Amidst a bearish market, Cardalonia seems to be a step ahead in its quest to rule the Cardano blockchain. The 3D metaverse gaming platform is in its final stages of development. So, the project will go live soon.

As part of the preliminary initiatives before the official launch, Cardalonia has released its map demo and announced its first exchange listing on Currently, the play-to-earn project is at the forefront of the ongoing Metaverse Land NFT Pre-Sale Reservation.

With the initial map now available, investors will be able to claim their Terrania land plots and customise them to suit their preferences. However, only token holders with a minimum stake of 7,000 Lonia will gain access to the Cardalonia land sale pre-sale. Land customisation will be allowed after the land sales event.

The $Lonia token is the gaming platform’s utility token. Once the token pre-sale closes, $Lonia will be available on different crypto exchanges. Early adopters can buy $Lonia from p2pb2b

$Lonia Land Presale Details

  • Minimum buy: 200 ADA
  • 5 ADA = 1 $LONIA Land Plot
  • Land Allocation: 50,000 $LONIA Land Parcels
  • Sales duration = 20 Days

Aside from the land pre-sale and the token listing event, Cardalonia’s second exchange listing is in the horizon and this second listing will increase the reach and accessibility of the Lonia token to a wide array of crypto enthusiasts and provide a perfect entry strategy into the platform’s metaverse. By opting in early, $Lonia token holders will be automatically whitelisted to participate in the upcoming land pre-sale event.

Besides, $Lonia token holders will obtain governance rights empowering them to have a say on the platform. On top of that, holders will have a chance to stake their $Lonia token and enjoy high returns of up to 20% APY.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is the first community-focused, 3D, play-to-earn game on the metaverse. It will run on the Cardano blockchain, with the development team working on the final aspects of the project before its TBA launch. The platform offers multiple investment options, including staking its native $Lonia to earn rewards, buying, personalizing, breeding then selling avatars and pieces of land for a profit.

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