Crypto Family (also known as FZC) is a fresh take and one-of-a-kind NFT project, with a token of its own, and that combines traditional NFT ownership with daily percentage yield generation, all of which starts with owning the Family Token. It introduces a groundbreaking rent-to-earn model that enables players to earn money in the form of Family Tokens on a daily basis, simply by holding Family Tokens or FTs and renting Family NFTs.

This model is absolutely unique with us as the pioneers to go a notch higher and be more sustainable and productive in longer run than a mere play-to-earn or stake to earn models. The reason why this project has started gaining momentum right away is because it subconsciously motivates individuals to just rent and forget without actually staying active mandatorily on a daily basis unlike play to earn.

However, the biggest benefit with this model is rewards are based on the number of NFTs rented, and the most exciting part is there are no limits on the number of NFTs to be rented for high rewards. For NFTs and token to be profitable, they are bound to attract high percentage yield and the investments to counteract long term ROI.

The team behind Crypto Family has spent a considerable amount of time developing a rent-to-earn concept that is not reliant on how much time an investor gives to a project. Furthermore, the project ensures that new and new investors can profit from rent-to-earn concept applicable to tokens and NFTs without giving constant attention.

Crypto Family has achieved this seemingly impossible task. Investors can use daily rewards back in the cubes to acquire further more returns to buy more family tokens and rent more Family NFTs as well as holding the same in the system to gain even more returns with further staking. Current project founders Nebojsa Katic and Blaz Posinek continue to oversee the project’s development and growth.

This model allows players to earn money daily by renting aa many NFTs possible, which has become popular in the world of cryptocurrencies alongside the play-to-earn model. The rent-to-earn model has gained many investors since it rewards on an ongoing basis with a continuous flow of rewards for being reward based token, which appreciates with the popularity of the tokens soaring.

The rarest NFTs are crafted more and more NFTs to be sold on the market for real money, but with daily returns and staking rewards, it is no-brainer to keep the returns as it is. The Crypto Family investors can forego short term benefits to typically profit from long term benefits, with players distributing their earnings among various cubes with daily rewards distributed. The project aims to rebuild the rent-to-earn concept to prioritize sustainability and investing experience for big profits.

The team intends to invest heavily a lot of collaborations with the likes of Crust Canada and Infinity Brazil for shallow gold mining. Additionally, the Crypto Family is on the path of fundraising for Brazil mining projects and India E-Scrap refinery projects.

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