To mark their 30th Grammy anniversary, the iconic band Deep Forest has launched a groundbreaking Music Data NFT collection, “Ethereal Echoes | The Chronicles of Deep Forest.” This initiative, powered by Itheum Protocol technology, signifies a momentous shift in the music industry, empowering artists and fostering a more connected fan experience.

Breaking Free From Centralized Control

Historically, the music industry has been dominated by centralized entities controlling artist careers and music distribution. This often overshadowed the inherent community aspect of music. However, advancements in technology are revolutionizing how music is managed and shared.

The Rise of Music Data NFTs

Music Data NFTs represent a transformative force in the music industry. These blockchain-based digital assets signify ownership and rights to musical content, ensuring authenticity and facilitating direct transactions between artists and listeners.

Empowering Artists Through Music Data NFTs

Leading artists are embracing Music Data NFTs, publishing their collections on blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon. This technology empowers creators with direct control over their work and rekindles the community’s role in supporting artists, marking a significant departure from traditional, centralized distribution models.


Itheum Protocol: A Pioneering Approach

Building upon the transformative potential of Music Data NFTs, Itheum Protocol, a decentralized data ownership platform, offers unique features that empower artists:

  • Updateable Data Streams: Unlike traditional NFTs, Itheum allows artists to seamlessly update their music files and assets, maintaining ongoing control over their creative output.
  • Album & Playlist Minting: Artists can mint entire albums or playlists as data NFTs, redefining digital album ownership.
  • Exclusive Campaign Links: Embedded within the data NFTs, these links can provide exclusive perks for fans, deepening engagement (e.g., concert tickets, merchandise, gated content).
  • Royalties & Tradeability: Similar to regular NFTs, Itheum’s Music Data NFTs allow artists to earn royalties on resales and are tradable across various marketplaces.
  • Composability: This unique feature enables developers to create applications that interact with the NFTs, broadening artistic reach and fostering innovative ways to experience music.


These features empower artists to manage their work effectively, own their music assets and royalties, control distribution, and connect with fans in new ways, all within the decentralized music landscape.

Deep Forest’s Enduring Legacy and Exclusive NFT Collection

Celebrating their 30th Grammy anniversary, Deep Forest partnered with Itheum Protocol, ICI Bucharest, and the MultiversX Blockchain to launch “Ethereal Echoes | The Chronicles of Deep Forest,” a limited-edition Music Data NFT collection that energizes the Web3 music scene.

About Deep Forest

Deep Forest, a Grammy Award-winning band co-founded by Eric Mouquet, boasts over 20 albums and millions of copies sold worldwide. Renowned for their unique fusion of world music and electronic sounds, Deep Forest has carved a remarkable niche in music history.


The Ethereal Echoes Collection: A Web3 Journey

Guided by Eric Mouquet’s creative vision, the Ethereal Echoes collection invites fans on a transcendent Web3 journey through the band’s illustrious career. Itheum’s Music Data NFT collection not only showcases Mouquet’s musical evolution, but also connects fans with the band’s past, present, and future.

Each NFT encapsulates elements of Mouquet’s career, offering fans a mix of original and bonus tracks, along with rare personalized messages from Mouquet on select pieces. Additionally, unique album art makes each NFT a distinct collector’s item.

The collection launched on May 8, 2024, at ICI Bucharest’s NFT Marketplaces during the NFT Bucharest festival. Access the Ethereal Echoes collection here.


Supporting a Global Musical Movement

Itheum’s Music Data NFT initiative fosters a global musical movement and supports musical education programs. Proceeds from NFT sales contribute to nurturing emerging talent and enhancing global music literacy, uniting music, technology, and educational support.

A Collaborative Effort

This venture exemplifies the synergy between music, technology, and educational support, facilitated by the collaborative efforts of Itheum, ICI Bucharest, and MultiversX within the expanding realm of Web3.

A New Era for Music

The launch of the Ethereal Echoes collection using Itheum Protocol technology marks a significant milestone in the music industry’s evolution. By leveraging the power of Music Data NFTs, artists like Deep Forest can not only celebrate their legacies but also pave the way for a more decentralized and artist-centric future. This innovative approach empowers musicians, fosters deeper connections with fans, and ensures that the community-driven spirit of music thrives in the digital age.