, the groundbreaking platform known for revolutionizing the way NFTs are showcased and appreciated, is set to take another monumental stride. The company’s continuous commitment to innovation has led to several exciting new features and collaboration efforts, ensuring an enriched experience for both creators and collectors.

The newly introduced gallery templates are a testament to CASTmyNFT’s commitment to excellence. Designed with a “luxurious living room style,” these templates invite users into a world of sophistication and elegance.

Further, a “custom gallery has been crafted in collaboration with the OG Collective, underscoring the platform’s dedication to its community and forging stronger partnerships.

In a move to foster accessibility, the stellar development team at CASTmyNFT has worked tirelessly to lower the 3D gallery template file size. This significant enhancement ensures that individuals with slower internet connections can seamlessly access and experience the platform’s offerings.

Further enhancing user experience, the team has “revamped the Alchemy API implementation,” streamlining the fetching of NFT metadata. By upgrading its subscription level, the platform now boasts an increased API response time, providing swift, efficient interactions for its users.

In a dynamic world where technology meets art, NFT platforms need to be agile and forward-looking. CASTmyNFT is not just keeping pace with industry developments but is setting benchmarks.

From an investor’s standpoint, the trajectory of CASTmyNFT is one of ascension and promise. Having ‘successfully completed two funding stages, amassing a total of $350,000 for research, development, team building, and platform launch, the company is poised for its third funding stage.’

With an investment call of $1,00,000 for a 10% equity stake, this 3rd funding round – Q4 2023 with investors whitelisting from September aims to bolster the platform’s operations, introducing in-gallery events with chat features, integrating additional blockchain compatibility, iOS, and Android apps and boosting platform growth.

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Further, the future holds vast potential for CASTmyNFT, with “Scaling” ambitions to integrate virtual reality, TV app functionality and marketplace integration by 2024-2026. However, based on customer feedback and industry trends, rather than focusing on marketplace integration, the platform is currently focusing on building more authority around the integration of smart contracts.

Beyond this, there’s a vision for an “exit strategy” post-2026 through an IPO or a strategic sale to a major industry player.

CASTmyNFT’s revenue model stands as a beacon for investors. With a multi-faceted approach that includes paid subscriptions for ad-free casting, promotion of the 3D gallery, unique design opportunities for the 3D gallery, and in-gallery advertising, the platform presents a robust and sustainable income stream.

But beyond its core functionalities, CASTmyNFT has unleashed an ‘unprecedented advertising opportunity‘ reminiscent of the early Internet days. With the NFT industry burgeoning exponentially, the platform offers a unique chance for advertisers to capture a global audience before it becomes oversaturated.

CASTmyNFT’s co-founder, Joel Nseula, emphasizes the platform’s popularity among NFT creators and collectors and the distinct advertising packages tailored to elevate brand visibility in this fast-paced market.

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Advertisers stand to benefit immensely from the platform’s offerings. From in-gallery ad placements strategically embedded to consistently engage visitors to a massive social media outreach guaranteeing a million impressions, CASTmyNFT ensures brands are seen, heard, and remembered.

The platform’s advertising packages, “Raising” and “Evolved,” offer tailored solutions ranging from in-gallery banner ads to organic social media promotions.

In the burgeoning world of NFTs, CASTmyNFT offers an advertising opportunity reminiscent of the early internet days – massive reach without the competition clutter.

In the rapidly evolving world of NFTs, we recognize the importance of visibility and strategic engagement. Our advertising packages, meticulously tailored for global brands, NFT collections, and digital ad placement agencies, represent our commitment to pushing boundaries.” – Joel Nseula, Co-Founder of CASTmyNFT.

Joel added, “With diverse ad formats, optimal placements, and a promise of up to 100,000 impressions through our expansive social media network, we at CASTmyNFT are not just offering ad space but a holistic, impactful experience. We invite brands and creators to leverage this unique opportunity and shape the future alongside us.

CASTmyNFT beckons advertisers and investors alike to be part of a revolutionary journey that promises not just returns but an indelible mark in the NFT cosmos.

With spots filling rapidly, now is the opportune moment to secure a place in this promising venture.

For further details, investment opportunities, or advertising packages, visit CASTmyNFT or contact their dedicated team at CASTmyNFT@support.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Joel Nseula and Samuel Jenny


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