RACE Protocol, a multi-chain infrastructure built to support the creation and launch of secure and equitable web3 games, has announced the launch of its RACE Heroes NFT Pre-sale. This pre-sale gives early adopters the chance to join the decentralized gaming ecosystem and receive exclusive benefits and rewards.

“We’re excited to introduce the RACE Heroes NFT Pre-sale, providing early adopters with the opportunity to join our decentralized gaming revolution. With exclusive benefits and rewards for our community members, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.” – Art, Co-founder, RACE Protocol.

The RACE Heroes NFT Pre-sale introduces an exclusive collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, each available for purchase at the price of 1 SOL. Among the early community members, including RACE OG Contributors, RACE Team members, RACE Heroes role holders, and Solem holders (with certain restrictions), there will be opportunities for free minting.

RACE Protocol’s primary objective is to tackle the obstacles that impede the widespread adoption of web3 gaming, such as trust issues, security concerns, and limited development tools. The platform distinguishes itself through its support for multiple blockchains, commitment to transparency and security, extensibility, and community-driven ethos. RACE Protocol ensures fairness and security through various features, including P2P randomization, encrypted communication, smart contract governance, and community-driven decision-making processes.

One of the significant advantages for RACE Hero NFT holders lies in the revenue sharing model, which guarantees ongoing rewards. Holders will receive a share of the fees generated across the Solfast initiative, RACE Poker, and the protocol itself. Additionally, they will enjoy exclusive privileges within RACE-developed games, incentives from independent developers, and protocol benefits, such as fee multipliers for infrastructure contributions and reductions or waivers for game publishing.

To attract and support game developers, RACE Protocol provides comprehensive SDKs, open-source resources, community grants, hackathons, and revenue-sharing opportunities. Moreover, the protocol plans to introduce a no-code blockchain app/game editor plugin, widening the creator base to include those with limited or no coding experience.

Looking ahead, RACE Protocol envisions a future where web3 gaming becomes mainstream, offering players genuine ownership of their assets, interoperability across various platforms, and new economic prospects. The protocol aims to contribute to the broader adoption of web3 technologies by lowering the barrier to entry for game developers, providing a user-friendly experience for players, and showcasing the potential of web3 gaming through innovative features and economic models.

Over the next 6-12 months, RACE Protocol has established ambitious milestones, such as launching the RACE Heroes NFT collection and activating its utilities, onboarding a diverse array of game developers, expanding multi-chain support, developing community governance mechanisms, and fostering a thriving ecosystem of web3 games. The protocol actively engages in collaborations with other projects and organizations in the web3 space, including blockchain platforms, wallet providers, game developers, and metaverse platforms, to ensure compatibility, expand its reach, and deliver seamless user experiences.