clean carbon

The race for the Net-Zero economy has stirred things up with the objective of cleaning the environment and slowing climate change, thus providing a solution to the accelerating waste management problems. CleanCarbon’s, the first asset-backed, community-driven project, key objective is to clean the planet through combining blockchain tech and taking environmental initiatives. In an effort to address waste management, incorporating the concept of Waste-To-Energy (WTE), technology plays a key role in providing green solutions for emerging markets. 

CleanCarbon provides a DeFi response to world pollution by building green infrastructures such as Ultra-High-Temperature-Gas (UHTG) tech as they seek to embrace waste-to-energy technology. With UHTG, individuals and companies will be able to produce highly sought-after energy products with the added advantage that this energy is 100% renewable.

Why adopt Waste-to-Energy Technology? 

Advocating WTE technologies comes with the added advantage of zero carbon emissions. CleanCarbon applies the latest patented technology in Europe in the waste conversion field to convert waste into heat, electricity, syngas, chemicals, as well as liquid fuels. Businesses adopting this technology will in turn minimise on costs by producing their own energy and in turn maximise returns/profits. 

This process offers a source of income by supplying the different energy sources, thus providing revenue for local governments and enterprises. CleanCarbon monetises black carbon and, as a source of income, the products from the WTE conversion plant remain in high demand in the industry. A press release states, “CleanCarbon raised about 2 million dollars in two presale rounds in April/May 2022. Investors accumulated 28.7M tokens in the first presale round in April, plus another 15M CARBO tokens in just a few days in May 2022.” 

CleanCarbon Zero Waste-to-Energy conversion facility offers more affordable, environmentally-friendly, and efficient waste management solutions. This solution goes in line with the EU’s directive on not financing incineration processes, which cause air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 

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