Age of Zalmoxis

An ancient fantasy play-and-earn game set in the Dacian kingdom, Age of Zalmoxis has its roots in European history and lore. In this story-driven game, players explore Southeast European historical periods between the 5th century BC and 6th century AD. Age of Zalmoxis lets players create their own characters and explore a living world. The player’s character grows through combat, narrative content, events, crafting, and dungeons. Contrary to other games, Age of Zalmoxis does not require payment, subscriptions, or pre-paid game cards.

The Age of Zalmoxis social and technological ecosystem is built on Unreal Engine 5 and the Elrond blockchain. The Age of Zalmoxis gives life to the ancient Dacian period. There are a lot of things players can do in this game. Investing in the Age of Zalmoxis ecosystem allows investors to play and earn. Some features of this ecosystem include;

$KOSON Token. On the Elrond blockchain, $KOSON is an ESDT token for the game Age of Zalmoxis. Those who stake tokens/NFTs and/or play the game can claim rewards. This play-to-earn tokens program is designed to attract a broad range of players for token rewards and to reward the most active community members with stakes and ownership.

A fast & secure blockchain. The first carbon-negative European blockchain, Elrond, offers users affordable transaction costs and a Proof-of-Stake consensus. As a Layer 2 protocol, Getae assures a better experience in-game and brings the cross chain possibility. Additionally, it supports all Elrond wallets and charges no fees for withdrawals from the Getae layer.

Ancient mini-games. Currently, the team is working hard to release the first Alpha as soon as possible. However, there are already some mini-games to give players an enjoyable experience from the start. These games can be played on the web or on mobile devices and users can start earning money based on their skills.

An online marketplace. It is an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game items using $EGLD and $KOSON. It is possible to acquire these items by looting monsters, finding treasure caches, crafting, etc.

Decentralised Bank. The banks in Age of Zalmoxis are decentralised, so every asset is more protected. A decentralised bank in the Age of Zalmoxis lets you stake $KOSON, get loans, and stockpile resources.

Land Ownership. Age of Zalmoxis features five regions (biomes): Continental, Steepe, Panonic, Pontic, and Alpine. Using your Land tokens, investors can claim a specific land position on the interactive map and receive a Land Plot as an NFT.

PvP Tournaments. It features gladiatorial skirmishes in either an individual or team format. The rating of players can result in the awarding of $KOSON and EGLD tokens as rewards and title recognition.

In Age of Zalmoxis, you can join an incredible experience while earning and profiting from the integration of blockchain and NFT. Wenmoon Studios will manage the ecosystem fund initially, and its primary objective is to grow the Age of Zalmoxis community. The partnership with, the first gaming guild on dedicated to Elrond Network and lately Dacorum_gg, which has a lot of blockchain lovers and influencers, will help Age of Zalmoxis to grow new gaming communities and add value to Elrond Blockchain games. This project has become too strong with the integration of Elrond blockchain and NFTs, and the roadmap presents many exciting developments!

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, talks about this ancient game: “Age of Zalmoxis is an exciting project emerging from the Elrond ecosystem. The game is a third-person multiplayer action RPG that integrates NFT and blockchain technology. The game was developed by Wenmoon Studios Ltd, which offers users great gameplay and all the benefits of earning a $KOSON Token. Additionally, stakes and tournaments are great ways to earn rewards, making this project a ‘must check out’!”

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