Brise Paradise

Brise Paradise is building a space in the Maldives for the crypto community to spend a vacation enjoying paradise on earth, launch products, collaborate on projects, or celebrate wins with their team. 

Brise Paradise has officially started its hotel construction  marking the first step in creating an ecosystem in the Maldives. The Brise Paradise project will be done in two phases. Phase 1 entails the opening of the Brise Paradise Hotel on a local Maldivian island. Launching the hotel will be the first step toward realizing Brise Paradise’s larger objectives in the next phase. When ready, phase 2 will see the opening of a Private Resort in the Maldives. 

Once the hotel opens, the Brise Paradise team plans to partner with Brisepad to host the first of its kind developer’s hackathon in 2023. 

Notably, the event will be held annually at the Private Decentra-Island in the Maldives. The event will award special recognition prizes to project teams. The awards will be given in 10 different categories. 

At the core of the project is the Brise Paradise (PRDS). The PRDS tokens have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. For investors and token holders, everything achieved by the token will always come back as reinvestment in the token. The token is listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Bibox, and Sphynx Labs.  

Bitgert is about to launch wrapped stablecoins, a move intended at making it easier for people to join  the ecosystem. The wrapped stablecoins will allow users to buy native brise and then swap it for PRDS or buy PRDS from stablecoins too.

Brise Paradise’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Haisham quoted, “Brise Paradise is a unique project using tokenization to fuel our business. The amount of dedication from the project team and the community is outstanding and we couldn’t be stronger! The Hotel and Private Island Resort is not just a dream, we have started the construction of the Hotel in early June and I expect us to open our doors of the Hotel to the community as early as summer 2023. This is when phase 2, the Private Island Resort will commence by first step being to acquire a private island in Maldives.

The partnership with Brise Paradise and Platinum Crypto Academy will surely be an amazing start to a greater journey for both PRDS and the Platinum Crypto Academy community. I hope to deliver a solid project of which both communities are proud to be apart of.”

Articulating the Brise Paradise project and it’s solutions, Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said: “Brise Paradise is doing a wonderful job in creating a space for the worldwide crypto community in Maldives. Their Hotel construction has also started full swing and I’m sure learning about Brise Paradise is going to be an enriching experience for both our analysts and readers. I am positive, we will be the first to share the new developments taking place with the Brise Paradise project.”

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