CityX’s Pop-Up Expo exemplifies the marriage of art and technology, breathing new life into traditional artworks through the creation of enhanced NFTs, thus addressing the challenges faced by cultural preservation in the modern age.

In today’s world, our cultural heritage is under threat from various sources, including conflict, neglect, and the passage of time. Consequently, the integration of technology with art preservation has become increasingly imperative. Events like CityX’s Pop-Up Expo, which combine art with digital technology, are instrumental in safeguarding and rejuvenating these invaluable cultural assets.

Such initiatives are essential for ensuring that the intricate tapestries of our cultural heritage are not only preserved but also explored and celebrated in contemporary society. By embracing innovative methods such as digitization and the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), these gatherings enhance the accessibility and engagement of art for a global audience. Additionally, they provide a safeguard against physical degradation and loss of artwork.

The fusion of art and technology at CityX’s Pop-Up Expo demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to cultural preservation. By digitizing traditional artworks into enhanced NFTs, the event ensures that these cultural treasures remain relevant and accessible to future generations. Furthermore, it provides artists with a platform to showcase their work to a wider audience while protecting their creations from the ravages of time.

Exploring the dynamic intersection of art and technology

CityX, a pioneering initiative dedicated to the digital preservation of art, recently curated the CityX Pop-Up Expo on April 5-6 at the prestigious Lume Studios in New York City, United States. Showcasing the innovative ULIVE second drop, the event illuminated a groundbreaking fusion of traditional art and cutting-edge technology. This unique approach to art preservation redefines the boundaries of creativity, as physical artworks undergo digitization and are enriched with additional layers of technology to give rise to a new breed of NFTs.


Curated by Eugenia Brodsky and brought to fruition through a collaboration between CityX and Hyperlab, the ULIVE collection comprises 16 meticulously crafted artworks. Each piece underwent a transformative process to become an NFT that transcended mere digital replication. By seamlessly integrating sensory experiences and captivating visual aesthetics, CityX’s NFTs aimed to redefine the traditional concept of art appreciation, offering viewers a more immersive and engaging encounter.

Functioning as portals to an alternate dimension of artistic expression, these NFTs provide viewers with a brief yet captivating experience. Spanning a duration of 8-10 seconds, each NFT is accompanied by unique voiceovers and excerpts from a soundtrack composed by Dmytro Aksentiev (DJ Koloah). These elements are strategically woven together to captivate the audience and draw them deeper into the heart of the artwork. Furthermore, the intricate visual effects incorporated into each NFT challenge viewers to revisit the artwork multiple times, encouraging them to uncover the hidden nuances and intricacies embedded within.



In addition to the digital exhibition, the CityX event also hosted a vibrant celebration of music and dance. Headlined by Ukrainian DJ Koloah and featuring Erica Mancini of Gogol Bordello, the music lineup created a dynamic ambiance that seamlessly fused cultural expressions with the digital art showcased. The energy of the event continued to soar on the second day with additional performances by DJ Lago, DJ St.Art, and DJ Vikudza.

In the face of an unexpected challenge posed by the April 5 earthquake in the U.S., the event persevered with resilience, emphasizing the theme of resilience through art and technology.

Integrating NFTs with interactive technology

At the CityX Pop-Up Expo, attendees were treated to a multifaceted display of the ULIVE collection, which included in-person viewings, digital mapping, and an interactive demonstration via the WOWcube Entertainment System. This immersive showcase underscored the event’s dedication to providing engaging art experiences. One fortunate attendee was even awarded a limited-edition WOWcube, specially equipped with the CityX App, enhancing their interaction with the artworks.

The collaboration between CityX and WOWcube aims to revolutionize the perception and accessibility of art, rendering each piece in the ULIVE collection more tangible to art enthusiasts. With the purchase of each NFT, collectors receive a unique WOWcube that acts as a digital portal to the entire collection, exemplifying the fusion of traditional and digital art forms.

With only 16 NFTs available, CityX invites everyone to acquire a special utility that aims to usher in a new era of technological innovation through interactive devices. In line with its core mission of creating galleries without boundaries, CityX is expanding the horizons of art availability and offering an experience that celebrates art while encouraging active participation.

The outlook for art preservation

The second day of the CityX Pop-Up Assembly was distinguished by panel discussions exploring a range of topics pertinent to the intersection of art and technology. Featured speakers comprised CityX founder Asya Nikolaeva, guest (ULIVE drop) curator Eugenia Brodsky, CityX chief curator Tatyana Tumasyan, and CEO and founder of ARSNL Art Katarina Feder.



The discussions explored the preservation of delicate art and the potential of NFTs to serve as a medium for safeguarding artistic expressions. Denis Belkevich, founder and CEO of Fuelarts, also contributed with a presentation on the Art+Tech NFT Startups Report, which highlighted emerging trends and innovations at the intersection of art and technology.

The Synergy of Art panel discussions, organized by Antenna Gallery and moderated by Arthemort, featured a variety of perspectives from the art and tech communities. This included insights from filmmaker and CryptoPunk Sherone Rabinovitz, as well as Scott Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of BitBasel.


Moreover, Ulive’s second drop artist Oles Derega and Luisa Leon, head of business development at LiveArt, added their expertise to the discussions. These conversations provided an academic foundation to the event, highlighting the significance of NFTs in modern cultural preservation.


The CityX Pop-Up Assembly showcased the evolving synergy between traditional art forms and modern technology. Through the transformation of physical artworks into digital formats, the event exemplified a promising trajectory for the future of art conservation. This innovative approach ensures the longevity of artistic heritage, particularly in conflict zones, while also redefining the accessibility and appreciation of art in the digital era. The event illustrated how technology can be harnessed to preserve and enhance the essence of art, bridging the gap between past and present, and opening up new avenues for artistic expression and enjoyment.