Angry Sheep Club, an NFT project that functions more like a private membership club that offers real and tangible benefits to its members, plans to launch the presales of its NFT from the last week of March. The Angry Sheep Platinum Series NFT is a limited-edition assortment of 15,001 utilitarian digital collectibles that have been developed in collaboration with NonFungibleCompany.Co (NFC) to support the initiatives of Angry Sheep Club.

These collections are set to be minted in five separate private presales and the NFT are part of a collaborative, generative, self-sustaining ecosystem centered around community and entrepreneurship.

Each presale is reserved only for the members of the whitelist and the general public will never be allowed to participate in any of the presales. Besides, there are prizes to be won and there is 150 ETH that will be given away to 500 lucky winners once presales of the Angry Sheep Collection – Platinum Series NFT sell out.

The prizes and giveaways are going to be distributed by NFC from the profits generated from minting at each presale. As the project feeds into itself, the more members put in, the more they get out of it, thereby making it a sustainable model that is capable of future growth.

Buying the Angry Sheep Club NFT automatically offers a plethora of benefits to the holders, as it opens the doors to the exclusive Holder Zone. There are no separate membership fees associated with the Club and anyone is free to join. 

As part of the benefits, holder members gain direct access to the Club’s founders and many exclusivities in the Holder Zone. Besides, it will also grant access to the Think Tank, where members can influence the development of the application and everything Web 3.0, get the commercialization rights to NFTs that have been minted. In fact, the Holder Zone is aimed at giving its members all the support, connections and opportunities that are needed to grow as a person, an entrepreneur and as a member.

In addition, members who are among the first to mint the Angry Sheep Platinum Series NFT collection, will get the OG Minter role and thus be able to access our Mastermind sessions where we talk shop and develop the best business strategies for everyone to get the best out of app and truly thrive.

The Holder Zone also offers access to the Platinum Pools, allowing eligible holders to claim their fair share of all resale commissions, profits sharing as philanthropic contributions and any other donations that may arise at any time. Like 50% of all resale commissions that goes into the OG Minters pool to be claimed only by holder members who own one of the first 2,000 minted NFTs. Therefore, the first 2,000 NFTs that will be issued are very special because on top of that, they can also claim their share of the 20% of all resale commissions that go into the Holder Members pool. All Holder Members who hold any of the 15,001 Platinum Series NFTs are eligible for this pool. Each share of each NFT in each pool will remain safe there on the blockchain until it is claimed by their rightful holders. This promises nice surprises over time, imagine buying an NFT and realizing that no one before you has ever claimed the shares for this NFT. It may be a small fortune waiting for you.

As a private membership club, the Angry Sheep Club is an initiative to enable access to incredible opportunities to connect, grow and generate your own wealth while contributing to something greater.

It is the result of the collaboration of certain affiliate members, benefactors, philanthropists and many others who will join the Club along the way. This forms a generative ecosystem that will allow access to something unique that has never been done before.

The idea behind this community is to empower everyone so that they can truly generate abundance in their lives.

“I believe that we are entitled to the best in life and that abundance is our birthright. That’s why we all exist and do what we do, everyone is looking for one way or another to access it and really benefit from it.” says Shepherd, founder and visionary strategist of the Angry Sheep Club. “That’s why we started Angry Sheep Club, so we can all make it happen, together. I’m not talking here about having to trust someone else to generate money for us, no, because that it won’t happen it’s an illusion and it robs us of our creative power to generate it ourselves. I’m talking about a more concrete and tangible way of doing it and it all starts with reaching out to like-minded people ideas that, like you, want to reclaim their creative power, their birthright to abundance. That’s why we’re here to welcome you into a powerful caring family that supports you, and provides you with the knowledge and tools to generate your abundance independently of others. We want different. We want unique. We want IRL benefits.”

In fact, the team behind the project created the Club to surround themselves with like-minded people, eager to thrive and ready to seize access opportunities to generate wealth and happiness.

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