected. After all, in the world of NFTs, anything is possible!


In conclusion, this week in NFTs has been filled with exciting developments and innovative applications. From Nike’s metaverse move to Doodles’ real-world adventure and Blend’s market dominance, these developments showcase the potential of NFTs and the exciting future they hold. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve and shape the future of the NFT market.