Alright, folks, gather around. Remember when we thought Bitcoin was just that digital gold everyone and their grandma wanted a piece of? Well, it seems our beloved Bitcoin has been sneaking around, trying its hand at the NFT game. And guess what? It’s not half bad at it!

When Bitcoin Met Ordinals

So, earlier this year, this genius named Casey Rodarmor thought, “Why not sprinkle some NFT magic onto Bitcoin?” And voila! The Ordinals protocol was born. Think of it as Bitcoin’s quirky way of saying, “Hey, I can do NFTs too!” With Ordinals, you can embed data directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. It’s like tattooing your Bitcoin, but with images, videos, and even that embarrassing karaoke audio clip from last summer. Yes, you heard it right: Bitcoin NFTs are now a thing!

Trading Volume: Bitcoin’s Not-So-Humble Brag

From January to September, Bitcoin’s Ordinals saw a trading volume of a whopping $596.4 million. I mean, come on, Bitcoin! Third place in the NFT trading world? Not too shabby for a currency that once had nothing to do with digital art. And let’s not even get started on the uncleared pending transactions. It’s like Bitcoin’s way of saying, “I’m popular, deal with it.”

Marketplaces & The “Rare Satoshi” Craze

When it comes to trading these Bitcoin NFTs, platforms like Magic Eden, Unisat, and OKX are the cool kids on the block. And there’s this new trend of hunting for Ordinals inscribed on rare satoshis. It’s like the Pokémon cards of the crypto world. Gotta catch ’em all, right?

And then there’s “Recursion.” No, it’s not a fancy dance move. It’s a method that lets you create high-def NFT artworks on Bitcoin without breaking the bank. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

In Conclusion (Or Should I Say, In Con-fusion?)

Last month, I attended the Ordinals Summit 2023. Picture this: 400 crypto nerds (myself included) geeking out over Bitcoin’s latest antics. There were announcements, debates, and even an art show. And yes, there was a surprise guest. No, it wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto.

So, what’s the takeaway? Bitcoin’s foray into the NFT world is like watching your serious, all-business friend suddenly break into a dance. It’s unexpected, hilarious, and honestly, quite impressive. Here’s to more of Bitcoin’s amusing adventures in the NFT realm!