Treasure Experience is excited at the massive token sale they have managed to make. Now keeping up with the promises made, the board of directors announced that they will be holding their first random monetary distribution.

Treasure Experience (TRZX) announced that they will be holding their first random monetary distribution for their token holders on December 15th, 2023. As per the official numbers, the projected distribution will be 7 to 10 cents per token. In order to receive this benefit, the recipients need to make sure that they have purchased the token before October 14th, 2023 that happens to be the EOD.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are amazed at the amount of people who got excited in this journey of marine discoveries. Our ITO and pre sale event were a huge hit and it gave us the impetus to continue with the good work we had done. We are now really excited to be stepping into the next phase.”

Treasure Experience is aware of the need to get more and more people excited about these discoveries and so they are constantly looking for different ways to generate income and revenue as well. This will then be distributed at a fixed rate among the token holders.

The response for the crypto token is quite impressive to say the least. The company is looking forward to more buyers who could make a difference. In the times to come, it is likely that the company will once again see a spurt in the sales number.

Those who are willing to be a part of these exciting marine and shipwreck discoveries in search of the hidden treasure can choose to become a part of the journey. By buying the token, they will be entitled to receive the benefits as well.

To know more and to make a purchase right away before the EOD strikes, one can choose to visit

About Treasure Experience

Treasure Experience works in the field of marine discoveries and looks for shipwreck treasure. The company works hard to find the right ways by which they can excavate marine treasures and have done a great work so far. They also launched their crypto token and ventured in the world of crypto trading quite successfully.

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