• Leading tech recruiter revolutionizes the recruiting industry by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to incentivize its talent network
  • Members of the Betts Connect network will accumulate cryptocurrency based on participation and engagement

Betts Recruiting (“Betts”), the leading technology recruitment firm in the go-to-market space, announced today the launch of a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency, RecruitCoin. All participants in Betts’ Connect talent network – the only online platform that allows clients access to a network filled exclusively with qualified, vetted professionals – will receive RecruitCoin as payment for being part of the network.

Due to the deep roots Betts has with technology companies, Connect has become the primary access point for top talent to thousands of tech startups, many of which are not (yet) known to the larger market. The launch of RecruitCoin ensures that this talent is rewarded for their engagement and that candidates are incentivized to respond to potential job opportunities, accept interviews, secure placement, and refer other talented individuals to the Connector Referral program.

As of today’s launch, participants will receive tokens by signing up for Betts Connect and can use them as currency to incentivize candidates to respond and engage. The more engaged participants are, the more RecruitCoin they earn. Betts Connectors who make referrals to help grow the talent network will receive the most RecruitCoin. As the tech talent network grows, so does the utility of RecruitCoin—magnifying its volume and value to holders.

With RecruitCoin, Betts is revolutionizing the traditional referral network by breaking away from rewards like gift cards and half-baked referral programs that forget to pay the people who are helping the network grow. Partners accepted into the Betts Connect Network will be given a unique referral code stored on the blockchain and when a referral from their network signs up for Betts Connect, they will earn RecruitCoin for those referrals. As a Betts Connector, you know you will be paid if you refer your network to others. All Connectors will have the ability to earn residual RecruitCoin as their referrals engage with the platform.

Carolyn Betts, Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting said, “We are so thrilled to announce the launch of Recruit Coin. We believe that the recruitment process as a whole is in need of innovation in order to boost productivity and efficiency. Betts is changing the landscape of recruiting by being the first recruit-tech company that compensates people for their engagement, referrals, and data. Recruit Coin positions Betts at the forefront of this transformation, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play a crucial role in shaping the future of the recruitment industry as a whole.” 

Patrick Kellenberger, Chief Operating Officer of Betts, commented, “This marks a new chapter for Betts as we leverage our scalable market technology to build this exciting new currency for our customers and talent network. Blockchain offers a new way to manage the flow of data, offering greater choice around whether to share or not share one’s information. Crypto tokens offer user privacy, data security and immutability, while also being time-saving and transparent.” 

Mr. Kellenberger added, “This token-based rewards system incentivizes the entire ecosystem of recruiters, clients, and candidates to keep engaged with our platform on a regular basis. In the long run, we expect to see greater focus and productivity, yielding more referrals, interviews, and, most importantly, placements.”

About Betts Recruiting

Betts Connect is a SaaS hiring platform that enables you to save time, money and refocus on growth, with reduced time to hire and cost-per-hire achieved through automation and a vast network of pre-vetted candidates updated daily. As the leading Sales and Marketing recruit-tech company in the United States, Betts has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, over 10,000 start-ups, and has helped scale 35 unicorns, amassing one of the largest, and most engaged pools of tech talent.

Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah talks about Betts RecruitCoin, “Betts Recruiting’s launch of RecruitCoin marks an innovative and exciting step forward for the recruitment industry. The introduction of a utility crypto token has the potential to revolutionize the way employers and candidates engage with one another, streamlining the hiring process and providing more opportunities for individuals seeking employment. At Cryptonaire Weekly, we are excited to see how this new technology will impact the recruitment landscape and we look forward to writing more about this project in upcoming editions. We believe that RecruitCoin has the potential to be a game-changer and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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