AIBOOK, an NFT art gallery of classic writers and literature, ideally created for book lovers. AIBook NFT Public Minting on ETH has Launched. AIBook NFT public minting was officially launched on September 1, 2022. Individuals can currently mint and get NFT on their website at a mint price of 0.03 ETH.  

Prior to the launch, participants benefited from pre-sale of 700 NFT during the launchpads as well as during the Whitelist process. 

Benefits of the different NFT

  • As a source of income 

Classic literature lovers’ benefit from an NFT and read-to-earn product that allows individuals to increase their income by simply reading books.

Book lovers and NFT enthusiasts can combine their hobbies on the Ethereum blockchain to get profits as well as gain access to exclusive future read-to-earn projects. 

AIBook NFT owners enjoy a permanent 5% discount for IDO on all top launchpads as well as receive other discounts and guaranteed allocations in related GameFi projects. 

NFT owners can sell their NFTs to collectors looking for unique NFTs based on book quotes. As unique NFTs, they are bound to fetch a decent income. Alternatively, individuals can retain their unique NFT in their unique private collection permanently.  

  • Participate in active and upcoming projects 

Purchased NFTs from AIBOOK provide individuals with the right to influence the launch of future projects. Individuals will also receive discounts and allocations in future IDOs while at the same time remain active in the community. 

AIBook NFT owners have the opportunity to exclusively participate in a private round of AIBook token sale when it happens in the future. 

  • Source of information

 NFTs are permanent, rare, and based on must-read timeless classics. To benefit/gain from the platform, individuals must read books providing an open source of information from renowned authors.

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