Summary: New fine art investment ecosystem Angelo concludes its Alpha test phase, prepares to take the next step in revolutionizing the fine art market.

London, UK — Angelo is a new Web3 fine art trading platform, the very first of its kind, and it’s well on its way to revolutionizing and democratizing the art market. The platform is working hard to build a strong brand identity and image while proudly showcasing its unique selling point: the possibility to liquidate fractionalized art within minutes. And the hard work is already paying off. January was packed with exciting developments for the thriving startup: a successfully completed Alpha Test.

Angelo aspires to make investing in fine art more accessible and more approachable, but also more convenient and more transparent, as well as to shake up the market that currently relies heavily on buy-and-hold investing strategies with outrageous fees attached. To do that, the hyper-liquid trading platform is leveraging the power of Web3 and NFT fractionalization. The result is a beautifully balanced marketplace that attracts the fine art community and the blockchain crowd alike.

Angelo’s Alpha Test was far from the typical, run-of-the-mill acceptance test. Instead, it took the much more enticing form of a trading competition that incentivized traders in the role of end-users to take an active part in the testing process.

The founders were thrilled to share the outstanding outcome: “The results of our Alpha Test/Trading Competition exceeded our expectations: we got 11,000 registered users, 3,442 trading orders were tested and executed, and we also got 16,000 hits from social media. The bottom line is that we have succeeded in what we’ve set out to do: the exchange performed nearly flawlessly, with no product downtime.”

“From our perspective, the standard way of doing things in the art market is a deterrent to new investors. Because of this, a new generation of investors is being deprived of great opportunities. We’ve been there ourselves, which is exactly why we are working to change the existing landscape.”, they added. 

About Angelo: Angelo is democratizing the future of fine art by creating a curated ecosystem where creators, collectors, and art lovers can sell, invest in, & trade fractionalized art using the power of Web3. Angelo is launching its platform this April.

Contact Info:
Angelo Ecosystems
39 Fitzroy Square
London, UK, W1T6EZ

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