Biokript, the world’s first Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency trading platform, plans to expand and revolutionise the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. In keeping with the saying “Not your keys, not your crypto”, this blockchain-based platform aims to truly make users owners of their crypto assets and avoid an FTX-like debacle that caused billions of dollars in losses for users.

Combining the best features of centralisation and decentralisation, Biokript is bringing back the foundation of the crypto revolution, where users truly had ownership of their assets. Furthermore, in keeping with Shariah standards, Biokript will practice Islamic mudarabah profit sharing, where all profits are divided proportionally to the number of tokens owned. 

Biokript’s founder, Adnan Alisic, explained how the model works: “The model is the perfect solution for many centralized inefficiencies.” It is common for centralised exchanges to use manipulation tactics, such as wash trading, which involves trading their own currencies in-house to increase trade volume. A wash trading model would not work for Biokript since it uses the profit-sharing model. Because Islamic law prohibits any interest-driven business, we do not implement features that can generate interest.”

By fusing the self-custody paradigm of a decentralised system with the advantages of a centralised exchange, Biokript is ushering in a crypto revolution where users have complete control over their cash. Since FTX just went belly up, Biokript is the ideal option for traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies without ceding control of their assets to the exchange.

According to Tokenomics, Biokript (Native Token of Biokript) will be based on Binance smart chain with a 500 million token supply. Biokript will create scarcity by burning 10% of trading fee revenue. For every 100% Bkrp appreciation, the platform will begin with a 3% burn of its entire token supply to create scarcity. According to the schedule, the private sale will occur on 31st January 2023, and IEO will occur in April 2023.

Biokript shares 50% of its revenue with its users, offers trading discounts (holders of its tokens get discounts) and offers Halal Crypto. Biokript aims to provide comprehensive risk mitigation solutions by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating limitless possibilities in the financial market through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

About Biokript

As the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange platform, Biokript aims to create a profitable, efficient, and Shariah-compliant hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that is entirely decentralised. The Biokript team has over 10 years of experience and a mission to empower crypto investors with new and experienced opportunities to participate in the new digital economy without transferring wealth to centralised entities. 

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