Hey there, crypto aficionados! 🚀 It’s your favourite NFT enthusiast, and I’m back with another spicy update for all you digital art and coin collectors. If you’ve been too busy trading or perhaps lost in the metaverse, don’t fret! I’ve got the latest scoop on the NFT world, served with a side of humour. Let’s dive into the pixelated world of NFTs, shall we?

NFTs: Not Just Digital, But Dazzling!

First off, NFTs are not just seeing green; they’re practically bathing in it! Mapan’s Sketchbook A?

Those auctions ended higher than my caffeine levels on a Monday morning. And Azuki? They just gave MAYC and Pudgy’s a lesson in flipping. Oh, and speaking of flipping, Bitcoin just flipped its way back to the $30k mark. Hats off!

The Weekend Roundup: NFTs Go Bullish

This weekend was like the Oscars for NFTs. Red carpets, flashing lights, and of course, the drama! From mega-whale splashes to bullish reveals, it was all happening. But the real question on everyone’s mind: Are we back in the game?

Here’s the Gossip:

  • Sugartown threw a party, revealing Oras and making everyone wish they were on the guest list.
  • William Mapan’s Sketchbook A? Oh, just a casual $647k for the artist. No biggie.
  • Some mysterious whale decided to splash around with Azuki and Elementals, causing quite the ripple effect.



  • Nami’s AI art? It skyrocketed faster than my attempt at a diet, but then decided to take a breather.

  • XCOPY? He’s just chilling in his own world, introducing ALGO BRO and calling it “FRESH HELL.” Classic XCOPY!

NFT Market Glimpse:

From Fidenza holding its ground to Azuki and Captainz stealing the show, the NFT market was nothing short of a rollercoaster. And let’s not forget about the art market. Winds of Yawanawa took a step back, while Grifters decided to climb the ladder.

Is the bull market making a comeback? Well, the signs are there, but only time will tell. For now, keep those eyes peeled and wallets ready!

Friend Tech Drama:

Friend Tech had its own soap opera this weekend. With sellers making an exit and a new competitor rising, it was all very “Game of Thrones.” And let’s not even talk about Sunday’s trading volume. It was like watching a suspense thriller!

NFT Gossip Column:

From trading volumes to top movers, the NFT world was buzzing. BAYC decided to throw a mega-party in Hong Kong, and Nike? They just dropped some exclusive kicks for members.

Crypto Corner:

  • BTC’s Resurgence: Bitcoin, the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, has once again reclaimed its throne above $30,000. Analysts suggest this could be due to institutional interest and the recent positive regulatory news.
  • Ethereum’s Steady Climb: Ethereum isn’t just about NFTs. With its upcoming ETH 2.0 upgrade, the network aims to solve scalability issues, making it even more attractive for developers and investors. Current price hovers around $1,675, but many are optimistic about its future trajector
  • Solana’s Spotlight: SOL has been making waves with its high throughput and low transaction costs. Priced at $29.67, it’s becoming a favorite for many DeFi projects and NFT platforms.
  • Worldcoin’s New Strategy: In a bid to increase adoption and trust, Worldcoin is switching its orb rewards from USDC to its native WLD tokens. This move is expected to boost its ecosystem and token value.
  • Third Time Entertainment’s Funding Success: The parent company of Photo Finish has successfully secured a $2M Seed round. With Sfermion leading the investment, they’re set to revolutionize the virtual horse racing game on the Solana blockchain.
  • DeFi Watch: The decentralized finance sector is booming. Projects like Uniswap, Aave, and Compound are seeing increased liquidity and user adoption. Always remember to do your research before diving into any DeFi pool!
  • Regulatory Rundown: Governments worldwide are taking a closer look at crypto. While some are embracing it with open arms, others are treading with caution. Stay updated with the latest regulatory news to navigate your investments better.
  • Crypto Events & Conferences: Mark your calendars! The upcoming Global Crypto Summit 2023 is expected to be a massive event, with speakers from top crypto projects and a special focus on NFT innovations.

NFT Volume & Price Buzz:

From BAYC leading the pack to Viscosity making waves, the NFT market was all about the numbers. And if you’re looking for the next big thing, keep an eye on the upcoming mints and reveals. Who knows, you might just find your next digital treasure!