Age of Zalmoxis, a play-to-earn MMORPG set in the third person, is not just an awe-evoking, blockchain-powered game but also an intelligent innovation founded on dynamic concepts.

In other words, the developer can initiate changes for a better gaming experience. Besides, Age of Zalmoxis provides value to its community through an attractive reward system that leverages the power of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

The game is grounded in history, focusing on Dacia, a kingdom in Eastern Europe. It begins after the assassination of Dacia’s first king (Burebista), marking the beginning of instability as the kingdom shatters into multiple tribes and nobles clash over leadership roles.

Meanwhile, Celtic, Sarmatian, and Roman armies prepare to invade the troubled kingdom, and at the same time, supernatural threats abound. The turmoil attracts The Great Wolf Zalmoxis’ attention, who sends down heroic souls.

Players assume the role of a Dacian champion, merge with heroic souls, and fight monsters and mortal foes, protecting the kingdom and preventing further fragmentation. 

The Age of Zalmoxis brings on board a host of unique attributes. For one, no payment is required to access the thrilling P2E game. 

Instead, gaming enthusiasts can use Age of Zalmoxis Dream Soul to experience the free Demo version. Alternatively, they can split their profits by lending a character and play at no cost.

Though new, Age of Zalmoxis is a project worth keeping an eye on. Already, the firm has completed its Private Funding Round. Thanks to solid partnerships with well-known platforms like Morningstar Ventures,,, Istari Vision, RR2 and SL2 Capital, among other investors. 

Furthermore, the Age of Zalmoxis’ $KOSON IEO event is in progress followed by the token listing. Bitmart Exchange and MEXC Global are supporting it, offering users different prizes for trading, mining, and more.

$KOSON staking is up on Age of Zalmoxis website offering users an opportunity to enjoy up to 138,46 % APY. Participants will also stand a chance to win a $1,000,000 $USDC prize and NFT drops.

Land chest NFT sale event is up and running.

About Age of Zalmoxis

Developed by Wenmoon Studios Ltd, Age of Zalmoxis is a P2E MMORPG game that integrates blockchain and NFTs, allowing for thrilling gaming sessions while also providing value to the gaming community through diverse income-generating mechanisms like staking.

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