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Crypto sports betting is changing forever so if you love online sports betting then you know that placing bets online can come with high fees, shady bookmakers, and outdated technology. With a new mobile app called ZenSports, you can now place bets easily and quickly, all from your phone!

Reasons why switching to ZenSports For Crypto Sports Betting is a must

Lower Betting Fees

ZenSports is the only true peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace, where no bookmaker is involved during the betting process. By eliminating the bookmaker, ZenSports is able to charge 50% – 90% lower fees than traditional bookmakers do. In addition to saving customers tons of money, every customer that uses ZenSports is going up against other crypto sports bettors (not bookmakers), and so customers feel good knowing that they’re betting against others that are like themselves.

Mobile First with an Intuitive Design

ZenSports is a native mobile app that is downloadable on the App Store (iOS) and the ZenSports website (Android). Because ZenSports has taken the approach of being “mobile first”, they don’t currently have a web product. ZenSports is the crypto sports betting product of the future, so you can do everything right from your phone.

Crypto Sports Betting: SPORTS Cryptocurrency Token

ZenSports has its own cryptocurrency utility token called SPORTS, which customers can use to place bets, pay discounted betting fees, and earn rewards and other perks as part of our loyalty and rewards program. Crypto sports betting with SPORTS, customers can:

  • Save up to 60% off of our already cheap betting fees.
  • Earn cashback bonuses based on their betting volume.
  • Earn bonuses for making infrequent withdrawals.
  • Earn bonuses for referring friends to ZenSports.
  • Be eligible for other cool perks and rewards. 
  • Move money into and out of ZenSports much faster than with traditional fiat.

Decentralized, Trustworthy, and Transparent

ZenSports is more trustworthy than traditional bookmakers because:

  • ZenSports has created a set of rules, deadlines, and a penalty/reward system that everyone in the marketplace has to follow, regardless of bankroll size. This ensures that everyone is on a level playing field and that all bettors within the marketplace act in good faith.
  • ZenSports is not a bookmaker and never gets in the middle of resolving bets or outcomes. The decentralized marketplace governs everything — not some random person sitting in a back room making up the rules as they go along. Bookmakers can make up the rules as they go along, and they always rule in their own favor!

Reading to place bets, earn rewards, and enjoy the future of sports betting? Download the ZenSports app today for iOS or Android to start betting. 

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