The Brazilian Football Federation has teamed up with crypto currency exchange Binance to create and launch the country’s top professional league, Brasileirao Assai’s first ever NFT. The objective behind creating and launching the NFT is to increase fan engagement and attract more clients, as the professional football season begins in Brazil.

The NFT were launched a day ahead of the commencement of the 2023 Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, the 67th edition of the football competition. According to a joint statement issued by Binance and the Brazilian Football Federation, the free NFT promises fans access to greater technology that will enhance the match experience and other unique perks. It is more than a digital collectible and the NFT will provide real-world benefits for the fans, Binance posted on social media platform Twitter.

The holders of the NFT Season Pass will ultimately become part of Fanverse, which will allow them to participate in ‘gamified’ experiences, gain access to prizes and tickets and incur lower transaction costs on Binance.

The ‘gamified’ platform will be launched in May and the holders can also get discounts on CBF Academy Management and Business Courses on Fanverse. Users can also take part in match predictions, voting polls and other ‘gamified’ experiences where top performers can redeem benefits in the form of tickets, collectibles, prizes, hospitality experiences and more.

It appears that Binance is also keen to use this initiative to attract new clients, as existing customers are also able to redeem their NFT by referring their friends to open an account on the exchange.

“We are sure this historical launch will allow more Brazilians to feel closer to their clubs and learn about crypto, so that they can take advantage of what this technology has to offer,” said Guilherme Nazar, Binance’s country manager for Brazil.

According to Binance, it has been a vocal believer that sports are a territory where crypto can contribute to connect people with their passions and idols in an easier way and offer a new source of income for clubs, athletes, and institutions all over the world.

Earlier, Binance has partnered with the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and is also a sponsor of elite football tournaments, Brasileirao Feminino Neoenergia, Brasileirão Feminino Binance A-2, Brasileirao Feminino Binance A-3, and Santos Futebol Clube. The partnership will be a three-year long commitment to associate Binance brands with the competitors.

Internationally, Brazil’s national football team has historically been one of the most successful among all nations, winning the FIFA World Cup five times, while the local professional league possesses one of the largest and most engaged fan bases in the world.

This partnership between Binance and the Brazilian Football Federation signals a new era in fan engagement and the increasing role of crypto currency and blockchain in the world of sports, the statement said.

By offering a free NFT with unique perks and benefits, this partnership promises to strengthen fan engagement and propel Binance’s customer acquisition strategy. As Brazil continues to foster a crypto-friendly environment, one can expect further innovative partnerships and initiatives in the future.